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Why do straight guys visit this site?

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Started by #233140 at 16,Jan,13 06:42
I've been on this site for a while now and this is my very first discussion forum topic so be kind OK?

I'm curious WHY straight guys would be on this site? I myself and totally bisexual, love cocks, love sucking on them and occasionally bottoming so it's REAL easy to understand the draw for me but why would a straight guy check out this site, post pics of his dick and view pics of other guys and their dicks?

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New Comment

By Alwaysnude at 29,Apr,20 13:28 other posts of Alwaysnude 
I post because gay men are ok with little dicks more than women

By rocket1 at 16,Jan,13 10:45 other posts of rocket1 
have you missed the other half of this site???!!!you might be suprised that there's a bunch of hot women on here too!!!!
By dekemhard at 16,Jan,13 13:15 other posts of dekemhard 
something like u

By Dong69 at 09,Apr,18 20:04 other posts of Dong69 
Your sexy Hot!!!!!

By Darthshame at 10,Apr,18 23:31 other posts of Darthshame 
I noticed.

I noticed.

By Ravioli_Max at 08,Apr,18 19:55 other posts of Ravioli_Max 
It's because it's a site that actually allows the uploading of nude pictures. A lot of sites don't allow that. Not that I have anything spectacular to show off, I just like the fact that nudes are allowed here and it's a good place to put them. The friendship part of the site is good, can actually make friends here as well.
By AussieMan187 at 09,Apr,18 03:59 other posts of AussieMan187 
I came here to get some cheap thrills showing off my body. It got my rocks off knowing hundreds of people were looking at my naked body. You don't have to be gay to do that. I also got laid because of it & formed a relationship with that person & yes as you said Max, you do make friends here. I also admire the work some other men put into their pictures
By Ravioli_Max at 10,Apr,18 01:05 other posts of Ravioli_Max 
I'm so glad you found realtime love here. With such a high-quality, delightful woman, too.
By AussieMan187 at 10,Apr,18 03:39 other posts of AussieMan187 
So am I!
By Ravioli_Max at 10,Apr,18 07:15 other posts of Ravioli_Max 

By #553546 at 10,Apr,18 22:54
Friends with similar viewpoints on sex and things of the nature!
It's all natural! Why hide it?

By leopoldij at 10,Apr,18 20:46 other posts of leopoldij 
In an ideal society we should be able to be sexually expressive. We can't nowadays. This site is a kind of substitute.

By PoloFields at 10,Apr,18 04:20 other posts of PoloFields 
It's showing off. It's checking other guys - and girls - out. And it's the people. Where else can we talk about some of the stuff we talk about here in a relaxed setting?

By Dong69 at 09,Apr,18 20:00 other posts of Dong69 
I just come on for the ladies, but i have made a few male friends!!

By kebmo at 09,Apr,18 06:24 other posts of kebmo 
There are also lots of women on here but I think it's just plain exhibitionism. The straight guys don't care who looks, they just want it looked at, just like everyone else.

By #548125 at 09,Apr,18 01:37
I like to compare cocks w other men around the world, sometimes cocks are attractive and curiosity appears. I think every man in this site is proud of their cocks. We just enjoy this site

By Kwilla at 08,Apr,18 19:46 other posts of Kwilla 
Like to compare in what’s out there. My gal likes to look over my shoulder as we go through the pics

By bil47 at 08,Apr,18 19:36 other posts of bil47 
Nearly all men, of every sexual orientation, love their own erect cocks. It's no surprise that we also like to look at other guys' cocks... especially if the cock-pics are especially attractive.

By massco at 08,Apr,18 17:21 other posts of massco 
I am straight as a string but theres a guys package on here every once in a while that catches my eye. But mostly is the women that post and send an occasional comment. Like Lix

By Earlybird at 08,Apr,18 16:32 other posts of Earlybird 
I'm 100% straight, but I've always enjoyed comparing packages with other guys, sharing our early experiences with discovering & exploring our sexuality, sharing masturbation stories, and comparing our orgasmic experiences.

Here's my take on it:

Being bi, gay, or straight has absolutely nothing to do with what kind of porn you watch, whether you're a guy or gal who enjoys checking out others of the same sex & talking about stuff, whether you masturbated with friends of the same sex when you were young, or if you still do.

Being bi, gay, or straight is determined solely by which sex you prefer have sex with. Nothing more.

MANY, MANY 100% straight guys & gals get off on watching all sorts of porn, checking out others ' 'packages', etc. I enjoy looking at both sexes & numerous types of porn!

However - when it comes to having actual sexual relations such as kissing/cuddling//touching/handjobs/blowjobs/penetrative sex, etc. - I am attracted to gals only. Therefore, I am straight by definition.

By #550094 at 08,Apr,18 10:56
All labels aside, you only live Once... come on in
and enjoy the sights while we still can!

By _avg_ at 10,May,15 13:44 other posts of _avg_ 
To see and be seen, of course.

Being a straight exhibitionist doesn't mean being a homophobe or a homosexual. Same goes for being curious about the 'competition,' as it were, and how you stack up.

It's downright insulting to insinuate otherwise...

