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Losing Virginity Stories

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Started by #9956 at 17,Sep,09 08:55
Anyone want to share the story about their first time?

Mine was on my girlfriends parents couch when I was 17. It was kinda embarassing. We were fooling around for a while and she took her panties off for the first time and leaned up against the arm of the couch and was spread open. I was so excited that i came pretty much as soon as my cock touched her pussy. I got it all over her and the couch.
Luckily being that age it never went soft and I was able to slide it in and give her a good fucking.
Even after that minor speed bump I was able to make her cum for her first time while fucking.

anyone else want to share?

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By leopoldij at 27,Dec,18 16:38 other posts of leopoldij 
i lost my virginity many times.... /galleries.php?id=67

By oldbugle at 22,Sep,09 15:42 other posts of oldbugle 
My first time was with a girl who was also a virgin. We found it surprisingly difficult to get it on and after a lot of "up a bit", "over a bit", and "down a bit" we did finally manage to get joined. However, I found that I was bent up against the headboard of the bed and any movement was completely impossible!! Fortunately, she laughed and then so did I,..but that 'first time' was a non-event!

A few days later with the same girl, we were in the middle of thrusting against eachother, not without some difficulty of all the arms and legs, when she started to make little panting squeals and grunts. In my hopeful ignorance I assumed that she was beginning to get pleasure and made a note of everything that I was doing as it appeared to be the right stuff. Finally she managed to hiss between gritted teeth that I had my elbow on her knuckles........

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