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By tcputts at 02,Feb,21 12:25
It's not so much about the peeing for me but seeing other guys dicks and the possibility of them seeing mine!

By tcputts at 01,Feb,21 20:24
I agree. I enjoy seeing small softies, nothing to be ashamed of at all

By tcputts at 01,Feb,21 19:58
I love long foreskin and believe there is no such thing as too much! I was unfortunately cut at birth but I am restoring my foreskin and have grown enough to probably qualify as having a short foreskin now

By tcputts at 01,Feb,21 19:47
I was circumcised at birth and my glans had lost most all it's sensitivity and was no mo so than my leg. It was also calloused and dry. I stumbled upon foreskin restoration years ago and although I have a long way to go to reach my goal I have regained a lot of skin and with that the sensitivity is coming back particularly on the corona where the glans is nearly always covered now it is much more sensitive and now looks moist and has a much more natural appearance

By tcputts at 01,Feb,21 14:17
Agreed. I miss the old troughs, nobody was hiding anything at those

By tcputts at 01,Feb,21 12:47
I love seeing other cocks at urinals and I love being seen! I always stand back far enough to be in full view. Unfortunately in my area it's rare to find urinals without the dividers so it's hard to see or be seen

By tcputts at 18,Jan,21 17:49
I'm cut but restoring my foreskin and have grown enough skin that I quite often have full coverage especially when it's cold I have a right pucker and I never pull back to pee. I love the newly found ability to pee through my foreskin

By tcputts at 08,Jan,21 09:27
I'm commando 100% of the time and I sleep completely naked as well

By tcputts at 08,Jan,21 09:25
Your long foreskin with your little sick looks really good!

By tcputts at 13,Dec,20 17:21
Everybody remember how great those trough urinals were? It's a shame they seem to be a thing of the past. I loved standing there amongst a bunch of guys pissing with everyone's cock in full view! When I was in highschool one of the other schools we traveled to for sports had one in their locker room and I remember when we first got there we would squeeze 10 or more guys around there because everyone had to go!

By tcputts at 15,Nov,20 11:27
Great looking dick! I really like you r wonderful long foreskin!

By tcputts at 12,Nov,20 12:32

By tcputts at 04,Nov,20 13:14
Very nice! Love your long foreskin!

By tcputts at 04,Nov,20 12:50
All uncut cocks are beautiful! Especially those with long foreskin, the longer the better!

By tcputts at 29,Sep,20 14:36
When I was 6 my buddy and I first touched each others penis. He was uncut and to this day I'm still very jealous of his penis

By tcputts at 21,Sep,20 14:05
You have plenty of skin to start restoring! I was just as tight as you when I started and now I have enough skin I can pull it past the head when erect

By tcputts at 03,Sep,20 09:13
I enjoy seeing all cocks but my favorite are soft uncut penises with lots of foreskin. The more the better!

By tcputts at 04,Aug,20 12:49
Great, very sexy! Thanks! The link didnt work but I found the pic on your page
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I'll repost it here

By tcputts at 03,Aug,20 18:20
I was also cut at birth and wish i wasnt

By tcputts at 03,Aug,20 18:02
Could you do me with jennifer lawrence? Id love to see that

By tcputts at 26,May,20 16:27
I'm really jealous of your great foreskin!

By tcputts at 20,May,20 13:14
Small and soft are the most attractive especially when they are not circumcised

By tcputts at 20,May,20 13:13
Mine is unfortunately circumcised. I wish I had a very long and tight foreskin that completely overhung the tip of my erect penis by at least 1 inch

By tcputts at 09,May,20 09:00
I can use it, just dont like the way it looks

By tcputts at 04,May,20 09:32
I was circumcised at birth, wasnt my choice

By tcputts at 26,Apr,20 15:44
I wish I could be naked anytime I'd like

By tcputts at 18,Apr,20 17:33
I'm almost always commando these days

By tcputts at 16,Apr,20 08:31
The smashing pumpkins

By tcputts at 16,Apr,20 08:30
Motor head!

By tcputts at 09,Apr,20 15:06
I think smaller penises are nicer to look at. Especially those with a nice tight foreskin completely covering the glans

By tcputts at 06,Apr,20 22:20
10 for the nice foreskin!

By tcputts at 05,Apr,20 16:48
I prefer uncut cocks unlike mine. I hate that my penis is circumcised and ever time I see a cut one I am reminded

By tcputts at 30,Mar,20 10:06
I couldn't agree more!

By tcputts at 26,Mar,20 12:42
You should be proud to show it off! Uncut dicks are the most beautiful, especially the ones with long foreskin!

By tcputts at 24,Mar,20 10:17
I did once when I was a kid with my good friend. It felt good. He was not circumcised and I was always very fascinated and jealous of his penis

By tcputts at 23,Mar,20 12:23
Me too! Especially those with long or tight foreskin!

By tcputts at 23,Mar,20 12:09
I think all intact penises are beautiful. I dont really care too much for the circumcised ones like mine

By tcputts at 20,Mar,20 17:35
Beautiful intact penis! Love the nice foreskin!

By tcputts at 20,Mar,20 17:16
I prefer to see cocks without prominent veins but I enjoy seeing all uncut cocks

By tcputts at 20,Mar,20 17:11
I prefer white but more than that I prefer uncut penises! I think any penis with foreskin is more attractive than the nicest cut one

By tcputts at 20,Mar,20 17:09
I do! I always strip down as soon as I can and stay naked as long as I can in changing rooms and try to be in full veiw

By tcputts at 20,Mar,20 16:22
Great penis! It looks really good!

By tcputts at 12,Mar,20 12:49
I'm above average in length and girth, #4

By tcputts at 12,Mar,20 11:04
I'm restoring my foreskin with both homemade and purchased devices. My goal is to have a very long overhanging foreskin

By tcputts at 04,Mar,20 15:40
Foreskin fetish here. I hate that mine is cut and I really enjoy seeing intact penises of all types but especially those with long or tight foreskin

By tcputts at 04,Mar,20 15:38
Statistically mine is above average at just under 7 inches and 5.75 around but I always thought it seemed small compared to my body size. When I'm soft I'm definitely small, I'm below average at around 2.5 inches

By tcputts at 01,Mar,20 16:50
Your penis looks great!! I find smaller intact penises to be the most attractive especially when they they have a very long or tight foreskin. I hate that my penis is circumcised I wish I had a very long overhanging foreskin that was also very tight like yours

By tcputts at 21,Feb,20 12:07
I really enjoy seeing all these soft uncut penises!

By tcputts at 18,Feb,20 10:41
I'm happy with my girth but wish mine was longer

By tcputts at 04,Feb,20 12:24
It looks great, I'm very jealous! I love that great foreskin!