By licksipsuckit at 10,May,15 11:22 other posts of licksipsuckit 
straight guys come here for the girls, that's what straight means. *lix*

By #352380 at 05,Dec,14 20:23
just for fun!

By #289712 at 05,Dec,14 19:05
Well there are naked women on here!! For me the attraction is showing my body to people. All people! The fact I'm straight is irrelevant. Others in general looking is the point. You all appreciating and commenting on my pics, women or men, is a bonus! I love my penis and I want others to see and enjoy it too!!

By #444014 at 21,May,14 16:16
Why would a vegetarian eat at McDonalds ?....
By leopoldij at 04,Dec,14 15:08 other posts of leopoldij 
Why would a vegetarian eat French fries at Mc Donald?
By sinanff47 at 05,Dec,14 01:17 other posts of sinanff47 
¿Because they want to taste french fries that have been cooked in animal fat?
By leopoldij at 05,Dec,14 18:20 other posts of leopoldij 

By aoneeyedmonster at 04,Dec,14 15:40 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
because you can't show your dick in public

By leopoldij at 04,Dec,14 15:08 other posts of leopoldij 
Why do straight women come here too?

By stroker11 at 04,Dec,14 07:12 other posts of stroker11 
Liking good cock is not just a gay thing.

By thepussymonster at 04,Dec,14 03:37 other posts of thepussymonster 


By #469642 at 04,Dec,14 01:14
I am straight but love to show my dick to others. I am always waiting for comment on and response to my pictures, no matter it is positive or negative. I think I am an exhibitionist. This is the place for me to do it internationally.
I think it is a human nature, the curiosity of others private part.
Photo of a snake from ilovemydick
By Lenatur at 04,Dec,14 01:37 other posts of Lenatur 
Top Tool !

By Lenatur at 04,Dec,14 01:34 other posts of Lenatur 
BI or not to BISEXUELL

Modt importent we all have FUN

We say hello from germany

By Beercan10 at 24,May,14 12:17 other posts of Beercan10 
So I can show this monster off to the ladies. Wouldn't you if you had one this size?
One way to break the ice
By bigone21 at 02,Dec,14 17:37 other posts of bigone21 
what ladies? on show your dick?? where???

By #316057 at 03,Dec,14 22:30

By teetee at 02,Dec,14 16:14 other posts of teetee 
to get comments on this
By spermkiss at 02,Dec,14 17:32 other posts of spermkiss 
Well, it is a stunningly beautiful cock. Thanks for showing.

By leopoldij at 23,May,14 18:09 other posts of leopoldij 
Lots of Pussies on this site too. That's why.
By #136427 at 24,May,14 11:36
Yuo, and so far its virus free

By jack_coolero at 20,May,14 23:41 other posts of jack_coolero 
I just love to show off.

By #417718 at 06,Aug,13 21:57
To date,I am technically a straight guy,however,I admit that I am most definately bi-curious.
I love looking at beautiful cocks and balls,and I love having mine looked at.

By anonkev at 06,Aug,13 14:28 other posts of anonkev 
There's plenty of opportunity to interact with women through this site and the **** showyourcunt site. Hooray!

By #136427 at 31,Jul,13 15:54
To look at pussy on a site that is not riddled with cpu viruses

By oldbugle at 13,Mar,13 16:04 other posts of oldbugle 
I come here mainly to display my penis.

I'm entirely straight and have never had any experience with anotehr male or desire for one. Also, I'm no exhibitionist in 'real life'.

I do quite enjoy looking at the many penis photos on the site, and very rarely, I see one that I can admire...very much determined by the idea that 'form follows function' and that particular penis would offer good stimulation for a woman. This is invariably my definition of a 'handsome' penis.

The only reason I came to this site in the first place to 'display' was becasue for many years I was embarassed and ashamed about my own penis afer a former partner ridculed it and suggested it was "deformed". Although I understood that the problem was actually hers, the damage was done.

For more than 30 years I never let a woman get close to, or closely look at my penis. So no oral sex, no gentle female caresses and no penis oriented sex play. This is not as rare as you might think and I currently know of at least two other men who are equally 'shy' about their penis.

Every time I get a favourable comment here (from men as well as women) the idea that I am quite 'normal' and not at all deformed is strengthened. I get quite a lot of favourable comments on my photos. Obviously, those from women are nore interesting to me but I'm happy to talk to gay men if they are intelligent and have something to ask me.

Had this site been availably to me 30 years ago the second half of my life would undoubtedly have been quite different.
By spermkiss at 14,Mar,13 12:47 other posts of spermkiss 
"I come here mainly to display my penis." Good for you! Keep your pants off, keep your penis hard and keep your camera ready.

Now my I congratulate you for overcoming the damage that evil woman did to you? Not only are you no longer embarrassed or ashamed about your penis, but you have the self confidence to put it on public display for the whole world to see.

Your remarks give strong support to something I have long contended: the vast majority of men like to look at other men's penises. Many, perhaps most, heterosexual men are afraid to admit that they do because they do not want to be seen as gay. But here you are, a heterosexual man who can come right out and say "I do quite enjoy looking at the many penis photos on the site..."

