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Do you sleep in panties

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Started by b4idie at 17,Oct,20 05:11  other posts of b4idie
I sleep in panties most nights. I find the feeling of slipping into bed wearing lacy French knickers or even just a plain pair of cotton panties very sensual. Waking in the morning my cock has usually escaped the confines of these skimpy garments and leads to a very pleasant masturbation session

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By bi_44 at 28,Oct,20 17:00 other posts of bi_44 
I love wearing panties but always sleep naked.

By XxXKing808XxX at 28,Oct,20 15:39 other posts of XxXKing808XxX 
I sleep in my wife's panties all the time

By 7uncut at 21,Oct,20 11:15 other posts of 7uncut 
I like to sleep naked. I love the feeling of the sheets against my foreskin and penis...all over really. If I go to bed with clothes on, I wake up with them off almost every time.

By licksipsuckit at 17,Oct,20 05:55 other posts of licksipsuckit 
never wear underwear to bed, I don't ever wear a stitch to bed, always naked, even in winter. *lix*
By qhaos at 18,Oct,20 05:49 other posts of qhaos 
You are not alone lix! I sleep naked 365 days! ...wet dreams included...

By b4idie at 21,Oct,20 03:56 other posts of b4idie 
Before my wife passed away, we always slept naked, now I need the comfort that sexy little panties give me . Perhaps yours might help Lix

By Harrycarrot at 18,Oct,20 05:00 other posts of Harrycarrot 
I rarely wear anything in bed and usually wake with an erection. Whether i masturbate depends on whether I have a meeting planned for that day. I do wear panties in bed when I visit my elderly lady friend who likes me to wear hers. I also used to look after a neighbour's house when she was on holiday and it was a great pleasure to select a pair of her knickers from her drawer and slip into her bed and masturbate in them.

By Samman at 17,Oct,20 15:29 other posts of Samman 
I have always slept better when I have on a cute little pair of panties, something about my dick just barely snuggled in makes me feel so sexy and pretty

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