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By ghostfuck at 16,Jun,19 09:33
I can take 7 thin and 6.5 fat inches.

By ghostfuck at 16,Jun,19 09:30
Although getting sucked is fun. The greatest cock is the one in my mouth. I love to suck cock and take a load show it off then swallow.

By ghostfuck at 11,May,19 10:56
I seen one a little over a month ago, in a hotel room. As soon as I closed the door, I started rubbing his cock. Then I took it out and stroked it a little. I got down on my knees and started kissing and licking it, while taking his pants off. After a few minutes he couldn't take it any more and grabbed the back of my head and feed me his very thick 6.5 inch cum breathing dragon. After he face fucked me for a little while I guided him to the bed and finished him off. I showed hum his load and then swallowed. I changed from one sexy outfit to another, this gave him time to recharge. I started by licking his balls and shaft then took him in my mouth to suck him hard again. It didn't take long and he was shoving my head down on his cock. This time he didn't stop pounding my face until he unloaded more cum in my mouth, once again i showed it to him and swallowed. He then got up gave me $30 for half of the room fee and left. I tried to get him to take pics but he didn't want to for some reason. Next guy/time won't have a choice.

By ghostfuck at 11,May,19 10:20
I had to walk down the street and back naked, near a MLB park after the game ended. Then jerk off. Never came so hard. Oh by the way I had dared myself to do it.

By ghostfuck at 26,Apr,19 00:11
I want to suck 25 guys until they can't cum any more. That would take about 24 hours I'm guessing. But if it takes longer o'well. I love cum so the more the better.

By ghostfuck at 07,Feb,19 21:21
I want to set up an NFL cock sucking season. First 32 men pick a team. Over the course of the season I suck each 1 of them for 3 hours each. Then for the playoffs round 1 the 4 losing teams will get 3 hours each with up to 5 friends. Round 2 will get the 4 losing teams 6 hours with up to 10 friends. Round 3 will get the 2 losing teams 12 hours each with up to 15 friends. In the Superbowl the losing team will get 24 hours with up to 20 friends. The winning team will get 48 hours with unlimited number of friends.

By ghostfuck at 24,Jan,19 07:14
My female would be Scarrlett Johansen.
My male would be John Holmes. (RIP)

By ghostfuck at 08,Dec,18 23:02
Mine is each week of the NFL season I pick 2 teams and I give a fan of them a blowjob while they watch a game until all 32 teams have been picked. Then during the playoffs the 4 teams losing round 1 would get to bring 3 friends and have their way with me for 3 hours. Then the 4 losing teams in round 2 would get 5 friends and get 6 hours. In round 3 the losers get 7 friends and 12 hours. The last round is the Superbowl the loser gets 10 friends and 24 hours. The winner gets 20 friends and 48 hours to have their way with me.

By ghostfuck at 02,Dec,18 17:25
NFL - Saints
NHL - Kings
MLB - Angels
NBA - Lakers
Formula 1- Fernando Alonso
Indy Car - Tony Kanan
Drag Racing - The **** Family

By ghostfuck at 28,Nov,18 22:02
I would go back and been such a whore with both men and women. My mouth,ass & Dick would have been busy nearly every day. I also would not have gotten married so as to dress as a female while I was in shape to have passed.

By ghostfuck at 13,Oct,18 10:01
Sucking cock is aDICKting. There should be a cocksuckers anonymous. But I fear that it would just turn into a meeting with nothing but everyone sucking everyone else's cock. Not that it's a bad thing but just not what it would meant for.

By ghostfuck at 30,Sep,18 15:56
Being gangbanged by about 20-30 men till none of them can cum any more. The ones who do my ass have to use a condom so I can drink the cum from them. Not wasting a drop.

By ghostfuck at 30,Sep,18 15:43
I'm on my knees. I love sucking cock, but in some of my experience guys don't want a heavy set guy giving them a blowjob. So gloryholes take care of that problem. Cum tastes so good so why would I not want to suck.

By ghostfuck at 21,Sep,18 23:13
I would take any cum load.

By ghostfuck at 21,Sep,18 23:10
I would rather have them cum in my mout, but all over me or your wife I would clean it all up.

By ghostfuck at 11,Sep,18 20:49
I buy mine anywhere that sells them. Sometimes I say they are for wife, othertimes I say they're for me.

By ghostfuck at 08,Sep,18 23:44
I prefer they cum in my mouth. But if he wishes he cums where he wants.

By ghostfuck at 28,Jul,18 22:06
I'm in Austin area.

By ghostfuck at 23,Jun,18 00:30
Thank you for the kind words.

By ghostfuck at 21,Jun,18 22:31
Waking up each day. Everything after that is a plus.

