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By tcputts at 29,Sep,20 14:36
When I was 6 my buddy and I first touched each others penis. He was uncut and to this day I'm still very jealous of his penis

By tcputts at 21,Sep,20 14:05
You have plenty of skin to start restoring! I was just as tight as you when I started and now I have enough skin I can pull it past the head when erect

By tcputts at 03,Sep,20 09:13
I enjoy seeing all cocks but my favorite are soft uncut penises with lots of foreskin. The more the better!

By tcputts at 04,Aug,20 12:49
Great, very sexy! Thanks! The link didnt work but I found the pic on your page
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I'll repost it here

By tcputts at 03,Aug,20 18:20
I was also cut at birth and wish i wasnt

By tcputts at 03,Aug,20 18:02
Could you do me with jennifer lawrence? Id love to see that

By tcputts at 26,May,20 16:27
I'm really jealous of your great foreskin!

By tcputts at 20,May,20 13:14
Small and soft are the most attractive especially when they are not circumcised

By tcputts at 20,May,20 13:13
Mine is unfortunately circumcised. I wish I had a very long and tight foreskin that completely overhung the tip of my erect penis by at least 1 inch

By tcputts at 09,May,20 09:00
I can use it, just dont like the way it looks

By tcputts at 04,May,20 09:32
I was circumcised at birth, wasnt my choice

By tcputts at 26,Apr,20 15:44
I wish I could be naked anytime I'd like

By tcputts at 18,Apr,20 17:33
I'm almost always commando these days

By tcputts at 16,Apr,20 08:31
The smashing pumpkins

By tcputts at 16,Apr,20 08:30
Motor head!

By tcputts at 09,Apr,20 15:06
I think smaller penises are nicer to look at. Especially those with a nice tight foreskin completely covering the glans

By tcputts at 06,Apr,20 22:20
10 for the nice foreskin!

By tcputts at 05,Apr,20 16:48
I prefer uncut cocks unlike mine. I hate that my penis is circumcised and ever time I see a cut one I am reminded

By tcputts at 30,Mar,20 10:06
I couldn't agree more!

By tcputts at 26,Mar,20 12:42
You should be proud to show it off! Uncut dicks are the most beautiful, especially the ones with long foreskin!

By tcputts at 24,Mar,20 10:17
I did once when I was a kid with my good friend. It felt good. He was not circumcised and I was always very fascinated and jealous of his penis

By tcputts at 23,Mar,20 12:23
Me too! Especially those with long or tight foreskin!

By tcputts at 23,Mar,20 12:09
I think all intact penises are beautiful. I dont really care too much for the circumcised ones like mine

By tcputts at 20,Mar,20 17:35
Beautiful intact penis! Love the nice foreskin!

By tcputts at 20,Mar,20 17:16
I prefer to see cocks without prominent veins but I enjoy seeing all uncut cocks

By tcputts at 20,Mar,20 17:11
I prefer white but more than that I prefer uncut penises! I think any penis with foreskin is more attractive than the nicest cut one

By tcputts at 20,Mar,20 17:09
I do! I always strip down as soon as I can and stay naked as long as I can in changing rooms and try to be in full veiw

By tcputts at 20,Mar,20 16:22
Great penis! It looks really good!

By tcputts at 12,Mar,20 12:49
I'm above average in length and girth, #4

By tcputts at 12,Mar,20 11:04
I'm restoring my foreskin with both homemade and purchased devices. My goal is to have a very long overhanging foreskin

By tcputts at 04,Mar,20 15:40
Foreskin fetish here. I hate that mine is cut and I really enjoy seeing intact penises of all types but especially those with long or tight foreskin

By tcputts at 04,Mar,20 15:38
Statistically mine is above average at just under 7 inches and 5.75 around but I always thought it seemed small compared to my body size. When I'm soft I'm definitely small, I'm below average at around 2.5 inches

By tcputts at 01,Mar,20 16:50
Your penis looks great!! I find smaller intact penises to be the most attractive especially when they they have a very long or tight foreskin. I hate that my penis is circumcised I wish I had a very long overhanging foreskin that was also very tight like yours

By tcputts at 21,Feb,20 12:07
I really enjoy seeing all these soft uncut penises!

By tcputts at 18,Feb,20 10:41
I'm happy with my girth but wish mine was longer

By tcputts at 04,Feb,20 12:24
It looks great, I'm very jealous! I love that great foreskin!

By tcputts at 04,Feb,20 12:21
Leave it the way it is! Intact penises always look better than cut ones

By tcputts at 30,Jan,20 11:58
Great soft uncut penis! It looks really nice

By tcputts at 29,Jan,20 16:38
Yes, back in my teen years when I would jerk of many times a day if I did it enough eventually I would stop getting hard but could usually still work one out

By tcputts at 28,Jan,20 22:41
I am cut but restoring my foreskin and have gone from a c1 to c4 but my goal is to have a very long overhanging foreskin that is c10 +

By tcputts at 24,Jan,20 12:21
Dicks always look better with abundant foreskin!

By tcputts at 21,Jan,20 18:47

By tcputts at 21,Jan,20 18:45
Uncircumcised always looks better!

By tcputts at 21,Jan,20 18:45
That's one of my favorite positions!

By tcputts at 17,Jan,20 11:18
Nice foreskin

By tcputts at 15,Jan,20 17:18
I remember thinking, well, I guess I'm not a virgin anymore

By tcputts at 15,Jan,20 17:16
When changing in a locker room I always get naked and stay that way as long as I can. Walk slowly to the shower, take a long slow shower, slowly dry off and then stand there naked organizing my clothes and things before I start dressing and procrastinate as much as I can to leave my penis in full view before I get dressed

By tcputts at 15,Jan,20 17:13
I must frequent the wrong bathrooms because I always make sure I stand far back to be in full view but I cant remember the last time I saw anybody looking at my dick

By tcputts at 15,Jan,20 14:43
Amazing foreskin! Your dick is beautiful

By tcputts at 12,Jan,20 16:46
Nice penis. The only thing that would make it better in my opinion would be a longer foreskin