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How to make all my photos private?

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Started by Dan242 at 08,Apr,19 06:13  other posts of Dan242
Guys I'm not enjoying the website as I used to, and want to step back for some time. What I want to know is, if there is any way I can make all my photos private beforehand? Because I really don't want to delete my account again, and I don't want to deal with this picture by picture as I have quite a lot.

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By Dan242 at 08,Apr,19 10:51 other posts of Dan242 
Wow this website has been around for so many years and still no one thought of adding an option for working with multiple photos at a time?
By #578610 at 08,Apr,19 10:52
too busy with pussies and dicks,,

By AustrianCouple at 08,Apr,19 12:27 other posts of AustrianCouple 
There is? Haven't read my answer below I guess with the "Batch" function?

By #578610 at 08,Apr,19 10:06
I wasn't sure so I went and tried this. If you click on the status under each pic there's an option on the window that opens to change from public to friends. The down side is that you have to do it pic by pic. I keep every pic I ever uploaded in a special folder (SHOW YOUR CUNT) just in case I have to duplicate my pages.

By bella! at 08,Apr,19 09:44 other posts of bella! 

I responded in your blog but in case anyone else wonders, this is my opinion.

You mention making your pictures private. I BELIEVE that the only option for that is to make them private and/or available for viewing by "friends" only. I BELIEVE that the only way to accomplish this is one picture at a time. With 533 pictures, it is going to involve some work on your part.

The other option to consider is to delete each and every picture. The upside to this is that if you forget about the site and don't return, there is nothing left behind and eventually the profile with no pictures will be purged.

Either option will require work on your part but personally, I lean toward removing all pictures.

Perhaps admin can guide you with another option or two.

By AustrianCouple at 08,Apr,19 09:41 other posts of AustrianCouple 
Sadly there is no option to turn pictures to private. One thing you can do is set them to friends, so only them can view it.

There is a "Batch" button where the page numbering is (on the top of the picture rack). If you click that, you can select all pictures and then on the top left click "Batch processing".

There you can set it to Friends only.

Except from that, you can only delete all pictures.

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