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straight guys who like men to see there cocks

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Started by #321928 at 11,Mar,13 02:10
I am not gay but for some reason i love showing off my cock whether soft or hard anybody including to other guys and comparing them with other dicks. I think i am just proyd of my package and dont care who see's it at all and i just luke comparing them because i can apprecuate a nice large cock

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By indianman at 05,Mar,19 20:27 other posts of indianman 
I like to show off my cock and I love some body,(they may be man or woman)look at my cock.

By liketoedge at 03,Jun,13 16:18 other posts of liketoedge 
In High School PE class most of the guys dreaded having to shower in front of thier classmates. I actually enjoyed it and got a rush out of it. It was thilling to be naked in front of other people
By spermkiss at 03,Jun,13 17:07 other posts of spermkiss 
Even better was the high school swimming class. In my high school we swam nude, so I got to be nude and be with the other guys who were also nude for the entire class.
By #463249 at 17,Jun,14 13:28
I hated the showers at school!
By spermkiss at 17,Jun,14 15:21 other posts of spermkiss 
Why? Wasn't it fun to be able to show off your stuff and be able to check out the other guys? Or was it too much fun? Were you afraid you'd pop a woodie?

By Ramil1 at 17,Jun,14 18:38 other posts of Ramil1 
I also couldnt stand it actually they always seemed dirty- the showers and I dont think anyone really understood what being circumscised was about and certainly not many other guys were as far as I can remember
By #463249 at 18,Jun,14 11:19
At school, I was in a class of thirty boys and only one was circumcised. We thought it was so weird - we'd never seen it before!
By Ramil1 at 19,Jun,14 20:07 other posts of Ramil1 
interesting...i think my situation was about the same.

Were you that only one, I guess ? Thanks for the feedback comment

By #463304 at 18,Jun,14 12:55
Im the same way i love to showit off

By #186493 at 31,May,13 23:59
Isn't that what the gym locker room is all about? Not just High School, but the College Locker rooms, and the Membership Clubs and showers?

Like how many of you didn't show off, just to see if someone would smile, or get hard??

How many have 'sneaked a peek' to see if African-American' guys are really that much bigger?? White guys, be honest!!

It's a compliment, if some other guy looks, and smiles, or gets hard, seeing you, isn't it?? It's just a look, and a smile.

I'm not a really hot guy, more like the husky, Northern Viking kind, and I don't mind at all if some guy looks at me, or smiles, or maybe gives me his card!! It's like a total 'compliment' even though I'm not into guys!!

"I'm not offended if some guy looks at me, and if he wants to get off, later. Well, I kind of think that's a compliment, like I made his day!!

Don't make it a big deal!! Enjoy the 'sneaky peeks',knowing that you want to see what other guys have, and know that you are TOTALLY NORMAL, and even if you want to maybe get off, feeling really NAUGHTY, wanking to a dick, it's TOTALLY OK!!
By spermkiss at 01,Jun,13 13:50 other posts of spermkiss 
Yes, that is what locker rooms are all about. The opportunity to be nude with other men is the highlight of going to the gym.

Let's face it, guys, we all like to look at other men's dicks. ALL of us, gay men, bisexual men, straight men, all men. And most of us enjoy showing off our dicks. Guys like dicks.

So I'm asking every man reading this to push the envelope a bit by getting an erection in the locker room or shower the next time he goes to the gym. Maybe even push it a lot by jacking off in the shower with others around. As my buddy Jsmythe says, "it's TOTALLY OK!!"
By #391577 at 01,Jun,13 14:03
Wow! If that happened, I'd end up with a body like Arnie. You should be in charge of Public Health
By spermkiss at 01,Jun,13 15:24 other posts of spermkiss 
So, are you gonna do it? Are you going to jack off in the shower?

Do it and tells us all about it.
By #143894 at 07,Jun,13 23:34
And take pics, and post them here!!

By #186493 at 02,Jun,13 00:42
Thanks for the call-out, but our chats, together, helped me feel OK about things that I was told were wrong, growing up with close-minded people!! I never would have even tried some things with my girlfriend, THAT I TOTALLY LOVED!! Thank you for being like Yoda, for my sexual confusion, telling me that I was so normal!!

It's totally OK for guys to explore, and try things, and feel what you feel!! It's Ok to really love a girl, but see a guy in the locker room, and get hard!! It's OK!! Just enjoy it!! Liking a penis, and maybe getting off doesn't make you anything but NORMAL!!!

Most guys love girls, playing together, naked, and loving, and rubbing close!! Why is is so WRONG if two guys feel that same joy, and close intimacy??

Stop being so uptight, for no GOOD REASON!! Look at the guys in the locker room, and showers and enjoy their penis, and be proud, if you are erect, looking at them!!
By #399921 at 07,Jun,13 02:07
Cocks ROCK and the more you enjoy them the happier you will be! I love mine and welcome anyone to look at it and enjoy it. I love looking at others and enjoy it when I see one semi or fully erect!
By spermkiss at 07,Jun,13 11:01 other posts of spermkiss 
"...and enjoy it when I see one semi or fully erect!"

This is why erections in locker rooms and showers are nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Erections should be encouraged. Men like to look at other men's dicks. Men especially like to look at hard dicks. So everyone reading this should make a sincere effort to get an erection in the locker room or shower the next time he goes to the gym.

By bigone21 at 02,Jun,13 19:15 other posts of bigone21 
oh, that's what the lockerroom is all about..!?

and why is it a problem in sports if a guy "comes out" being gay?? in his right mind he would know better than to come on to any of the guys! a gay guy knows what the consequenses can be. End of teamsport!

i just don't understand this straight-guy-sure-loves-dick-but-don't-be-openly-gay-oryoudealwithit-stuff!!

at the nude-beach, i see what you look at! my dick! sure i see that! and hey, your girlfriend does too! don't look that jealous!