By ghostfuck at 03,Jun,18 02:53
Use lots of lube and try a smaller size. Be very careful.

By ghostfuck at 28,Mar,18 17:28
I have in the past walked around the block of my office complex at night naked.

By ghostfuck at 22,Mar,18 23:00
I just look at cock. As any cock is a good cock to suck.

By ghostfuck at 13,Mar,18 21:49
I enjoy both, and I give the cock the choice of how I get it!

By ghostfuck at 13,Mar,18 21:45
I'm bottom only. But I really love sucking cock the most.

By ghostfuck at 09,Dec,17 01:43
That I cross dress.
That I love cock and cum!

By ghostfuck at 06,Dec,17 02:20
I was about 13. I sucked his cock, fucked his ass. Then he sucked me and fucked me.

By ghostfuck at 01,Nov,17 01:13
Male, 61
Swallowed, not surprised but not planned
2 to 3 hundred

By ghostfuck at 25,Oct,17 00:08
Commando 24/7.

By ghostfuck at 20,Oct,17 01:24

By ghostfuck at 15,Oct,17 20:38
I would love to watch my wife get fucked by another man. That way I could also get away with sucking his cock after he finished her and lick her pussy clean. But alas, there is no way she goes for a MMF. I have a better chance of a MFF, but she won't do the female at all. I've kinda felt that out, and kept hitting a dead end, on either one.

By ghostfuck at 15,Oct,17 20:32
My wife kinda knows, after we got married I told her that I had sucked a few guys cocks. Now we've been married 40 years. She has no clue that I crossdress and suck cock. The hard part is I could go fuck some women and she would have a problem, and most likely leave. But if she finds out I suck cock she's out the door faster than I can finish the sentence. Would **** for that to happen, but sucking cock was and is part of me.

By ghostfuck at 15,Oct,17 20:16
I would like to cum to this party. I would also like to start licking the cum off of you while the others try to wash it off with piss. You get your dream and I get one of mine.

By ghostfuck at 14,Oct,17 14:51
I'm a fan of AFL, but hard to find on TV here in the USA. Is there a website for the teams to get merchandise?

By ghostfuck at 09,Oct,17 00:45
I moved from So Cal to Austin Tx.

By ghostfuck at 25,Sep,17 00:06
Nuts! No not those.

By ghostfuck at 26,Jul,17 00:20
What ever blows your skirt up!

By ghostfuck at 20,Feb,17 23:46
You can wear anything you wish. Try going to Ross, Marshalls, Walmart and other stores like them. Most will allow you to try clothes on. Just pick out clothes you think make you look or feel hot. Have fun and don't worry about what other people say. I'm 6'4 and 240. And yes I have gone out in public.

By ghostfuck at 12,Jan,17 01:07
Mid 60's to mid 70's. With what I know now I would be a total slut with both men and women.

By ghostfuck at 21,Sep,16 01:47
Comprised of Dr Dre, Easy E, Ice Cube and another guy. The band the movie Straight Outta Compton is about. They were a gangster Rap Band. The name is Niggers With Attitude. Hence the reason for just using NWA as here in the States their first name is considered highly offensive and racist.

By ghostfuck at 07,Aug,16 03:12
With an anaconda like that she must be drinking. I however would appreciate ever inch.

By ghostfuck at 12,Jul,16 00:02
My first and best concert had Chicago as the opening band, the head liner was Hendrix. Also seen Black Sabbath, Wild Turkey, Tull, Black Oak Arkasnas, Steppenwolf, Marshall Tucker, Dylan, John Cougar, Willie Nelson, Hall & Oates, Earth, Wind & Fire, Rare Earth,

By ghostfuck at 15,May,16 22:27
I love when it stiffens and throbs just before unloading his balls in my mouth.

By ghostfuck at 12,Apr,16 00:06
I can't name just one, it depends on any number of things. Elvis, Buddy Holly, Beatles, Hendrix, Doors, Led Zep, ELP, Police, Cure, Pearl Jam, Nervana and so many more.

By ghostfuck at 23,Mar,16 00:58

By ghostfuck at 12,Mar,16 21:26
Oral! I haven't seen a cock I didn't want to suck or a pussy I didn't want to lick!!

By ghostfuck at 08,Mar,16 23:50
My Dad told me: Show me a man who doesn't eat pussy and I'll steal his woman. I've never lost a woman for that reason

By ghostfuck at 06,Mar,16 03:35
Led Butter
The Rolling Butter
Blind Butter (Blind Faith)

By ghostfuck at 01,Mar,16 22:15
Happy Birthday!

By ghostfuck at 08,Feb,16 22:34
Happy Birthday!!