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What kind of pics do you like to look at? Girls and guys

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Started by horniperv at 08,Apr,14 16:18  other posts of horniperv
Im just curious what turns people on when they look at pictures. I know us guys are pretty simple, we are more visually stimulated creatures but Id still like to hear from girls and guys.

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By bil47 at 18,Dec,18 13:23 other posts of bil47 
Close-ups of attractive hard cocks and luscious pussies always get me going. Lots of other themes do too, of course!

By knewbi at 18,Dec,18 11:44 other posts of knewbi 
I love looking at both. Sex is sex and it really does not matter which it is with me. But.. I will say that I generally becum more aroused when I see a great cock shot.

By #541363 at 17,Dec,18 09:04
For men:

I love to watch cocks. And the best pose to show a cock is imho:


For women: i love them with whole of my heart. half dressed turns me on.

By leopoldij at 17,Apr,14 17:58 other posts of leopoldij 
I like to watch women, seminaked in a car , touch their pussies and give handjobs to guys.
By Lunkerbass at 16,Dec,18 14:30 other posts of Lunkerbass 

By cruz69696969 at 16,Dec,18 01:15 other posts of cruz69696969 
Women ,I find are pretty, but cocks are be cautiful. So rarely do I look at pictures of women. I primarily look at men's cocks. Especially big hairy cocks. I am getting hard just tkinking about one

By 3fdfd at 13,Dec,18 09:37 other posts of 3fdfd 
Guys ... I don't all that much care for guys who have shaved off their pubic hair but there are some exceptions to that. More generally, medium to large cocks; hairy cocks; uncut cocks but love cut ones too; belly & chest hair are a plus as well.

By Cutcocklover at 13,Dec,18 09:30 other posts of Cutcocklover 
I mostly love looking at pictures of women, especially BBW women and if I'm looking at pictures of guys I love looking at circumcised guys.. love a mouth watering cut cock!

By countrynaturist at 12,Dec,18 23:25 other posts of countrynaturist 
I love to see any pics of nude guys. No question about it.

By #459806 at 30,Apr,14 16:48
From a woman's perspective , I like the pics with cum slowly dripping from a hard cock. Close ups of the shaft with maybe a bit of precut at the tip.. Such a turn on
By horniperv at 04,May,14 10:04 other posts of horniperv 

By tomas1 at 30,Apr,14 08:32 other posts of tomas1 
Female to male cum kissing.

Girl on top sliding her pussy lips up & down a cock until it shoots (cameltoe cum).

Girls pissing into urinals.

Powerful belly cum shots landing on her face and tits.

2 girls in 69 position with a guy fucking the one on top, then shooting cum over her pussy and her friend's face.

Girl holding panties forward and down slightly while guy shoots all over her pussy & into panties.

Public pussy flashing - i.e. Naughty looking girls smiling into camera, legs apart, no panties under street cafe tables. That sort of thing.

By Emerald at 26,Apr,14 13:33 other posts of Emerald 
Well, I am partial to foreskins, and most especially long or tight ones. That's what brought me here in the first place. Yet this site, I have found, is so much more than that.

I love pictures that make me laugh. Pictures that make me go "What on earth is *that*?" Pictures that fire up my imagination, or make me think "Ooh, that's clever! I hadn't thought of that!"

I like to see the human body in all its shapes, from perfect to not-quite. Some pictures may turn me on, others perhaps not - but it's hard to know which ones will. Perfection is certainly not required.

Finally, I harbour a special respect for the girls that give us pictures of themselves, despite social pressure and all the other reasons not to. That courage and generosity often turns me on more than anything.
By horniperv at 28,Apr,14 08:22 other posts of horniperv 
well put

By #136427 at 22,Apr,14 07:56
I like pics of girl feet with black nail polish. So hard to find... Gets me throbing real good...

By CreativeOne at 10,Apr,14 00:20 other posts of CreativeOne 
Both ... I mean , both sexes are really great to look at . The nude human body is truly an art form in itself ! Seeing both Women as well as men in there glory ... sure does it for me ! This site is the Best site out there (So Far) as I stop by here each and everyday ! I guess you can say , I find this site to be very addictive ... but in a really good way !!!
By horniperv at 10,Apr,14 06:30 other posts of horniperv 
By #316057 at 17,Apr,14 15:58

By #359325 at 18,Apr,14 14:21

By stiffone4u at 09,Apr,14 22:37 other posts of stiffone4u 
Women with nice legs and a nice ass...bent over is hot.

By Yimmy at 08,Apr,14 20:40 other posts of Yimmy 
I really get excited to see a woman show her face in her nude photos.

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