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By bungeman at 29,Jul,19 17:02
what a post ""idiot""
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what a TURKEY needs shooting

By bungeman at 21,May,19 16:39
wake up to urself er

By bungeman at 11,May,19 17:43
who cares,delete if u want to,don't delete if u don't want to,cant u make your own decisions grow up er

By bungeman at 03,Jan,19 13:28
wake up to urself who cares

By bungeman at 26,Dec,18 12:46
get wat u want u turkey who cares

By bungeman at 05,Nov,18 15:13
wats good for the goose is good for the gander...if u dont want ur wife g/banged well dont g/bang other mens wives

By bungeman at 31,Oct,18 16:15
wat will a pic prove ???

By bungeman at 21,May,18 18:45

By bungeman at 13,May,18 17:34
mine grows both in length and thickness but too old to use it now

By bungeman at 24,Apr,18 19:53
yeah watever xoxo

By bungeman at 16,Apr,18 17:03

By bungeman at 21,Mar,18 17:43
when the Gov't got hold of me...fucked ever since

By bungeman at 08,Mar,18 15:11
""I exploded what I thought was buckets of piss as she kept stroking//I squirmed because he kept going"" have a guy come into your bed but then it is a she kept stroking ???

By bungeman at 22,Jan,18 14:28
answer the door as is/who knows mite get lucky

By bungeman at 19,Jan,18 15:07
dont know

By bungeman at 04,Jan,18 02:22
ask silly question u get silly answer

By bungeman at 03,Jan,18 13:42
well dont ask stupid questions/nothing ventured nothing gained

By bungeman at 31,Dec,17 22:18
yep eat my poop

By bungeman at 30,Dec,17 02:26
hahaha so funny so totally believable

By bungeman at 21,Dec,17 13:58
why 3 boys...why not 4 or more point doing half a job go all the way

By bungeman at 15,Dec,17 22:12
was wet/in the bathtub

By bungeman at 15,Dec,17 22:11
two hands/oduble orgasm

By bungeman at 09,Dec,17 17:42
just do it then u will know

By bungeman at 09,Dec,17 01:15
licky licky yumm yumm

By bungeman at 02,Dec,17 15:20

By bungeman at 01,Dec,17 23:15
my cock stopped working no more 2 mouth hj for me damn grrrrr

By bungeman at 01,Dec,17 14:18
i am me and proud of such things as FRIENDS in 2days society

By bungeman at 01,Dec,17 04:37
go do wat u do best cocksucker

By bungeman at 01,Dec,17 00:02
ohhh bla bla bla u missed the context of the post go suck a cock

By bungeman at 30,Nov,17 22:50
how many mouths can u get on one cockhead "idiot"

By bungeman at 30,Nov,17 19:15

By bungeman at 30,Nov,17 18:31
ahhhh taking a different road now hahaha
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ahhhh taking a different road now hahaha ...still dont suck balls off or 2 guys sucking one cock for a blowjob/needs 2 cocks...if u had english lessons read the post properly

By bungeman at 30,Nov,17 16:35
""sucking me off at the same time""""sucking me off at the same time""sucking me off at the same time""cant u read or interpret written text,balls do not get sucked OFF/mayb sucked yes but but not ""sucked off"" wake up get some english lessons

By bungeman at 30,Nov,17 14:48
""and 2 guys sucking me off at the same time""...i gather u have 2 penise's by that statement...ooohh lucky u

By bungeman at 21,Nov,17 17:42
gud for u

By bungeman at 19,Nov,17 21:05
suck any cock

By bungeman at 14,Nov,17 22:45
by that number of blowjobs u must b a lot lot older

By bungeman at 04,Nov,17 21:36
""I've given perhaps eight or ten thousand blow jobs to two or three thousand different men """"Out of eight or ten thousand loads I've taken""...How old r u now

By bungeman at 02,Nov,17 01:08
please ur F@#$%^G self who cares

By bungeman at 04,Sep,17 20:24
sucked my own cock hhmmmm

By bungeman at 24,Aug,17 01:16
Diapers and plastic pants hhmmmmm

By bungeman at 29,Mar,17 01:17
60 now still havent cum

By bungeman at 21,Mar,17 02:44
read the post properly

By bungeman at 29,Dec,16 02:38
cant reach the bottom of her pussy

By bungeman at 05,Aug,16 03:56
my 1st was tne bath haha

By bungeman at 05,Aug,16 03:53
me too

By bungeman at 04,Aug,16 02:34
1st time u get cum in ur mouth then u gay

By bungeman at 03,Aug,16 02:55
1st pussy i fucked had teeth

By bungeman at 31,Jul,16 18:39
wat crap full of himself too much of this

By bungeman at 30,Jul,16 19:01
never wash/clean my cock