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How many Married Bi Guys Wank to Cock Pictures Posted on this Site?

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Started by #91482 at 24,Oct,10 17:18
As the title above,how many Bi Men who are married men love to wank looking at another mans cock pictures posted on this site, I enjoy a good wank looking at all diffirent size cocks, how about rest of you?

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By SluttySarah069 at 06,May,19 13:00 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I'll wank off watching sexy pictures from any source including my own imagination

By JackHammer at 06,May,19 10:52 other posts of JackHammer 
Sometimes, but mostly I use this site to chat and warm up. When I'm warmed up I move to a good video site and finish the job.

By impotent at 06,May,19 08:51 other posts of impotent 
love jerking off looking at other cock kike to fantasize about them and cum on my self LOVE jerking to smaller ones

By lawrenceo at 06,May,19 03:58 other posts of lawrenceo 
Not just on this site! Others have better video access.

By rudy51 at 05,May,19 09:23 other posts of rudy51 
I do when I see one that I think is attractive I imagine that cock in a mmf with me and my wife always a cut cock

By liketoedge at 05,May,19 02:21 other posts of liketoedge 
I love it too. I masturbate to other cocks alot
I think most guys do secretly

By smcock at 04,May,19 22:46 other posts of smcock 
I'm married and luv stroking my cock to other guys pics. I hope one day to experience another man's cock

By Mazinga at 04,May,19 12:58 other posts of Mazinga 
I'm not married.
But I do enjoy viewing what their wives/girlfriends
are getting (or turning down) at home.

By johnwish at 04,May,19 12:45 other posts of johnwish 
Not married but I love wanking to photos of other mens cocks.I also love to see videos of men wanking and cumming.This site is great,I'm on it every day.

By eightbisix at 04,May,19 10:22 other posts of eightbisix 
Love to see cock pics, especially cum pics..

By mustang51 at 12,Jan,19 08:25 other posts of mustang51 
Yes, I do. Love cocks and pussy...ugh!

By m6sp5 at 12,Jan,19 08:11 other posts of m6sp5 
I do, most times I will be looking at cock pics and I'm turned on by guys looking at my pics as well

By liketoedge at 11,Jan,19 22:33 other posts of liketoedge 
I like looking at diffrent cocks when I jack off

By bil47 at 11,Jan,19 12:11 other posts of bil47 
I definitely do! I'm kind of "omni-sexual", and I love to jack off (edge). So for my masturbation porn selections I'm all over the place with different combinations and varieties of sex. But I love pics of hard cocks best of all. Especially smaller sizes, like mine.

By knewbi at 11,Jan,19 11:41 other posts of knewbi 
I do I do!!! I love wanking to guys cock photos. Also love wanking while I chat with some of the guys here as well as Chaturbate. I generally start out wanking to the women but after a few minutes around here I forget all about pussy and just focus on some great cocks....

By Pistonbroke at 11,Jan,19 09:21 other posts of Pistonbroke 
Yes, lots of times. I get hotter wanking to pics of a guy I am corresponding with than to that of a random. Even hotter when I hook up with them on a webcam site for a mutual jerk and filthy talk!

By #102374 at 26,Feb,11 20:38
OK, I may be bi because I love looking at all these cocks. I want one bad.

By MackyJay at 26,Feb,11 19:26 other posts of MackyJay 
for sure it is fun

By #53807 at 21,Feb,11 19:49
Yeah, every day

By cock#57 at 21,Feb,11 17:36 other posts of cock#57 
Ive rubbed a few out to the cocks AND the cunts here.

By princea at 21,Feb,11 17:04 other posts of princea 
I do!

By #123908 at 30,Jan,11 15:58
I do it. I tried cam to cam once and got off with another guy. was very hot.
By 3fdfd at 20,Feb,11 23:33 other posts of 3fdfd 
you have a nice one - bet that other guy enjoyed yours

By #94215 at 27,Jan,11 03:33
that would be a yes from me too
By 3fdfd at 20,Feb,11 23:30 other posts of 3fdfd 
"that would be a yes" from nearly all of us, if the truth be told

By #98850 at 29,Oct,10 08:19
Lots of really nice looking cocks on this site. I especially enjoy jerking to a cock that belongs to a guy I know & have "talked" - it makes it even better if the guy if I know just a bit about the guy. I like cocks with some/all their natural hair - better than shaved cocks.
By 3fdfd at 20,Feb,11 23:28 other posts of 3fdfd 
my views haven't changed since last October. To know the guy makes the better

By #22821 at 02,Feb,11 05:18

By clouser at 01,Feb,11 10:02 other posts of clouser 
Tons of replys but how many of them are actually bi and not bi-curious. I am and I do.

By fancyabit at 26,Jan,11 23:53 other posts of fancyabit 

By #6437 at 29,Oct,10 22:35
yes i do and i like to jackoff looking at cocks more than pussy

By #107983 at 29,Oct,10 16:51
I like to wank to cock pics aswell,sex with my wife is boring and predictable, so looking at a nice cock or two makes life a bit exciting and "naughty". Plus i have had a few meets in the past with guys and i have always prefered it. I think its the "you should not be doing this" thought and breaking a prescribed mould that has been put in place by society,,,,,, OMG i have turned all Sigmunde Freud,,, better go and have a wank over a dick or two

By sailor at 26,Oct,10 13:38 other posts of sailor 
SURE, why not,if it feels good do it.

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