By smiley at 23,May,13 04:06 other posts of smiley 
I love to show mine off and also fantasise about anyone who likes it to suck on it.
By #397891 at 01,Jun,13 05:45
i love it
i wana suck it add me
By smiley at 04,Jun,13 06:24 other posts of smiley 
Feel free it's hard x

By #391577 at 01,Jun,13 08:03
Smiley, loads of guys and girls would love to suck that. You have a great looking cock
By smiley at 03,Jun,13 03:32 other posts of smiley 

By #398027 at 01,Jun,13 12:43
Beautiful cock
By smiley at 03,Jun,13 03:33 other posts of smiley 

By #391428 at 03,Jun,13 17:04
You have a beautiful cock! Made me cum!
By smiley at 04,Jun,13 03:47 other posts of smiley 
Thnx, I'd let you suck on it till I burst my load in your mouth x

By faaani at 04,Jun,13 02:50 other posts of faaani 
i like to show off my cock and also fond to see the others ones and finally like mutual playing with each othes cocks

By bigone21 at 03,Jun,13 18:06 other posts of bigone21 
so, you are a closet-bi exhibitionist, and you spell bad...

well, no harm done!

By #395571 at 01,Jun,13 17:27
yeh, I'm proud of my package, and don't really care who sees it, just love showing it off, and getting appreciative comments on my page, especially on my girth!! what do others think?
By abig1 at 02,Jun,13 23:29 other posts of abig1 
Love to hold on to it...then suck...Also love to massage iyour nice body...Look at my big Texas dick and comment

By #397852 at 02,Jun,13 01:18
I am getting a real kick about other people see my willy and balls. Does that make me a pervert? Guys what do you think?
By spermkiss at 02,Jun,13 13:35 other posts of spermkiss 
No, it makes you normal.

Every man in the world is in love with his own dick and every man in the world loves to play with it and every man in the world likes to show it off. There are some men who because of society pressure feel it is necessary to keep their dicks private, even in an enclosed semi-private area such as a gym locker room, but if we could strip away all the bullshit that society puts on us and get down to the nitty gritty of what men really feel, the vast majority of men would have their dicks out and exposed for public viewing 24/7. Men like to show off their dicks.

So keep your pants off, your dick hard, your camera close at hand and enjoy showing yourself off.

By #321928 at 13,Mar,13 17:26
Girls like to compare breasts and pussies and show themselces off to eachother is so wierd for guys to do the same.
By Snake-n-hole at 01,Jun,13 04:49 other posts of Snake-n-hole 
Do girls really compare pussies? I wonder if they brag about whose is bigger?

By just37 at 28,May,13 15:04 other posts of just37 
think I'm the same.
looking at guys is more to compare then liking to do something with it...

By Odin_york_pa at 27,May,13 01:47 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
Though nothing special, I like when other's see mine. Kinda gets me a little aroused usually. I also enjoy looking at other guy's cock, large or small. The male body is a special work of art. And now to be cliche, I will also post a pic lol

By #329776 at 21,May,13 15:21
I like showing off to anybody Photo of a tool from Junior1993
By FUCKMELONGANDHARD at 26,May,13 22:44 other posts of FUCKMELONGANDHARD 
Show it off 2 me I will admire that big cock

By Peeweebeefed at 18,May,13 20:58 other posts of Peeweebeefed 
I have some pretty similar feelings.

By FUCKMELONGANDHARD at 19,May,13 12:56 other posts of FUCKMELONGANDHARD 
I want that in my mouth
By #262541 at 19,May,13 14:37
i want to be in that mouth too
By FUCKMELONGANDHARD at 23,May,13 01:44 other posts of FUCKMELONGANDHARD 
Cum in my mouth daddy I love that big dick down my slutty throat

By #366909 at 21,May,13 01:26
By #354201 at 21,May,13 02:09
Awesome cock

By semperfimanforyou at 20,May,13 14:49 other posts of semperfimanforyou 

By spermkiss at 13,Mar,13 13:23 other posts of spermkiss 
Totally normal. Every man is in love with his cock and most men like showing it off. Men especially like showing off their cocks to other men.
By #382114 at 18,May,13 04:22
I totally agree..
By spermkiss at 20,May,13 10:35 other posts of spermkiss 
And I'll add that in addition to most men liking to show off their dicks, most men like looking at other men's dicks. The popularity of this site proves both of those points.

By #307667 at 19,May,13 13:58
It's great logging in and having a new comment that is positive and that someone has taken the time to look at/comment on your cock.

By rsmithtn at 19,May,13 06:14 other posts of rsmithtn 
I not only like people to see my cock. I love to be watched playing and jacking it off.

By ktalmipn at 19,May,13 02:40 other posts of ktalmipn 
yeah me too im proud of my package even tough its not huge i love to know another person i looking at me

By #323075 at 18,Mar,13 05:12
I like to show my dick to other people and to compare it with other dicks!

By liketoedge at 16,Mar,13 17:16 other posts of liketoedge 
I have always been this way too. Just knowing someone is seeing it is a turn on whether in the school showers or at the urinal in a restroom. In return I have always been a peeker of other too. Growing up even at a very young age I would purposly change my clothes infront of friends knowing they could help but to look

By webwanker at 13,Mar,13 10:43 other posts of webwanker 
Like you , I love showing off my hard cock to anybody .

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