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Started by mahak at 10,Mar,14 05:42  other posts of mahak
Lets be many have been fucked..hard without the consent..may be u r not in mood...or any other reasons..but your wife.. didn't listen to you ..n have you nasty blows ..not oral..till she is satisfied....even if u have cummed much earlier.....
I face this ..probably once in 3 months..

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By nekekal at 10,Dec,18 13:14 other posts of nekekal 
No. The wife hates to fuck. Best I could ever get after hours of begging was reluctantly spreading her legs. One day I got "are you done yet, or are you going to be there all night?" . Said I was done, pulled my cock out, and went into the bathroom to jerk it.

By 1972_Kallen at 06,Dec,18 06:05 other posts of 1972_Kallen 
I had this with my youngest girlfriend. She is insatiable sometimes. And even after i had cum some 3 times she still wanted to fuck and suck. She has so much energy. Nowadays she has toned down a bit. But only a bit.

By #449284 at 10,Mar,14 06:28
Im got ED and high **** pressure i work nights driving truck at most times im tired but my mrs horny most times and she plays with my cock but im so tired ive told her to find a stud cock to play with i do play with myself watching porn
By botanic at 10,Mar,14 09:43 other posts of botanic 
I am sure you would have no shortage of volunteers !

By mahak at 05,Dec,18 21:28 other posts of mahak 
True during my early work days..My body used to get tired n in 2 mins I m done...

By wycowboy at 01,Dec,18 19:23 other posts of wycowboy 
Yep, a few times. It usually turns out to be satisfying for me though
By mahak at 05,Dec,18 21:27 other posts of mahak 
For me it is more as a defeat then satisfyin..She love to see me shoping her hard pushes

By 0-00 at 13,Mar,14 16:31 other posts of 0-00 
Every time she has had a few glasses of a good dry red I know I am in for the ride of my life no matter what the circumstances! I have to be prepared or face the music, I refer being prepared. Some of the best sex ever when all inhibitions go out the window...
By mahak at 05,Dec,18 21:26 other posts of mahak 
Great....Mine without wine does so often

By cody8789 at 01,Dec,18 22:43 other posts of cody8789 
Yes, I really have been fucked by your wife
By mahak at 05,Dec,18 21:25 other posts of mahak 
Great..Hope u got banged

By botanic at 10,Mar,14 08:05 other posts of botanic 
I once shared a hotel room with a woman who I did not know and had never met before, out of emergency expediency . Twin beds . She was not my type and she even made me promise 'no funny business' before we put the lights out. It was not difficult to promise and seriously no thought of having sex came into my mind. But half way through the night I awoke to find her naked on top of me trying to push my flaccid cock into her pussy. It was dark and I just let nature take its course ... I think we did it twice before dawn . But even so I reckon it began as a non consensual act , so I was forced to have sex with her. Thats the only experience I have had.
By mahak at 05,Dec,18 21:24 other posts of mahak 
Wish to hAve one like this

By TheApple at 26,Nov,18 05:54 other posts of TheApple 
Got ass fingered by my ex but never tried anal might be interested i gotta try to know !

By #147052 at 14,Mar,14 10:23
Yes! My ex fucked me over pretty good
By Rose at 18,Mar,14 01:21 other posts of Rose 
I am glad you can joke about it at least

By bigguy at 13,Mar,14 13:23 other posts of bigguy 
Yes I have, shortly after the divorce papers were served. As Jerry Reeds song put it. "she got the gold mine I got the shaft". State laws here are a BITCH!!!

By #451600 at 10,Mar,14 10:56
My wife came in one night to fuck me without my consent, before I turned in I put the IRS audit notice I had received in the mail between my ass cheeks. She took one look at it and said "There's no way I can fuck you harder than that."...and she left the room.
By talk4s at 11,Mar,14 14:53 other posts of talk4s 

By #68656 at 10,Mar,14 06:30
Perhaps his wife works for the Indian taxation office.??
By dreamer at 10,Mar,14 08:59 other posts of dreamer 

By mahak at 10,Mar,14 07:14 other posts of mahak 
for me ...after tiring days work...sometimes ..difficult to get hard erection....and in case she is horny that dick has to beg ...

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