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By cody8789 at 27,Sep,20 00:22
Cat shit
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Yes, I seen the movie, the bucket list

By cody8789 at 26,Sep,20 21:08
On the beach at night while others watched

By cody8789 at 26,Sep,20 20:26
I have to vote for what my needs are and my vote will have to be for Biden even though I would vote for dem or rep.

By cody8789 at 25,Sep,20 23:28
I think we should vote for a queen or pope to run this country, looks like everyone is voting for the best of the worst

By cody8789 at 24,Sep,20 00:46

By cody8789 at 24,Sep,20 00:02
I was a virgin until I was 26

By cody8789 at 24,Sep,20 00:00
I've seen several dicks that have made me sick to look at and are on this site, guys that split their dicks in two.

By cody8789 at 21,Sep,20 19:13
Nah, I'll pass this time

By cody8789 at 21,Sep,20 16:19
I'll take any pussy, well almost any

By cody8789 at 14,Sep,20 18:11
What about if they pick them up naked

By cody8789 at 12,Sep,20 19:44
Ok, me bad

By cody8789 at 11,Sep,20 22:31
Leo, what are you talking about, I'm correcting the teachers vocabulary on his last three words.

By cody8789 at 11,Sep,20 19:45
Students are hear

By cody8789 at 11,Sep,20 19:34
I don't know, I think some lovers might want to choke on a bag of dicks too

By cody8789 at 08,Sep,20 23:04
I would luv to be the last and only guy on earth and it would be up to me to repopulate the planet. Having girls after me trying to have sex. I don't think I would ever get tired of that

By cody8789 at 08,Sep,20 19:50
The more the merrier

By cody8789 at 07,Sep,20 20:00
Prove it

By cody8789 at 07,Sep,20 13:49
I need a pill to keep me from having an erection too long

By cody8789 at 03,Sep,20 14:17
If it wasn't for all the fake accounts, this site might be boring as hell

By cody8789 at 03,Sep,20 14:11
Ruff ruff

By cody8789 at 03,Sep,20 00:19
I've seen it b4, my girlfriends brother used to masterbate at age 8 not knowing what he is doing. I used to lay on my stomach and grind the floor just like I saw her brother going while we would all be laughing knowing what he was doing.

By cody8789 at 01,Sep,20 21:24

By cody8789 at 01,Sep,20 21:07
A www, thank you

By cody8789 at 01,Sep,20 21:06

By cody8789 at 01,Sep,20 01:22
Hide it

By cody8789 at 01,Sep,20 00:59
Because they can

By cody8789 at 31,Aug,20 01:24
They wear suits and are also in a air conditioned tower with one way glass so you can't see them, they rarely come out unless your doing something your not supposed to be doing. The cops are all on atv's but are in the back area and not on the beach where the nudity is. The beach is split, north side is mostly gay, and south side is more family and straight. 90 percent of people are newd.

By cody8789 at 30,Aug,20 02:43
Masks: Facial coverings must be worn by patrons in public spaces outside of your home, except while eating and drinking, when social distancing by 6 feet is not possible. This includes parks and beaches. A violation is a civil and criminal violation, including fines up to $1,000, or $15,000 for intentional and irreparable violations. Businesses that violate the order must close for 24 hours and can reopen only after the establishment has complied.

By cody8789 at 30,Aug,20 02:17
Hey dumn ass, I don't lie, I go to haulover beach in north Miami which happens to be a newd beach.

By cody8789 at 29,Aug,20 20:03
They drive around on the beach on their four wheelers (Atv) in full uniform and sneak up on you.there are also life guards that tell you to please put on your mask.

By cody8789 at 29,Aug,20 00:08
Ok, I live on ft,lauderdale beach, you have to wear a mask all the time at any beach in s. Florida except when your on your blanket or chair and social distancing. And of course no mask required in the water as long as you are away from others, unless it's someone that lives with you in your household. If you get caught without a mask it's 100.00 fine and second time it's 500.00 fine.

By cody8789 at 20,Aug,20 14:20
I want to grab jamies cheeks and give them a squeeze

By cody8789 at 18,Aug,20 19:48
I remembered I hope her boyfriend doesn't come home that's really true

By cody8789 at 30,Jul,20 13:59

By cody8789 at 21,Jul,20 01:51
Sore ass

By cody8789 at 21,Jul,20 01:50
It's simple, if you like it, leave it alone, don't worry about what others say, I'm circumsized and I prefer it, my brother is not and he likes his, so don't give it any thought, keep it the way you've always had it unless you need to for medical reasons.

By cody8789 at 20,Jul,20 00:55

By cody8789 at 17,Jul,20 17:53
In my girlfriends room

By cody8789 at 17,Jul,20 17:52
Not really an asshole fan

By cody8789 at 17,Jul,20 12:57
Nope, I was very shy when I was young until a girl invited me back to her house so she can have sex with me, that's when I became a sexaholic

By cody8789 at 16,Jul,20 22:32
I'm in amerillo, just outside jamies bedroom window looking in while pleasuring myself

By cody8789 at 16,Jul,20 20:07
Not sure I remember, I was in shock I got pussy

By cody8789 at 16,Jul,20 11:56

By cody8789 at 16,Jul,20 04:28
What's funny to me is how we can open Disney world, bars and beaches for spring breakers. NOW, south Florida is the worst place in the world in Covid-19 cases, I see people all around me including co-workers getting sick just because people don't wear their masks and practice social distancing, I don't go on the beach because everyone is so crowded and not protecting themselves. Here we have the cdc saying three weeks ago this would happen, and still nobody follows the guidelines. I think I'm going to sneak into Canada, where Americans are not allowed

By cody8789 at 16,Jul,20 04:08
Hell, if I were any other country, I wouldn't let any Americans come into my country, a lot of Americans don't believe there really is a pandemic,its just a seasonal flu that we have every year. Tell that to all the nurses and doctors that are dying trying to save lives which they never seen like this b4 in there lifetime.--------------------------------------- added after 51 secondsI know, it's all fake news

By cody8789 at 15,Jul,20 11:34
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Their accually not panties, their made for guys.

By cody8789 at 15,Jul,20 04:09

By cody8789 at 11,Jul,20 12:02
You do realize this was posted ten years ago, and the member is long gone

By cody8789 at 06,Jul,20 12:13
I was very shy when growing up. Sex was not on my mind at all because I was allways playing sports and doing things with my friends. I'm not lying when I tell you when I had sex for the first time, I was 26. Well, I'm making up for it now

By cody8789 at 26,Jun,20 22:12
No, I do not like my balls licked, I never did because I've always experienced pain which made me lose my erection. It was too sensitive and not in a sexual way.