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Street meat

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Started by Blckstud at 23,Apr,20 16:30  other posts of Blckstud
Anyone ever fuck a homeless chick before? I find it to be a nice turn on to find a gal walking around late around the night or hanging around looking for around the fix. There is was this gal hit up a few times that just walks around with no panties usually in a long shirt or dress. Little thing to that had a thing for me. We would meet up and I always tried to find a quite spot to fuck her pussy up bareback! I love through thrill of it how about you?

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By Blckstud at 02,May,20 17:27 other posts of Blckstud 
This escapade was a dirty deed indeed, I don't go roam the streets looking for my next stretch meat to screw but doeshe this make me a terrible person for doing it or simple darker days in my past?
What do you think.... i know everyone has skeletons in there closets that are collecting dust, but does it reflect on your current standing and morals today? Looking back at it all, given the chance I wouldn't change my action because it was an experience that help me grow and realize that being that low and careless is not worth getting a disease or going to jail for a quicky. Honestly once the deed was done I felt dirty like when your done masterbating and the porno that got you off wasn't that interesting anymore. If I am looked at as a terrible man for doing this then I will live with the ridcual that comes with it. I am still a young man after all and believe I still have much to learn and time to redeem myself if need be.
By leopoldij at 06,May,20 15:54 other posts of leopoldij 
Well, you did what you did, you fulfilled your fantasy, and you were lucky not to get in trouble or catch a disease. Moreover, as you say, you enjoyed fucking her. So, eve well, al's well.

By leopoldij at 01,May,20 08:25 other posts of leopoldij 
Nice fantasy, but I don't believe you'd fuck someone on the street without a condom. Also, I don't believe that homeless girls would care about sex at all. They're desperate to survive, get some food, etc. When a human being is in this state they shut up entirel; only their survival instincts are in full alert.
By Blckstud at 02,May,20 08:06 other posts of Blckstud 
That's a good point. Seem like someone has seen through the veil. If she was so low as to consider the though it would be to gain something in return that would benefificial to her. Did you consider the one on drugs though? Dirty deed it was but this is a true story I tell. Fanstasy for some yes but a memory of desperate times for me.
By leopoldij at 02,May,20 12:22 other posts of leopoldij 
Ok. I believe you. Sometimes we don't think, we act instinctively. And if she enjoyed having sex with you, that's great.
Was she on drugs you say?
By Blckstud at 02,May,20 17:09 other posts of Blckstud 
High as a snowy mountain top. Cute as a button too. She would say she wanted to "corrupt me" one time. I figured she wanted to get me high too but we never got the chance to smoke. She was all over the place usually; sorta had an attention span of a squirell when I seen her roaming around.
By leopoldij at 02,May,20 17:16 other posts of leopoldij 
She was cute, huh?

By X_Y_Z at 24,Apr,20 15:49 other posts of X_Y_Z 
what if she gets pregnant? ever thought About the poor kid?
By Blckstud at 25,Apr,20 00:44 other posts of Blckstud 
I kept in touch for a while and nothing came of it. She ended up getting off the streets just recently. I might have been neglectful but not heartless. Good sir.

By AustrianCouple at 23,Apr,20 16:44 other posts of AustrianCouple 
No. I value the health of my dick. Without condom it's very risky but not in a good way
By Blckstud at 23,Apr,20 16:53 other posts of Blckstud 
Fair I do too. I was pretty despite at that time though. Just wanted to blow my load and check the experience of my list. I've refrained from such adventures sense then and I'm glad tof say I'm clean and diseased free!

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