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Started by #14728 at 13,Oct,09 15:43

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By #588373 at 30,May,19 23:12
Big enuff for what? It's a cock, right? Do a lot of sphincter excercises so when you cum, it rockets out. Put some backbone in it, talk, use your fingers, get a hand full of ass when you fuck.. As long as you think it's not big enough, you will realize your fear. Take charge, throw her legs over ur shoulders

By #14728 at 22,Oct,09 17:35
thanks i have been told my whole life that i am tiny
By slipper at 22,Oct,09 20:52 other posts of slipper 
NOW, believe it when you are also told, "Don't believe everything you are told!"

By slipper at 19,Oct,09 20:00 other posts of slipper 
"Big enough?"... for what, to be a porn star? The average in the USA (don't know where you are from) is 5-6 inches. I know, I know, you couldn't tell it looking at dick sites, but it's true. Many actually prefer smaller cocks for many reasons. Not to worry!

By #25574 at 18,Oct,09 18:45
cock looks fine to me

By #11431 at 17,Oct,09 12:16
big enough for what ?

By robertl at 17,Oct,09 11:04 other posts of robertl 
yeah nothing to b worried bout at all

By boy at 17,Oct,09 08:31 other posts of boy 
As long as you have fun with it, it is. that's the only thing that counts. And you can't change it, anyway. All the best to you and have fun!

By MoeJoe at 13,Oct,09 19:23 other posts of MoeJoe 
Your pics are such poor quality...it's hard to tell....

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