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ill rate your dick 1-10

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Started by #267666 at 19,Jul,12 10:44
Just tell me to check out your dick and ill rate yours leave measuremens please

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New Comment

By uhhhmhi at 08,Mar,19 00:23 other posts of uhhhmhi 

By Corysumthin at 06,Mar,19 00:44 other posts of Corysumthin 
Would love a rate!

By Dawgboi at 04,Mar,19 14:15 other posts of Dawgboi 
Hey wud love 2 have u check out my dick. ...it 8. Max. Length. 6 g max girth. And 6 or 7 just hanging. Thnx

By cutroundhead at 04,Mar,19 06:33 other posts of cutroundhead 
how does my little fella rate?

By LongSchlongDong at 03,Mar,19 18:17 other posts of LongSchlongDong 



By BigboyAbes at 23,Feb,19 04:08 other posts of BigboyAbes 
Rate mine pls folks, 8.4inches of shiny cock!

By Greek18cm at 23,Feb,19 01:38 other posts of Greek18cm 
Here i am ready to be rated

By Hockeykid93 at 22,Feb,19 18:37 other posts of Hockeykid93 

By #579634 at 19,Feb,19 21:59

By #358366 at 31,May,13 19:52
Want to rate my cock? Thanks

By #368616 at 30,May,13 08:43
Hey - 6inch x 4.4 round
--------------------------------------- added after 10 seconds


By mysmallwilly at 30,May,13 06:51 other posts of mysmallwilly 
Any thoughts on my cock?
To like or not to like........that is the question!

By Chandu at 29,May,13 23:30 other posts of Chandu 
Its mine

By brian at 29,May,13 19:55 other posts of brian 
Rate my cock

By just37 at 28,May,13 11:06 other posts of just37 
horny bastard ;-)

By #394343 at 28,May,13 00:34
Love a rating (;

By #343697 at 26,May,13 11:36
My dick is 3 soft 7 hard, rate it?

By shyguy29 at 25,May,13 18:15 other posts of shyguy29 
6,5 when hard

By #330097 at 04,May,13 10:43

By 0-00 at 04,May,13 09:48 other posts of 0-00 

By #135959 at 02,May,13 11:56
Photo of a boner from lilp

By #383274 at 02,May,13 05:38
Please go to my page and rate mine...7.5 uc
Also if anyone wants to read about my biggest wank fantasy then got to my BLOG - just put it on earlier based on my str8 mate Tony who is hot as fuck!

By karnaval at 01,May,13 11:26 other posts of karnaval 
Photo of a equipment from karnaval

17cm long - 15cm around

By Ablaze at 01,May,13 10:37 other posts of Ablaze 

Rate mine

By #214409 at 01,May,13 08:41

19 cm

By #368390 at 30,Apr,13 20:23

By #383080 at 30,Apr,13 19:22

By doftm85 at 28,Apr,13 02:09 other posts of doftm85 

By #376129 at 27,Apr,13 21:01
Rate me please. I am a little over 7 long

By tcputts at 24,Apr,13 22:49 other posts of tcputts 
please rate mine. i am about 7 inches hard and 3-4 inches soft

By #352657 at 24,Apr,13 16:07
What about mine ?

By #323075 at 24,Apr,13 05:58

By newwt10 at 22,Apr,13 10:04 other posts of newwt10 
Please cum take a look 7" x 7"

By irishman111 at 21,Apr,13 13:23 other posts of irishman111 
Rate mine, 6.2 x 5

By drkxtc at 21,Apr,13 08:12 other posts of drkxtc 
8.5 long 6.5 around. What do yall think.

By #285354 at 01,Dec,12 19:13

It's 7.25" long and 5.75" around.

By #247606 at 01,Dec,12 11:52

By #189833 at 01,Dec,12 09:43

about 6.5" hard with a nice curve

By bar222 at 26,Nov,12 19:43 other posts of bar222 

By #253594 at 26,Nov,12 19:22
How about me, im about 5 inches

By #161984 at 26,Nov,12 07:09
Like mine?

