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Testosterone gel

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Started by xxx25 at 03,Apr,21 03:00  other posts of xxx25
Have you ever boot your testosterone level using gel? Was that any good for you? Did makes your balls smaller?

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By phart at 04,Apr,21 10:26 other posts of phart 
The media does make it look like Low T is the issue causing all of man's problems. I could use more strength and vitality just in life in general,not concerned about the sex as that requires another human which I don't have

By honey1 at 03,Apr,21 10:14 other posts of honey1 
stay away from T if u got natural sexy drive n naturaly horny.. u look like u got no problem wit either .. it makes u grumpy n irritable also / n forget the hype /it deff shrinks u balls
By xxx25 at 04,Apr,21 03:32 other posts of xxx25 
Thanks. I did a Blood test and really looks I have very low testosterone

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