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how to eat pussy

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Started by #173969 at 20,Aug,12 03:12
Why don't some guys know?

The best feeling is when he teases my pussy and slides his tongue in between my lips as I feel a hot wet tongue entering and touching my inner lips my clit starts throbbing. His tongue works in deeper, separating my labia. His tongue swirls around my clitoris making hot wet circles. Then gently, he spreads my labia exposing my inner pussy lips and pulls the skin of my Hood back ever so gently to expose my pink round clit. He places his lips around it, sucking on it. Like a small nipple. I look down as my outer lips are spread with his face in my pussy. He moves my clit in circles as if his tongue is chasing my clit. I love looking down watching the Hood of my pussy so swollen going left and right. He slides his tongue at my opening and even lower swirling light circles around my ass. I love having my pussy licked, but gently. Even filming it is so erotic. Seeing his tongue on my pink pussy drives me wild.

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New Comment

By leopoldij at 02,Jul,17 13:41 other posts of leopoldij 
That's the spirit!

By Sindee at 24,Mar,13 10:04 other posts of Sindee 
I love to eat pussy!!!I get SO TURNED ON, when I lick her pussy and she orgasms all over my face!!!After she cums, she is so relaxed,she don't want to move, so,I usually get up, get her some water, find her clothes for her, and walk away with a raging hard on!!!! I am completely fine with that, since I get more pleasure knowing it was all about her, and she don't seem to mind, because she came, and she's happy!!!When this first started, she felt bad leaving me with a hard on, until I told her I was ok with it, all that matters to me is that she cums! Now she's happy with this arrangement and she enjoys seeing my hard on as she gets dressed and walks away happy! She cums at least 3 times a week,I can't remember the last time she let me cum!!!But I'm ok with it, that's the way it should be!!!

By dhk1962 at 20,Aug,12 04:07 other posts of dhk1962 
I would say that's just about how to eat pussy. I would rub my tongue, from tip to about middle, back and forth rapidly across your clit till you went wild. I would also suck on your clit. You have a nice one to do so. My ex had a very small clit, but it was very sensitive. I use the tip of my tongue, fluttering it till she exploded in orgasm. Making a woman cum is truly a delight. Almost as good as cumming myself...Douglas.

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