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Is my pussy attractive?

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Started by sweetgirl1 at 11,Sep,20 14:08  other posts of sweetgirl1
Is my pussy attractive? Please be honest. I have no concept, I just know I enjoy exposing it

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New Comment

By Skittles at 13,Sep,20 19:29 other posts of Skittles 
If you have to ask.. you know it is rat cunt
By Scorps at 17,Sep,20 03:22 other posts of Scorps 
That's not very nice, Mister!!

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By Scorps at 29,Oct,20 17:30 other posts of Scorps 
Skittles, maybe you OR Jamie prefer this over cooked ham?
By Jamie at 29,Oct,20 17:44 other posts of Jamie 
Scorps I rather turn **** then fuck that..

By kockslinger at 27,Oct,20 11:48 other posts of kockslinger 
Beautiful. Just enough clit and great breasts too.

By leopoldij at 26,Oct,20 16:12 other posts of leopoldij 
I told you: it's beautiful!!

By liketoedge at 18,Oct,20 13:49 other posts of liketoedge 
Yes, very attractive

By curious10 at 23,Sep,20 09:39 other posts of curious10 
Your vagina is beautiful would love to eat it out or pump if full of hot cream
By sweetgirl1 at 17,Oct,20 04:32 other posts of sweetgirl1 
Both? 😉

By Ninja1173 at 04,Oct,20 19:47 other posts of Ninja1173 
Of course your pussy is attractive! Most of them are to me anyway so I'm probably biased
By bella! at 04,Oct,20 20:16 other posts of bella! 
Interesting response, in part, "most" pussy's are attractive. Hmmmmm.....since only most pussy's are attractive, in your opinion, what makes a pussy look unattractive?
By Ninja1173 at 04,Oct,20 20:25 other posts of Ninja1173 
You got me bella, its hard to specifically explain. I guess my main criteria is that it would appear taken care of. Some hair is fine I just don't want to fight my way through a jungle to find the prize.
By bella! at 04,Oct,20 21:00 other posts of bella! 
A pussy that has the appearance of being taken care of. So no bruises, bite marks, cuts or blisters. Okay.

Some hair is fine, but you don't want to fight your way through the jungle. Many adventurous men and women have and do!
By Ninja1173 at 04,Oct,20 21:08 other posts of Ninja1173 
Bruises, bite marks, cuts...
You're killing me!

I just have preferences but that doesn't mean deal breakers...
By bella! at 04,Oct,20 22:09 other posts of bella! 
You didn't mention blisters. So blisters are not a deal breaker and are okay with you?
By Ninja1173 at 09,Oct,20 13:04 other posts of Ninja1173 
I guess it depends on the blisters. STD blisters would probably be a big turnoff

By dgraff at 04,Oct,20 22:38 other posts of dgraff 
Go visit lixsipsucket page but be careful you may go blind

By tecsan at 11,Oct,20 02:24 other posts of tecsan 
Damn, I do agree with your comment so much...༼☯﹏☯༽

By leopoldij at 07,Oct,20 00:08 other posts of leopoldij 
I love your pussy

By #603203 at 03,Oct,20 21:19
Mmmm your pussy is very attractive Iíd like to taste it

By leopoldij at 03,Oct,20 20:24 other posts of leopoldij 
Your pussy is a piece of art!

By cumcouplessa at 19,Sep,20 13:14 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. In all my years, I have yet to see any pussy that is not attractive.
By Scorps at 20,Sep,20 05:20 other posts of Scorps 

Jeebus, you must not get around much on the site...

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By dgraff at 23,Sep,20 07:29 other posts of dgraff 
Check out lixsipsucket page but Iím warning ya you might go blind
By Scorps at 23,Sep,20 08:36 other posts of Scorps 
This ones a available...

By dgraff at 23,Sep,20 09:24 other posts of dgraff 
OMG thanks a lot scorps now Iím blind

By knewbi at 23,Sep,20 12:49 other posts of knewbi 
My favorite pussy on this site. I can't count the number of times that I have jerked off to the photos of your luscious delicious pussy!!
By dgraff at 23,Sep,20 16:56 other posts of dgraff 
Better tie a board across your ass so you donít fall in that big gaping crevice and be lost for ever
By Scorps at 03,Oct,20 03:15 other posts of Scorps 
I thought maybe she had Fat Albert in a headlock...
By dgraff at 03,Oct,20 05:35 other posts of dgraff 
I havenít heard of fat Albert in 50 years
Hey hey hey itís fat Albert

By Jamie at 23,Sep,20 18:56 other posts of Jamie 
that's a sexy attractive pussy

By XxXKing808XxX at 01,Oct,20 21:35 other posts of XxXKing808XxX 
Omg of course it is

By Sexlover69 at 29,Sep,20 13:02 other posts of Sexlover69 
Beautiful pussy. I would fuck your pussy three times a day.

