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Veterans Day

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Started by #460385 at 12,Nov,18 20:12
Thank you to all the men and women who have served and still serve this country. Thank you for giving some, the freedom to bitch and complain about their life. And to bitch and complain about this country and it's views. To bitch and complain about who the fucking President is. And the NFL players taking a knee, making their millions to catch a fucking ball, taking a knee disrespecting us while the National Anthem is played. Just to let all you cry babies know. Those of us who have faught and died for your freedom. We don't give a shit about politics and your fucking problems. We served and gave our all so you can bitch and complain. Just saying.

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By everett at 01,Jan,21 21:55 other posts of everett 
true american only thi
ng i know give all vets a star

By kebmo at 12,Nov,18 22:47 other posts of kebmo 
You know, I really tire of hearing people say that when NFL players take a knee it is an affront to the flag, the anthem or to the armed services. They have no issue with the armed services!
CC54, I'm sure you know very well that Colin Kaepernick did it to protest against the oppression of black people by the police departments of the USA.

You know what the truth is so why would you say something that you KNOW isn't true?
By #460385 at 13,Nov,18 06:07
Regardless of their cause. To someone like me it is disrespectful. And just another way to divide. The same thing they are protesting. The NFL players could have made more of an impact by standing tall on that sideline, next to one another, locking arms together. Showing unity.
By kebmo at 13,Nov,18 13:52 other posts of kebmo 
Police officers shooting innocent black people in the back then getting paid leave and finally getting off on first degree murder charges is what they are protesting. They respect the flag, the anthem and the armed services. It's President Trump that fucked up the perception of what they are demonstrating against. There's your reason for division.
One more time: They respect the armed services!
By #460385 at 13,Nov,18 16:12
Yep it's all Trump's fault. None of this s-hit was going on with our last five presidents huh?--------------------------------------- added after 40 minutesOk. In 2016 police shot and killed 435 victims. 429 of them had a gun or other weapon on them at the time. Of the 435 dead victims, 52% were white, 26% were black, 17% were Hispanic. In that same year 67 police officers were killed by a gun. Obama was president. Now I know when you go with the population numbers between the 3 groups. Blacks and Hispanics have less population which make the % higher for victims. The police have not and are not only shooting at black people. As I said before, my words not Trump's. The NFL players could have joined as one, stood strong next to their Hispanic teammates and white teammates as one voice. All they did was keep the black and white thing alive and strong. And Kaeperdick is selling underwear for Nike. So it all worked out. Because he sure sucked at Football. Makes me wonder if this was a career choice made by him and his agent. Just wondering.
By #563857 at 16,Nov,18 12:30
Orange man bad.

By #551147 at 16,Nov,18 14:21
Couldn't have said it better myself. Kudos CC
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 19:24
Yes,you could. If you have balls you would argue against this

By #562152 at 23,Nov,18 09:27
Percentages don't tell the whole story:
in 2017, the white pop was 62% and 52% of those killed
in 2017 the Latin pop was 17.8 and 17% of those killed
in 2017 the black pop was 12.3 and 26% of those killed

In other words, the blacks killed was twice their ratio to the general population as opposed to whites or Latins and that is the reason why blacks are protesting. Notice I did not say the dead are blameless, but, these statistic show that cops, because of fear or hatred, shoot faster at blacks than other ethnic groups. You say all they did was keep the black and white thing alive. That was the intent. Your last comments are beneath you and belittle serious people on both sides

By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 19:20
CC, if you served, thank you. We all owe you a great debt. Because of you and people like you, the people of this great country can be free. We are able to persue our happiness, demand justice, and protest perceived wrongs. You are included in being able to protest what you don't like anyway you like, as long as you don't harm anyone. Taking a knee is not bitching about the President. Trump made it a personal thing. Personally I believe the NFL players made their point. They managed to get everyone to be aware of the killings of young black men by police. Notice I haven't said the police was wrong or right. The players had and still have a right to demonstrate in any way they feel is right. Is this ringing a bell in your head? Remember serving to preserve and protect our way of life and constitution?
You are exercising your right to bitch and you fought for the right. But, ok, you feel disrespected. Why? Standing with their arms locked or giving the fist salute any different? Here's an idea, have them walk out and prevent any games being played. All those people without jobs but, a respectful work strike.

By 2nice at 13,Nov,18 11:30 other posts of 2nice 
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 19:22
Respect is given only when it's earned
By #551147 at 21,Nov,18 00:29
Respect was earned the minute they signed on the line making themselves U.S. Government property and ultimately putting on that uniform and serving this great country.

