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Started by #9747 at 21,Apr,09 11:54
A woman who can mix a cocktail or one who can bake the best apple pie?

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New Comment

By nekekal at 10,Dec,18 13:10 other posts of nekekal 
The cocktail. If I cannot be fucking her, I might as well be getting drunk. I don't need to be fatter, and make a pretty good apple pie myself.

By XXXKing808XXX at 06,Dec,18 14:02 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
Apple pie most definitely

By leopoldij at 06,Dec,18 12:17 other posts of leopoldij 
Both are equally sexy.

By BushPilot at 21,Apr,09 23:36 other posts of BushPilot 
If I had a choice, I choose the one who baked the best pie and could whip up a cocktail nearly as well. Who needs alcohol when you have a woman who is great in the kitchen.
By #9747 at 22,Apr,09 04:26
you're so sweet, thanks for commenting
By BushPilot at 22,Apr,09 20:52 other posts of BushPilot 
It's easy to be sweet with beautiful women like yourself to talk to. Send me a private message sometime and we can get to know each other better. Who knows what we can "cook up" in the chat space?

By #9747 at 21,Apr,09 14:24
Oh that's so nice! I bake a lot & only know how to make 3 cocktails so I'll get by ok right? TX :)
By supablack at 21,Apr,09 14:49 other posts of supablack 
the apple pie, i would have to go with, i am not a big drinker either

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