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Started by mpmforce at 29,Apr,12 00:25  other posts of mpmforce
I'll give you my brutally honest response to your cumshots

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By Allalexallday at 20,Apr,19 01:17 other posts of Allalexallday 

By #122180 at 08,Apr,15 22:53
please rate my cumshots!

By #369710 at 11,Dec,14 16:20
be great if you'all could rate my cumshot(s) lemme know what ya think /e178i5wluybcpic.html

By #373484 at 05,Apr,14 11:11

By #457014 at 04,Apr,14 13:46

By #289712 at 04,Apr,14 11:18
here's my cock shooting cum!

By #299993 at 15,Oct,12 15:27

By #213134 at 15,Oct,12 10:12

By ktalmipn at 14,Oct,12 03:23 other posts of ktalmipn 
Hiii u could watch any of my videos and tell me ur opinion im 18 yo

By #267756 at 14,Oct,12 03:07
What do you think about mine???

By #267756 at 14,Oct,12 03:06

By langloot at 14,Oct,12 01:28 other posts of langloot 

By langloot at 14,Oct,12 01:27 other posts of langloot 
My shots

By jocstfr at 06,May,12 16:33 other posts of jocstfr 
my ooooozing cock

By 0-00 at 03,May,12 17:19 other posts of 0-00 

By ord at 03,May,12 03:03 other posts of ord 
since you like my pics here is my vid

By #257926 at 01,May,12 03:21
By mpmforce at 02,May,12 12:08 other posts of mpmforce 
little bland, would've been nice to see cum flowing over your hand. Still hot though

By ord at 01,May,12 23:19 other posts of ord 
By mpmforce at 02,May,12 12:07 other posts of mpmforce 
these are my favorite, I didn't plan on jerking off until I saw this

By #36139 at 02,May,12 00:53

By mpmforce at 02,May,12 12:04 other posts of mpmforce 
nice and messy, wish I could give you a helping hand

By #39556 at 01,May,12 09:37
By mpmforce at 01,May,12 21:07 other posts of mpmforce 
nice, you have a massive cock btw. Started jerking off as soon as I saw that monster

By #155832 at 29,Apr,12 08:43
hope u like mine

By mpmforce at 29,Apr,12 22:15 other posts of mpmforce 
I like the dribble. Too bad I can't see your balls

By #212274 at 29,Apr,12 09:14
I have lots of cum videos, this is one of them. Let me know what you think of it :-)

Oh it's probably bigger than 2 mb, I'll befriend you
By mpmforce at 29,Apr,12 17:34 other posts of mpmforce 
That was amazing. When you showed it from the second perspective I spontaneously started jerking off, I just got a raging hardon when I thought about wrapping my lips around your cock

By #140743 at 29,Apr,12 00:26
By mpmforce at 29,Apr,12 17:31 other posts of mpmforce 
You seem like you can blow quite a load but I cant tell because it cuts off. If the camera was pointed a little lower Id be able to see a wall of cum coming toward me

By Ray10754 at 29,Apr,12 08:40 other posts of Ray10754 
By mpmforce at 29,Apr,12 17:28 other posts of mpmforce 
The puddle of cum on your thigh is so hot, I wanna slurp it up

By #188879 at 29,Apr,12 05:04
hot dick stick dude.

By #247606 at 29,Apr,12 05:04

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