By forskins at 26,Nov,12 01:17 other posts of forskins 
hey. check it

By eman420 at 25,Nov,12 22:14 other posts of eman420 

By kashcock at 25,Nov,12 02:43 other posts of kashcock 
Check mine

By lukeishot at 24,Nov,12 14:43 other posts of lukeishot 
Mine is 5" x 5.2

By #306586 at 24,Nov,12 14:32
hi wanna rate cock? 14 x 3.5


By #289712 at 24,Nov,12 12:05
following the trend, mine is a tad over six.. about the same at the base. hope you like it

By #324018 at 23,Nov,12 06:03
Rate mine! 6x5 1/2

By Trekkk at 21,Nov,12 14:03 other posts of Trekkk 
Go for it. I'm 5.5 x 4.7

By FinBoy at 18,Nov,12 10:06 other posts of FinBoy 
How about mine? Its 14cm soft and 21cm when hard

By #218197 at 14,Nov,12 22:13
mines 5.3. please rate
By *kmadeau* at 16,Nov,12 10:31 other posts of *kmadeau* 
By #218197 at 16,Nov,12 21:59
mmmmmm thank you xxx
By *kmadeau* at 18,Nov,12 02:52 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By #189833 at 17,Nov,12 17:03

By Daddylongdick at 17,Nov,12 08:42 other posts of Daddylongdick 
Rate my cock

By dgmmis at 16,Nov,12 22:06 other posts of dgmmis 
please rate me

By dgmmis at 16,Nov,12 22:04 other posts of dgmmis 
please rate mine

By bigman1956 at 16,Nov,12 17:53 other posts of bigman1956 
Check out my dick in my profile. Its 6"when hard

By newwt10 at 16,Nov,12 13:30 other posts of newwt10 
What do you think? 7x7

By #296159 at 16,Nov,12 00:33
/kupe6pqb0o41pic.html please rate my cock Thanks

By eman420 at 15,Nov,12 02:35 other posts of eman420 

By chkoko at 15,Nov,12 00:43 other posts of chkoko 
17 cm here

By mpmforce at 14,Nov,12 22:50 other posts of mpmforce 

By hardick999 at 14,Nov,12 20:47 other posts of hardick999 
what about mine?

By Giftedguy at 14,Nov,12 05:55 other posts of Giftedguy 
check my page please

By karnaval at 14,Nov,12 04:54 other posts of karnaval 
6.9in long - 5.9in girth uncut - rate me

By longnlean1207 at 14,Nov,12 02:22 other posts of longnlean1207 
Im 8 in hard 3 soft whad you think

By *kmadeau* at 04,Aug,12 10:55 other posts of *kmadeau* 
fast (7.5)inches long and thick 6.6inches

By Vita at 02,Aug,12 02:19 other posts of Vita 

5,5 inch

By fulla at 19,Jul,12 12:54 other posts of fulla 
hiya mines 7.5" when rock hard. I also have multiple piercings. Check me out and leave some comments
By fulla at 01,Aug,12 23:43 other posts of fulla 
here is a pic. please rate

By #251507 at 01,Aug,12 10:27
By bradyD at 01,Aug,12 11:54 other posts of bradyD 
9.999999 that's fucking hot looking! I'd love to my mouth on that

By bradyD at 01,Aug,12 10:15 other posts of bradyD 
I'm about 3 1/2 inches long and never shoots, just dribbles out. I'm totally an 8 for sure

By #281615 at 01,Aug,12 04:56
Check my dick out and tell me. Mine is 19 cm long and 15 cm girth

By fatcock57 at 21,Jul,12 13:04 other posts of fatcock57 
mine is 6" long and 6.5" girth....curious what your rating is...thanks

By Dover69 at 20,Jul,12 13:11 other posts of Dover69 
What you think?

By #277673 at 20,Jul,12 00:47

i'm 8" really hard x 6" wide

By delboy at 19,Jul,12 19:26 other posts of delboy 
Go on then, give me a rating

By #152487 at 19,Jul,12 18:49

Just under 6.5 inches hard,5.8 inches girth! Looking forward to your rating!

By Cadburymilk at 19,Jul,12 13:04 other posts of Cadburymilk 
What do you think? I'll let you guess my measurements

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