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sucking dick the more i get the more i want

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Started by dicklick4u at 15,Mar,11 01:49  other posts of dicklick4u
i love to suck dick.can not get enough.i want to suck dick all of the me.

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New Comment

By #550003 at 09,Feb,18 13:22
I love to suck cock but I wont suck any cock as I think some dicks are ugly. When I find a hot cock that I love the look of I work it real good until i get a big load down my throat.

By #549726 at 08,Feb,18 15:28
Hell yes I love taking men's dick down my throat and feeling it in the back of my throat swallowing loads of cum I am a cum dump
By dicklick4u at 08,Feb,18 20:46 other posts of dicklick4u 

By thebeewolf at 08,Feb,18 16:53 other posts of thebeewolf 
I fucking love that there are cum-addicted cock whores out there who can't get enough. I do my civic duty and unzip every time I meet one. I think of it as feeding the hungry. It's God's work, really
By dicklick4u at 08,Feb,18 20:46 other posts of dicklick4u 
mmmmmmmm thanks man

By #535417 at 16,Oct,17 18:30
oh yes i love sucking mens dickies I was around10 the first time i suck a my first dick and I am 43 now and it all i want to do all the time i love dick down my throat
By RealTitsLover at 16,Oct,17 20:32 other posts of RealTitsLover 
dickies? That's the first time I've heard that one.

By kebmo at 16,Oct,17 19:48 other posts of kebmo 
You need only to look at my page to see that I wholeheartedly agree with you!!

By #535417 at 25,Jul,17 08:35
Me to I love dick I am addicted to dick I worship dick

By #414071 at 29,Dec,13 06:27
mm please
By #316057 at 04,Jan,14 03:03
nice can I

By #360349 at 03,Jan,14 16:41
im in the same boat cant get enough. never could though.

By milkout69 at 03,Jan,14 09:03 other posts of milkout69 
Mmmmm! I would like a good sucker like u

By #445126 at 28,Dec,13 14:51
A dedicated cocksucker is a beautiful thing. Check my pics .... Ill feed you guys. I was 14 when I first got mine sucked and I've been shoving it guys mouths ever since. You guys can't stop sucking ..... I can't stop pulling it outta my jeans
By swvsucker at 03,Jan,14 06:43 other posts of swvsucker 
Sure do wish I had known you when we were 14

By #352650 at 26,Apr,13 05:45
You can suck me check me out im sure you wont be disappointed
By skot at 29,Dec,13 19:44 other posts of skot 
I have to say I find sucking to be more fun than bring sucked. Or maybe I've never met anyone properly talented.
By smplcsms at 03,Jan,14 04:09 other posts of smplcsms 
I'd really love to try to remedy that lack! Stay hard !

By #443664 at 28,Dec,13 15:37
Would you suck me
By skot at 29,Dec,13 19:41 other posts of skot 
You may be faster asking if there's anyone who wouldn't

By pifad at 17,Apr,13 15:33 other posts of pifad 
Can't get enough cock either. Any shape, size, color. Cut or uncut. Hairy or smooth. Limp or hard. My addiction is out of control and I'm not looking for any cure. Just the next cock......

By #358284 at 17,Apr,13 09:48
Me, I would give Back to Back Blowjobs upto 19 hours daily for life, I am Totally Addicted to Sucking Off men's Dicks!!

By #145310 at 15,Mar,11 03:13
You got the habit. Try rehab.
By slipper at 16,Mar,11 02:38 other posts of slipper 
Here's your rehab... rehab this!

By dicklick4u at 16,Mar,11 09:27 other posts of dicklick4u 
i would love to suck on this dick
By shwarts at 16,Mar,11 19:07 other posts of shwarts 
me too

By slipper at 16,Mar,11 21:31 other posts of slipper 
Why, thank YOU, gents!

By #135051 at 15,Mar,11 20:20
"help me" means "give me your dick"?
By dicklick4u at 16,Mar,11 09:27 other posts of dicklick4u 
exactly that is what i want more dick i love to suck dick

By dwayne375 at 15,Mar,11 20:55 other posts of dwayne375 
don't fight it.just open your mouth and enjoy it.
By dicklick4u at 15,Mar,11 22:08 other posts of dicklick4u 
your dick looks tasty

By #131473 at 15,Mar,11 11:58
ill enabel you
By dicklick4u at 15,Mar,11 22:07 other posts of dicklick4u 
i will let you you sexy man

By spermkiss at 15,Mar,11 12:17 other posts of spermkiss 
Is this a problem? You sound like a nice normal red-blooded cocksucker to me.

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