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By 42pupasmurfblue60 at 04,Mar,19 18:40
this is so true and that's why you have to live life to the fullest and make the most of what you have because this day and age its rare to die of old age!!

By 42pupasmurfblue60 at 02,Mar,19 23:38
You would be so correct on saying that, I hate it when it does that,but it's my fault because I should read and check it before posting,

By 42pupasmurfblue60 at 02,Mar,19 19:25
Your all a bunch of ding hats, you take things so personal and make a mountain out of a moule hill, people are intiteld to there opinion, it's just that, it's like an asset hole everyone has got one, you don't have to like it ,nor dislike it, don't have to agree or disagree,it is just that a opinion!! Stop all the bullshit and move on.

By 42pupasmurfblue60 at 05,Nov,18 18:35
I currently have 3, I did have more, I had a PA but stretched to far and ended up with a meatotamy,(split gland)had a ampalang and a reverse Pa,and a pubic bone right a the base of my cock all of witch I removed didn't like them that much, the pubic bone got pulled out during sex, the purpose of the piercing is that the par bell rubs up against her clit while all that's left is fernam, scrotal, ginche all self done, I do my own piercings, I have a method that doesn't see these on my page.

By 42pupasmurfblue60 at 03,Sep,18 20:33
As long as the other party was on board then I would do it for free, with ant one man or women or group!!with in reason!!!