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like to know how many cocks shes sucked

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Started by #73511 at 05,May,10 05:03
I have been dating my girlfriend for about 1 yr behind her husbands back wh she left to be with me, i used to get jealous and hate thinking about her past but 1 night when we were both a little drunk and fucking i asked her ' be honest with me but how many cocks have you sucked?' she paused and said 6 the next day while at work she txt me asking how was work and why i asked how many cocks she had sucked? i replied ' i was just curios cus u sucked my cock grt last nite but i thought u would have sucked more than 6?. did i upset u?' she txt back 'no but i thought u would be' i replied no it turned me on so how many cocks have you sucked?' she txt back saying 8. this really turned me on her telling me this and thinking she has had 8 cocks in her mouth, another night i asked her how many cocks she had sucked behind her ex husbands back she told me 5 another mega turn on, i would love to see her sucking another mans cock and she said she would when were away on holiday, does any guys out there have this same fetish?

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By knewbi at 30,Sep,19 12:46 other posts of knewbi 
hell, i've watched my wife suck more than that on one night... i love knowing she has sucked more cocks than she can count.

By Scorps at 22,Sep,19 18:49 other posts of Scorps 
My she has only sucked 2 and man can she suck...

By #522126 at 22,Sep,19 05:28
My wife has lost count! I love watching her sucking cock and she loves doing it.

By countrynaturist at 21,Sep,19 23:18 other posts of countrynaturist 
I love the fact that my boyfriend has sucked hundreds of cocks. I don't feel alone (I have sucked at least a few hundred myself ... ). I love watching him suck a friend's cock. He is so awesome at it.

By Guy at 28,Sep,13 04:48 other posts of Guy 

By #174339 at 09,Jun,13 19:47
I love watching my wife suck other men's cocks.it amazing my wife sucked and fuck in front of my 1 guy best friend 1 guy my cousin nnd other men it great having two cocks it hot and my wife is to do it again. with my cousin andy

By BushPilot at 04,Dec,12 18:18 other posts of BushPilot 
I personally don't think it's all that unusual for men to be turned on knowing that their partners have had sex before them. Nor to I think it's unusual for men, and women, to want to see their partner with someone else. My first wife and I were into swinging and some of the best orgasms we ever had was when we were having sex in front of one another. So, enjoy your sex life but keep in mind that partner swapping can also lead to marital issues down the line; not always, but it's a balancing act between enjoying extramarital sex and one's relationship with their spouse.

By naked-porn at 04,Dec,12 12:25 other posts of naked-porn 
As I wrote on my blog, I'm pretty sure my wife sucked 5 cocks in your "career". Three (included mine) during her long stories; moreover there are 2 lucky guys who have had the honour of a blowjob only for one time. I'm very happy for this because it's proved she loves to suck me also!

By #5532 at 06,May,10 00:51
Just keep in mind if she was screwing around behind her husbands back, you could be next. My guy has seen me with another man in my mouth. I believe it turns him on.
By Matt52 at 06,May,10 13:29 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: Very hot
By #5532 at 07,May,10 00:07
Very much so MsW.
By supablack at 08,Jun,10 20:17 other posts of supablack 
I have been wanting to watch my wife suck another cock, we will see if this happens, my best man in my wedding his wife flirts with me all the time and he flirts with my wife so hopefully this will happen
By supablack at 08,Jun,10 20:18 other posts of supablack 
Luv or mrs matts wife, we would all get along great

By #64124 at 05,May,10 16:40
I have sucked and been fucked by my husbands best friend in front of him, it was not planned but we were all a little drunk and one thing led to another, it was great having two cocks and would love to do it again.
By Matt52 at 05,May,10 16:55 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: Go Lizzie!!

By #16927 at 06,May,10 23:47
By supablack at 08,Jun,10 20:16 other posts of supablack 

By oldbugle at 05,May,10 06:20 other posts of oldbugle 
No, but apparently a very sizeable proportion of married men in western countries have a desire, secret or otherwise, to watch their women engage in mainline sexual activity with another male. some surveys suggest as many as 1 in 5, others not as many but all the surveys agree that it's more than 10% of adult males.
By #63526 at 07,May,10 18:34
That's an awesome stat. Seems I'm one in ten
By oldbugle at 12,May,10 06:21 other posts of oldbugle 
When 'Forum' magazinde did their famous survey into male sexual inclinations, about 25 years ago now, this was descibed as the 'most common male fantasy' in British and American men who were in committed realtionships.

By #78364 at 05,Jun,10 23:52
Why has Joanne been deleted again shes done nothing wrong except tell the truth, why hasen't oldbugle been deleted for using this site for preying on the underaged, I don't understand
By supablack at 08,Jun,10 20:16 other posts of supablack 
Give it up, your just being dumb why must you start

By slipper at 11,May,10 00:56 other posts of slipper 
Sure, I'd contribute to her tally... with my tally-wacker!

By diamund at 07,May,10 14:37 other posts of diamund 
no but i will volunteer if she wants suck my cock.

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