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Started by #15277 at 22,Jun,09 23:16
How many men have ever tried on or worn your wife's or girfriend's panties?

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By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 00:56

I enjoy wearing my ****'s or mother's panties from time to time.Makes me feel so sexy

By charles at 17,Jul,18 05:50 other posts of charles 

By knewbi at 15,Jul,18 19:34 other posts of knewbi 
I have and enjoyed it so much I now have my own stash put away to wear when the occasion calls for it.

By Moench at 03,Jul,18 17:42 other posts of Moench 
nothing more beautiful as to wearing panties and

By Pantyhose1 at 03,Jul,18 08:32 other posts of Pantyhose1 

By doedeldi at 24,Jun,18 08:12 other posts of doedeldi 

By Stepheni57 at 14,May,18 19:11 other posts of Stepheni57 
I've been wearing panties since I was young. Would take my moms, sisters and steal from my neighbor. Started sniffing them at early age. So about 55 years i have been in someone's panties. I have a thin build. Smooth hairless body and natural long hair. So my ex wife always gave my panties. I have sex in them, masturbate with them love them.
By #560364 at 23,Jun,18 13:00
Like you I began at a very early age. I was around 9 alone in the neighbors house running around naked and jacking off. Not sure why but was drawn to snoop in their dresser draws. I saw her panties and could not resist putting them on. It was fabulous. I have been hooked ever since. I also have been stealing and playing for many years. I hope I never stop.

By ScottsCock at 21,Jun,18 09:43 other posts of ScottsCock 
By #556372 at 22,Jun,18 18:21

By #556372 at 20,Jun,18 09:53

24/7 or nude

By bil47 at 20,Jun,18 07:10 other posts of bil47 
I have.

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 06:04
Oh I enjoy wearing sexy panties from time to time.

Most of the time I borrow panties from my ****.

By drew at 17,May,18 16:46 other posts of drew 

Wear them as often as possible

By skinb at 19,Jul,16 15:32 other posts of skinb 

I love wearing panties. I had one girl who had me wear her skirt while having sex and she said she was afraid it would turn me off. Well it did the exact opposite
By jsmythe73 at 17,May,18 00:00 other posts of jsmythe73 
I know, right?? When she likes playing and dress-up, you kind of have to, because it is ALWAYS AMAZING!! Not every guy is afraid to try women's clothes, for her pleasure, and it doesn't make you 'gay' even wearing pink panties, for her!

By pipcock at 13,May,18 05:50 other posts of pipcock 
I thought it was one of the marriage vows....to wear her panties and get hard!!!!

By submissivemartyn at 15,Jul,17 22:09 other posts of submissivemartyn 

My ex wife(also my Mistress)used to humiliate me by making me wear her panties when we would cam online.

By #515733 at 12,Jul,16 11:39
I love a guy wearing panties, would love it if I could find a guy who loves wearing panties, especially while fucking me - I'm female
By stickyknickers at 12,Jul,16 12:07 other posts of stickyknickers 
I wear panties pretty much all the time. I started with my wife's and my daughters, but now I buy all my own. Pantyhose and bodysuits too. I love fucking women in them, as well as being fucked by other men

By cumnpanties1 at 03,Jul,17 03:14 other posts of cumnpanties1 
Well where have you been all my life, other than my now ex would love to find a woman like you, I love being on Skype and watched as I jerkoff wearing panties but sadly just guys seem to be only ones on there, but my Skype username is cumnpanties1 if you would like to see me, you don't hav to even be naked, unless you wanted to join, talking dirty is fine, but
me and my exgirlfriend p, who actually bought me panties and wear them when we make love, she loved when I keep my cock wrapped with fabric as I fuck her, and she likes seeing my pantied covered cock getting wetter the more she does, and usually ends up in me getting a shower, literally lol. Squirts so much. Nice to see that I'm not alone, and why there is such a stigma with men wearing panties, every ex girlfriend would always wear my underwear, and besides that it's just fabric and clothing, which doesn't make the man/women last time I checked. Lol

By leopoldij at 03,Jul,17 06:28 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't wear girls' panties but if I have to, in order to fuck you, I will.

By #482237 at 05,Jul,17 19:45
My guys wear them 24/7,,great turn on for me knowing a man is secure enough to wear them in front of me,,,
By leopoldij at 06,Jul,17 04:39 other posts of leopoldij 
As I wrote above, I'm not interested in wearing girls ' panties (I find it ridiculous) but if a girl wanted me to (in exchange of a fuck) I'd immediately do it.
By #482237 at 06,Jul,17 19:50
Chupete,,,everything is so you can get laid,,,and, baby,,,i'd want you to get lucky with me,,,or,,,better yet,,,i'd love to get LUCKY with you,,,MMMMMMMM

By #519017 at 06,Jul,17 12:55

In my wife's red lacy panties.
By #486758 at 06,Jul,17 13:23
very hot

By RealTitsLover at 06,Jul,17 08:49 other posts of RealTitsLover 
How does a panty wear men?

