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By flemingmras at 06,Dec,16 13:51
I love watching my girl with other men. Seeing her ride their dick...them getting off on knowing what her pussy feels like around their dick...her making them cum. I love coming home to find her straddled on a guy and they just keep fucking and tell me to enjoy the show.

By flemingmras at 02,Dec,16 12:40
My g/f talks more about present cocks she's having. It's pretty normal for either me to come home to her stuffed with a cock(s) or her come home to me with my mouth full of dick. Always leaving the bedroom door open whenever she fucks.

I've had a couple of guys who've come over to have me suck their dick, only to come home and find her riding that same guy's cock a couple of days later. Seems she figures out ways to slip her number to the guys I suck when they come by. They thoroughly enjoy it.

By flemingmras at 15,Sep,13 16:07
I would gladly suck your cock sir

By flemingmras at 10,Sep,13 06:29
I lost count of the number of dicks I've sucked, but the number keeps going up and I don't ever plan on stopping.

When visiting Vegas I used to hang at an adult video shop that had an "arcade" with booths that had windows on the doors and the doors didn't lock. I spent a couple of hours in there. Lots came into my booth...sometimes 2-3 at a time with someone watching through the window and no dicks were turned down.

Have also been walked in on by the room mate of a guy I was sucking and he ended up offering up his dick for me to suck.

By flemingmras at 04,Jul,13 13:07
I have a few self portraits...just not sure how to post pics on this forum.

By flemingmras at 04,Jul,13 13:05
My girl fucks other guys all the time. Sometimes I even come home from work to find her bent over with one of her fucks balls deep in her. And they just keep right on fucking.

Sometimes she even calls her FWB's to come over to fuck while I'm home. Anywhere anytime is her philosophy...nothing is sacred.

By flemingmras at 04,Jul,13 04:33
I lost count of the number of times I've sucked dick let alone the number of dicks I've sucked. Most of them have been people I met in a public place never to be seen again. Some have been Craigs List finds that have hosted me.

The most memorable would be when I was at Wild J's Porn Shop in Las Vegas. They have adult arcade booths, and the doors on the booths have windows on them and they do not lock. I was in heaven in that place. I'd get and stay completely naked the entire time I was in the booth, and anyone willing was welcome in my booth.

I spent about 2 hours there...having guys walk up to the door of my booth, see that I was naked and inviting, letting themselves in and whipping their dicks out for me to suck. I'd also have 1 or 2 patrons watching me through the window in my door, where I intentionally positioned myself which gave them a clear view of the dick in my mouth, and some would let themselves in without an invite for me to trade off between 2 or 3 dicks, again with 1 or 2 watching at the door.

I had the most amazing time of my life sucking dick there. Didn't even bother to keep count...but I knew I was out to suck a lot of dick that day and I happily accomplished my mission.