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show you dick soft and a frontal showing your hard dick

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Started by #21219 at 22,Mar,10 18:26

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By #576024 at 25,Aug,19 04:39

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By slipper at 24,Mar,10 01:30 other posts of slipper 
Here ya go...

By #10886 at 20,May,10 22:37
The finest foreskin on the site!!!!
By slipper at 05,Feb,13 01:24 other posts of slipper 
Many thanks, but you exaggerate... a LOT of great skin here. Maybe you're just biased.

By Wilko at 03,Feb,13 15:53 other posts of Wilko 

By el45 at 01,Feb,13 10:27 other posts of el45 

By #220362 at 31,Jan,13 23:42

By el45 at 31,Jan,13 03:57 other posts of el45 

By MoeJoe at 21,May,10 04:04 other posts of MoeJoe 
My flaccid frontal... Horsecock  # 1

My full frontal boner....
By slipper at 24,May,10 14:36 other posts of slipper 
I always like that soft mushroom!!!

By #10886 at 20,May,10 22:19

By slipper at 24,May,10 14:35 other posts of slipper 
Always one of my faves!!!

By #12124 at 27,Mar,10 00:20

By slipper at 28,Mar,10 16:50 other posts of slipper 
Nice skin-nipple!

By oldbugle at 24,Mar,10 08:27 other posts of oldbugle 

By slipper at 24,Mar,10 13:34 other posts of slipper 
ALWAYS good to see your!

By an0nym0u5 at 22,Mar,10 19:38 other posts of an0nym0u5 

Semi-Hard Frontal:

Better Hard Frontal:

By #46787 at 22,Mar,10 18:40
By #46787 at 22,Mar,10 18:42

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