That whole kneeling thing is abhorrent and a slap in the face to those of us who cared enough to do what SO many wouldn't. Frankly I think it's indefensible and after 30+ years of loyalty... Nike is DEAD to me 🖕
By #562152 at 21,Nov,18 07:04
It may be and you certainly have the right. Please understand I did not meant that remark to refer to any past or present service person. My Dad served in the Army Air Corp as a radio operator on a big bomber durine WWII. He was in Europe and later on the east coast. My older brothe.r served in Vietnam. Both would have prefered for the NFL players to protest in a different way but,both would have supported the players in their fight for justice. My Dad is probably turning in his grave thinking what a joke is now the Commander in Chief. And my brothe.r hates him with a passion. Going back to my statement, many people have something to say about the players and the reason for the protest while they smoke their Malboros, carry a gun in their hip thinking they are cowboys, and drive an old p/up with a gun rack. The flag of a defeated nation wannabe on their rear window. They talk much about our fallen heroes but never marched in step.
By #551147 at 21,Nov,18 14:26
I'd might be more understanding of "The Cause" if it were true. It's complete bullshit, a consequence of race baiting from the previous administration, Al not so Sharpton, and others like him. For every black that was shot, by the police, there were 3 to 5 more of all the other combined ethnicities. Want a worthy cause... How about, "STOP THE RACE BAITING"!! As with any group, ethnicity, religion, or whatever. There are going to be shitheads, PERIOD! They don't speak for all. A few of you talk about the KKK but I dont see you conversely condemning the "Black Panthers" and God forbid we condemn the ones who's holy book calls for the death to all infidels. SHEEEZE!
By #460385 at 21,Nov,18 17:11
Nicely said.

By #562152 at 21,Nov,18 18:48
No one denies that,but, "the shit heads" still excist. I also don't deny many of these incidents begin because of unlawful occurrences. So what do you suggest? Look the other way? Execute every 5th African American? Take guns away from cops? We, who have been complaining came up with the idea that cops have to bear responsibility for killing a citizen. Your supporters only come up with hurt feelings about our bitching. So,put up. Come up with a plan
--------------------------------------- added after 13 hours

You guys like to think about the poor GI Joe kneeling on one knee, by a fellow soldier's grave (the fallen soldier). This kneeling soldier, helmet in hand, is a very powerful reminder of the ultimate sacrifice our soldiers give for their country. What you forget is what that sacrifice means. That soldier gave his life to protect our way of life. You know what. In our Declaration of Independence we said: We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. And the same in our Constitution. All men are created equal and their lives MATTER. He didn't give his life for a cute aside to a soldier's life
By #460385 at 22,Nov,18 23:52
So you are saying that a person kneeling at a grave is the same as a person kneeling for the National Anthem. You are an idiot.
By #562152 at 23,Nov,18 07:42
I did not say that. And like you say about me sometimes, you are putting words in my mouth.
BTW is calling me an idiot make you feel better? I thought we were at a better place than that.

By Dev01 at 23,Nov,18 04:37 other posts of Dev01 

By #562152 at 19,Nov,18 18:57
We do owe much to our service people,,now if we could get the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to really step up and give these people the support they need to rejoin a civilian society, it would be great,,

By Leadtech at 19,Nov,18 18:16 other posts of Leadtech 
Very well said!! Thank you too!!! Theres no way to show my gratitude for all who served but thank you as sincerely as possible.

By #545210 at 13,Nov,18 14:54
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 19:26
That's the best you can say? A thumb. Is there no one here that sees this is all wrong?

By JackHammer at 13,Nov,18 07:36 other posts of JackHammer 
Spot on, thank you.

By cumonme1 at 13,Nov,18 07:28 other posts of cumonme1 
Thank you, well said

By Hornycock63 at 13,Nov,18 03:28 other posts of Hornycock63 
100 years on .... Lest we Forget. As meaningful today as it was then and did all our servicemen and women pay the ultimate sacrifice just so politicians could give away the rights those valient armed forces fought and died for? Respect to all veterans and bless the ones who paid the ultimate price.

By Jamzit50 at 13,Nov,18 01:20 other posts of Jamzit50 
I know it sounds lame and has almost become cliche, but I really mean it - Thank you for your service!

By Jim65 at 13,Nov,18 01:19 other posts of Jim65 
agreed! couldn't have said it better

By MyLilFriend at 13,Nov,18 01:07 other posts of MyLilFriend 
I agree with you 100%!

By bigboypel at 12,Nov,18 22:24 other posts of bigboypel 
...because I couldn't find a salute emoji...
Thank you, ****!

By bella! at 12,Nov,18 21:39 other posts of bella! 
I think you covered all the bases.

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 12,Nov,18 20:27 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Political views aside. People in the armed services from any country, who have put their lives on the line for noble purposes, deserve respect - they are not politicians
By #460385 at 12,Nov,18 21:02
That we are not.
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 12,Nov,18 21:20 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
🤝👊🏼👋...and a 💋 for MrsCC! 🥃

By cody8789 at 12,Nov,18 20:28 other posts of cody8789 
Well said

By #539433 at 12,Nov,18 20:18
Well said.

By GLANS333P at 12,Nov,18 20:17 other posts of GLANS333P 
Right on!

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