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emoticon for licking pussy?

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Started by #548364 at 15,Feb,18 16:20
thereīs an Emoticon for sucking dick and another for sucking dick with swallow , both are very nice. But i canīt see an Emoticon for licking pussy although iīd often like to click it, the closest seems to be the bod in the fried egg which does have similarities Admin: Please may we have an emoticon for licking pussy?

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New Comment

By bella! at 15,Feb,18 16:45 other posts of bella! 
Oh, geez!

Here's one; just add "without hands" OR

Here's one;

I am surprised that no one has asked for an emoticon of someone urinating. Gosh, don't we NEED on of those, too?
By Arexa at 15,Feb,18 16:58 other posts of Arexa 
You dork! Don't give the weirdos ideas! They'll crawl out of the woodwork and start complaining!
By #539433 at 15,Feb,18 17:33
But there is one Arexa

By #548364 at 15,Feb,18 17:10
Ouch, the question was meant seriously. But thank you both for your reaction and goodbye
By bella! at 15,Feb,18 17:33 other posts of bella! 
Oh, bigg, I was playing with you.

WHY did you delete your profile? I was so happy to see that you returned and now I'm not......

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