More relevant... Yeah, I tried on my ex girlfriend's panties once when she asked me to... and ripped them... she said to throw 'em out cuz they were worthless at that point.

By #532764 at 04,Jul,17 05:49
I try panties of my gf and ****, im very much horny if i wear it

By smokieb69 at 27,Jul,16 15:52 other posts of smokieb69 
I do sometimes, just for fun I guess.

By bi_44 at 25,Jul,16 16:59 other posts of bi_44 

Wearing panties is sooooo sexy!!!!

By niceonebighead at 25,Jul,16 14:07 other posts of niceonebighead 
never an im a cocksucker luv a big cock havent found acock big enough if there wearin girly pantys if there a she male i like it guys in panties 2 freaky for me but im not gay enough 4 but fuckin

By #479926 at 19,Jul,16 19:21
Love all the pics Would love to post one of my own but sadly haven't got a clue how to 😥

By youngjpcock at 15,Jul,16 07:40 other posts of youngjpcock 

By botanic at 14,Jul,16 19:50 other posts of botanic 
often , started when college and never really stopped !

By #506113 at 13,Jul,16 12:01
By #486758 at 14,Jul,16 12:54
very hot

By Passivo at 13,Jul,16 07:53 other posts of Passivo 
By #486758 at 13,Jul,16 09:12
mmmm very hot

By #508744 at 12,Jul,16 23:43
By #486758 at 13,Jul,16 09:04
sexy panty ass mmmm

By cody8789 at 12,Dec,15 20:26 other posts of cody8789 
By #481653 at 15,Dec,15 13:34
Very sexy

By licksipsuckit at 13,Jul,16 07:00 other posts of licksipsuckit 

By lahbr at 01,Nov,15 04:33 other posts of lahbr 
By licksipsuckit at 09,Dec,15 03:40 other posts of licksipsuckit 
they look smoking hot *lix*
By lahbr at 12,Dec,15 17:58 other posts of lahbr 
Thank u!

By drew at 10,Dec,15 18:06 other posts of drew 
By licksipsuckit at 11,Dec,15 06:13 other posts of licksipsuckit 

*lix *

By ghostfuck at 10,Dec,15 00:25 other posts of ghostfuck 
To Hell with the wife's panties, I wear my own.

By licksipsuckit at 09,Dec,15 17:19 other posts of licksipsuckit 


By licksipsuckit at 09,Dec,15 17:17 other posts of licksipsuckit 


By licksipsuckit at 09,Dec,15 03:42 other posts of licksipsuckit 

some of my faves *lix*

By drew at 12,Sep,15 00:22 other posts of drew 

love wearing panties
By licksipsuckit at 09,Dec,15 03:40 other posts of licksipsuckit 
very pretty *lix*

By delboy at 09,Dec,15 00:22 other posts of delboy 
Love wearing silk or thin cotton panties, feel so much softer and smooth than men's. Nothing wrong with it at all.

By #497957 at 09,Nov,15 03:20

By bi_44 at 05,Nov,15 14:26 other posts of bi_44 
I love wearing panties. They make me feel soooo sexy!

By spermkiss at 30,Oct,15 12:53 other posts of spermkiss 
Major turn off. If a guy dropped his pants and I saw he was wearing lady's underpants that would be an immediate deal killer.

For some reason, straight men seem to like doing this more than gay men.
By #420420 at 30,Oct,15 23:03
I'm mostly straight, and I DON'T wear her underthings, but a few have shown me how many AMAZING, comfortable, soft, sensual options that women have, and I think a lot of men like wearing some 'women's' panties because they are so soft, and they have so many sensual fabrics and styles! I have my own, and they feel AMAZING!!
spermkiss, we have chatted, a few times, and I think you might find something fun, soft, sensual, to enhance your joy with your partner!! Girls have NICE, SOFT, SEXY clothes!! Don't just dismiss them because they are 'pink' or 'girlie'!!
By spermkiss at 01,Nov,15 11:19 other posts of spermkiss 
To address first the issue of us having communicated in the past, your name seems familiar, but I cannot quite place you. Could you please refresh my memory? You wouldn't, by any chance be the man who lives or had lived in Hong Kong?