By NJDIVER at 23,Sep,20 16:27 other posts of NJDIVER 
Wonderful pussy. Would love to go down on you.
By sweetgirl1 at 24,Sep,20 04:43 other posts of sweetgirl1 
Aw thanks. My hard little clitty needs that right now

By leopoldij at 11,Sep,20 21:56 other posts of leopoldij 
The answer is OBVIOUS: Of course your pussy is attractive. It looks great. It got all the characteristics of a sexy pussy. I love the lips and the clit too.
By sweetgirl1 at 23,Sep,20 04:18 other posts of sweetgirl1 
Awww thanks! I love that pic ❤️
By leopoldij at 23,Sep,20 19:33 other posts of leopoldij 
Me too. I feel like licking it!!!

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:46 other posts of nekekal 
Very attractive cunt. It would look even better with my cock in it.
By sweetgirl1 at 23,Sep,20 04:17 other posts of sweetgirl1 
Mmmmm it needs a cock so desperately
By nekekal at 23,Sep,20 11:30 other posts of nekekal 
it does look like it would benefit from having some long hard cock in it, pushed back and forth for a while. Those lovely cunt lips would swell up and wrap themselves around it tightly. I wish that I could use my cock in that adorable cunt.
By sweetgirl1 at 23,Sep,20 11:48 other posts of sweetgirl1 
Fuckkkkkk that comment is making me leak
By nekekal at 23,Sep,20 13:38 other posts of nekekal 

By Highfly at 23,Sep,20 06:53 other posts of Highfly 
Yes quite lovely. Wish I could play with it.

By Auscock21 at 21,Sep,20 11:47 other posts of Auscock21 
You bet it's attractive

By LatinLover at 19,Sep,20 21:08 other posts of LatinLover 
By Scorps at 20,Sep,20 05:20 other posts of Scorps 
By LatinLover at 20,Sep,20 20:41 other posts of LatinLover 

By Sexyguy at 19,Sep,20 20:41 other posts of Sexyguy 
Yes it beautiful

By WristThick at 18,Sep,20 17:08 other posts of WristThick 
Very attractive. And very tight.

By Jamie at 12,Sep,20 18:36 other posts of Jamie 
By Scorps at 17,Sep,20 03:23 other posts of Scorps 

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By #188992 at 12,Sep,20 18:37
Not particularly, stop fishing for compliments.
By Scorps at 17,Sep,20 03:21 other posts of Scorps 

You bust me up sometimes...
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

OOOPS! Almost forgot...

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By willylee at 17,Sep,20 03:14 other posts of willylee 

By Cumforme at 13,Sep,20 19:16 other posts of Cumforme 

By jerrycums at 13,Sep,20 13:45 other posts of jerrycums 
i think it is beautiful,perfect for licking.

By Dong69 at 13,Sep,20 13:09 other posts of Dong69 
Yes it is , can it take my horse meat

By FlyingHamster at 12,Sep,20 13:16 other posts of FlyingHamster 
Lovely. How about one with your legs wide open with your knees pulled up so we can see it in all its glory.

By Upforanything122 at 12,Sep,20 12:52 other posts of Upforanything122 
Very sexy pussy

By Zorilla at 12,Sep,20 12:29 other posts of Zorilla 
looks good enough to eat

By mybackup007 at 11,Sep,20 19:11 other posts of mybackup007 

By Terrman at 11,Sep,20 18:11 other posts of Terrman 
Your pussy is so gorgeous love ❤️ to lick 👅 it

By johndoe at 11,Sep,20 18:03 other posts of johndoe 
yes very exciting I will spend long minutes with my tongue on this beautiful pussy ...

By Pherror at 11,Sep,20 14:45 other posts of Pherror 
Definitely 👍

By Oddmanout at 11,Sep,20 14:29 other posts of Oddmanout 
I definitely think itís attractive! Looks like it needs a good licking!

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