Sir, I salute you. (And I like your penis.)
By oldbugle at 14,Mar,13 13:24 other posts of oldbugle 
Thank you for the kind words, and frankly, the understanding!

Another annalogy that always comes to mind about this is my new found love of horses. I was introduced to it by a friend and I completely enjoy car rides on summer evenings to meet really excellent examples of equnine beauty.....they all have their personalities;..some are shy, some full of character,..some rather fierce and scary, and some completely endearing. I've learned all about musculature and manes and coats etc and i'm gettign to grips with shooting good images. I absolutely LOVE it!.....

......The only thing is, I have never wanted to own a horse and I've certainly never wanted to ride one.....

By #186493 at 03,Jul,13 01:08
When are guys going to just relax, and not think that anything penis-related’ is a ‘gay’ thing??
It is TOTALLY NORMAL to look at the African American guy, in the locker room, just to see if the stereotype is right!!
It is TOTALLY NORMAL to look at other guys, EVEN IF YOU ARE ‘STRAIGHT’!! Seeing a penis won’t burn your eyes!!
Getting hard, seeing another guy, doesn’t make you gay!! Just relax, and enjoy your feelings, and don’t try to label them, or judge!! Just get off, and enjoy the feeling!! We live in a place where you can have that freedom!!
You can get totally hard, excited, and loving this site, and even get off, to the images of the dicks, and you can still be ‘normal’, heterosexual, and have a family, and it is just ‘fantasy play’!
Everyone that I have seen, on this site, is ‘Normal’, if we have to label!!
Keep an open mind, and don’t get bound down by old-fashioned ideas, and stereotypes!!
By johnwish at 30,Jul,13 15:46 other posts of johnwish 
Totally agree with that.I love looking at blokes cocks but I don't think I'm completley gay.I think I'm bi,cos I still fancy women.So well said jsmythe

By Gntlmn at 02,Jul,13 12:29 other posts of Gntlmn 
Quite a sane answer to an insane question

By bella! at 04,Jul,13 07:03 other posts of bella! 
Why do straight guys visit SYD? So that they can buy points, gift guys and justify their actions, because they're straight........

By #404032 at 02,Jul,13 13:39
Maybe to get some fist hand info on how to use their cocks after all gay and bi men are experts at the job
By bigone21 at 02,Jul,13 13:48 other posts of bigone21 
you want some fist hand??
By #404032 at 02,Jul,13 15:38
Bigone you would overload my senses and blow my fuse and my piercings clean off of the planet
By bigone21 at 02,Jul,13 18:42 other posts of bigone21 
no, you wouldn't! i'm an easy guy..!

By #285354 at 02,Jul,13 06:58
Why do dogs lick their balls! Because they can. We are on this site because we love our dicks and this is a place where we can show our dicks and receive the feedback we crave.

By #364688 at 16,Mar,13 07:14
nuttin' wrong with good-looking cocks and cunts!
just love it!

By spermkiss at 13,Mar,13 13:27 other posts of spermkiss 
Straight men visit this site for the same reason you and other bisexual and gay men visit this site. Men like looking at other men's cocks. All men do. Looking at cocks is a guy thing not a gay thing. And most men like to show off their cocks.
By #360973 at 13,Mar,13 13:34
You are mass-generalising again. Yes, looking at a dick doesn't make you bi/gay (unless it arouses you), but "ALL men LIKE looking at other men's cocks" (paraphrased), really?!
By spermkiss at 13,Mar,13 16:39 other posts of spermkiss 
Well, perhaps I made an overly large generalization. There might be some who do not. But the vast majority do. Many are even candid enough to admit it. Surely any straight man who would visit this site should be able to admit it.

By #359287 at 13,Mar,13 16:18
What the fuck is a straight guy...just saying...
By oldbugle at 13,Mar,13 16:24 other posts of oldbugle 
A straight guy is one who has a life-long history of absolutely no sexual interest in other men and can view a photo of a penis, or male nudity with curiosity but no discernable level of arousal, as distinct from looking at women or female matter.

By #362795 at 13,Mar,13 10:46
Being straight does not stop me from loving exhibitionism : Seeing females and males show off their private parts in an aroused state and do so myself .

By CreativeOne at 12,Mar,13 23:42 other posts of CreativeOne 
"Tazzerman" ... this site is for "EVERYONE" who wants to show themselves off to the world to see ! Not sure why you think this site is just for members being Gay and Bisexual ! I mean the name of this site says it all "Show Your Dick" or "Show Your Cunt" ! As far as I see it ... this site is for anyone 18 and above who likes to make use of there camera and show off there photography skills ! So get used to the fact that everyone here ... belongs here , because we All have one thing in common ! Pulling down our pants exposing ourselves for each and everyone of us to enjoy what we all have down there !!!

By BushPilot at 18,Jan,13 17:19 other posts of BushPilot 
I'm not here for the guys and rarely go no SYD however, I love to check out the women on SYC. I'm married, truly very straight but open to others sexuality. I'll talk to anyone who's interesting and wants to get acquainted. So, "Why do straight guys visit this site?", because there's something for everyone here. Cheers.

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