Now, to address the underpants issue. I like sexy underpants (and sexy swimwear) on men. I like them a LOT. But they've got to be MEN'S clothing. There once was a member here on SYD who had a huge wardrobe of sexy underpants which he was kind enough to model in photos he posted. His name was jumpramp and I called him the Underpants King. Alas, he's gone.

But as I said before, men wearing women's clothing, be it undergarments or outerwear, for me is a Major Turn Off.

And also as I said before, it's mostly straight men who do this. You are a prime example, as you describe yourself as "mostly straight". Gay men rarely do. About fifteen or twenty years ago our newspaper here ran a lengthy article on this very topic. There are (or were) stores that specialize in selling sexy ladies' undergarments to straight men.

By #476211 at 12,Sep,15 00:33
Love wearing them started when I was young my cousin and i would put on our mom's silk panties and jerk each other's cocks still enjoy wearing them today

By botanic at 11,Sep,15 18:47 other posts of botanic 
most certainly

By 67malibu at 11,Sep,15 14:27 other posts of 67malibu 
Who hasnt

By #206678 at 11,Sep,15 14:02
I love wearing white lace panties

By #497509 at 10,Sep,15 19:20
Some time I love wearing my wife panty , it made look more aroused.

By licksipsuckit at 05,May,15 10:15 other posts of licksipsuckit 
took me till after my ex left to work out why the stitching in my knickers was always busted...*lix*

By kroniksin at 18,Jan,15 18:31 other posts of kroniksin 

By Ramil1 at 17,Jan,15 11:44 other posts of Ramil1 
i certainly have worn a few girlfriends panties ...theyre a bit tight

By clouser at 17,Jan,15 06:16 other posts of clouser 
I wear panties a lot. I love jacking off on them and continue to wear them so I feel my wet cum on my Cock and balls for awhile.

By tommy2063 at 23,Mar,11 10:58 other posts of tommy2063 
been wearing them for 27 years and it's all i wear now

By cravecock at 17,Mar,11 10:18 other posts of cravecock 
You look great in your panties ttttt!

By cravecock at 17,Mar,11 09:10 other posts of cravecock 
I love wearing panties my wifes and my own! I've been wearing them for 20 years now!it all started when I was at my GF apt while she was working, I went to her panties draw and started trying them on. I had a pair of pantyhose on and was admiring myself in the mirror when she walked in on me! I turned beat red she smiled walked over to me and started rubbing my cock through the pantyhose it was amazing when I came! After that she made me wear panties or pantyhose when we went out....

By kmauf at 15,Mar,11 14:14 other posts of kmauf 
Yes, I love the seamless boy shorts. I have my own and love wearing them because they feel fantastic.

By #6437 at 15,Mar,11 13:46
I have my own and wear them 24-7. wife approves and we go shoping together for my panties

By #1995 at 05,Aug,09 06:01
I wear my wife's occasionally simply because she now refuses to wear her old sexy ones. She lost all interest in sex so I now "borrow" hers, some of witch are over 20yrs old. Same with the stockings and sexy tights I used to buy her. Many of which she never wore, saying "why do I have to dress up for sex"!! WOMEN!!
By Exrated at 15,Mar,11 13:36 other posts of Exrated 
Your not the only one. Great comment

By #136638 at 15,Mar,11 12:32
I am a married male that enjoys wearing panties. My wife knows, understands and enjoys that I like wearing panties. We both enjoy pleasuring ourselves using panties and often will look at pictures of others wearing panties both men, woman and other couples wearing panties. Satin panties are our favorite type of panties. We often go shopping together for new panties and enjoy the look on the check out girls as they see two different sizes. Its nice to see so many other men into wearing panties, there are lots more of us out there, and there are also lots more couples that enjoy wearing together, and my wife has talked to several woman about how they would feel about there boyfriend or husband wearing panties and most would be totally fine with it and most are very curious to see a guy wearing panties. Nice to see woman are opening up more and more, thanks to my wife she talks to lots of other woman about it and I think that seems to help them be more comfortable with it. Check out our profile for more about us.

By #1501 at 23,Jul,09 19:55
Gotta say it never appealed to me... but whatever turns you on!

By red_69 at 21,Jul,09 19:43 other posts of red_69 
i have my own panties, hose, suspenders, etc. and it is awesome! my gf hates for me to put on hers because she says i look better in them HA

By Kim_CD at 14,Jul,09 01:25 other posts of Kim_CD 
i love sexy lingerie wife lets me all the time and helps me dressing up like a girl all for fun

By gregagain at 01,Jul,09 19:05 other posts of gregagain 
I have and love it and she does too. I like to cum in them

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