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By bar222 at 06,Jan,17 16:44
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By bar222 at 28,Nov,16 19:17

By bar222 at 28,Nov,16 19:12
8 inches

By bar222 at 18,Nov,16 20:28
heres mine..hope you like!

By bar222 at 28,Jul,16 12:33

Heroes mine, didnt know people liked the veins

By bar222 at 30,May,16 08:12

By bar222 at 27,May,16 15:14
Might just be a fantasy i know that fake " in ces t" vids a very popular.

By bar222 at 16,May,16 22:14
uncut and uncut

By bar222 at 20,Mar,16 08:36
What a perfect ass

By bar222 at 27,Feb,16 17:34
would love to bury my 8 inches in your smooth sexy ass

By bar222 at 27,Feb,16 13:50
i've done it about 3 times. But my legs up in the air, and from that position i can get my whole head in my mouth so i can just cum straight in my mouth.

But i haven't really liked it, i do love my own precum tho taste soo sweet!

By bar222 at 27,Feb,16 13:49

almost all of me

By bar222 at 27,Feb,16 13:47
pretty much anything from the doors, i love the lyrics on "when the music's over"

This long part is chilling, and the live version Live from the bowl (now even in blue ray quality) is like nothing else.

Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection
Send my credentials to the House of Detention
I got some friends inside

The face in the mirror won't stop
The girl in the window won't drop
A feast of friends
"Alive!" she cried
Waitin' for me

Before I sink
Into the big ****
I want to hear
I want to hear
The scream of the butterfly

Come back, baby
Back into my arm
We're gettin' tired of hangin' around
Waitin' around with our heads to the ground

I hear a very gentle sound
Very near yet very far
Very soft, yeah, very clear
Come today, come today

What have they done to the earth?
What have they done to our fair ****?
Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her
Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn
And tied her with fences and dragged her down

By bar222 at 21,Feb,16 08:24

My smooth dick and smooth tight balls

By bar222 at 19,Feb,16 07:40

By bar222 at 19,Feb,16 07:38
Pulled back

By bar222 at 19,Feb,16 07:36

Wich do you prefer?

By bar222 at 19,Feb,16 07:34


By bar222 at 15,Feb,16 07:40
I jerked off on duty many times when i was in The army

By bar222 at 15,Feb,16 07:36
Pretty average

By bar222 at 15,Feb,16 07:32
I like to dominate, to be called master or daddy, and have a submissive in my Power that would do anything to please Me. Huge turnon

By bar222 at 21,Jan,16 07:25
Im from norway, stop pretending to know what cold is :p

By bar222 at 18,Jan,16 08:06
Make him go down on you for an hour and Them leave? A guy that small should have some tounge skills at least ^^

By bar222 at 17,Jan,16 07:44
No way...thats awful

By bar222 at 15,Jan,16 20:21

By bar222 at 15,Jan,16 20:20
I don't belive the laugh part:

1. Your penis is avarage
2. If you get to the stage were you are both naked with the intention of having sex, i would say its close to 0,0000001% that a girl will laugh at anyones penis because if its size(regarldess of the size) and walk out.

Thats not how it works.

Now if you are a virgin and want to have sex with a girl you should try this:

Get of this site, go outside.

Go to a bar and talk women, be nice, ask them about their interest/hobbies. If they seem unintrested in you, thank them for their time and walk away.

Repeat until you find someone who seems to enjoy your company, and you enjoy theirs. At this stage, find out about their social status. If they are taken, you just made a friend.

Repeat again

And you will find someone. Its not that hard, if you acctually meet women.

By bar222 at 15,Jan,16 20:03

close up of the hood (with some pre-cum for good measure )

fully retracted

By bar222 at 08,Jan,16 08:49
No question if Shes feminine

By bar222 at 08,Jan,16 08:48

Heres mine

By bar222 at 08,Jan,16 08:47
Letsdoitbabe best i've Seen in awhile

By bar222 at 08,Jan,16 08:44
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Me cumming

By bar222 at 06,Jan,16 18:55
I've been testing out this new pre-release game on steam called Subnautica. Its a survival game set in the future where you spend 99% of the time under water.

And its beautiful

By bar222 at 04,Jan,16 08:14
Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again.
The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

By bar222 at 04,Jan,16 08:09

Heres mine, some scandinavian wood for you. Hope you like it

By bar222 at 30,Dec,15 20:33
Bigger than average, im quite long but averagly thick

By bar222 at 30,Dec,15 20:32
I love stroking to a Nice ass teasing me

By bar222 at 15,Dec,15 18:40

By bar222 at 15,Dec,15 18:39
I dont have any tips, because i only like to blown by men not the orker way around. But i just had to stay, just reading this made me hard.

By bar222 at 05,Dec,15 16:50

Hedres mine, though i am un-cut

By bar222 at 02,Dec,15 19:39
yeah i haven't got round to that yet, but definetly looking forward. Always played protoss so should be fun

By bar222 at 02,Dec,15 19:38
its great, taking a break now until the new season starts. It really have developed into a great game

By bar222 at 02,Dec,15 19:29
i make it into this club "just" 8 inches on a good day

By bar222 at 02,Dec,15 19:26
I play on pc, mostly blizzard games lately, hots, diablo overwatch. And i dabble in battlefront

By bar222 at 01,Dec,15 07:17
Its perfect!

By bar222 at 29,Nov,15 06:48

By bar222 at 28,Nov,15 05:32

I think it looks pretty good in this

By bar222 at 28,Nov,15 05:31

By bar222 at 28,Nov,15 05:27

By bar222 at 28,Nov,15 05:26

By bar222 at 28,Nov,15 05:24