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By ktalmipn at 14,Jan,15 23:07
Hey i used to do the same as you when i was 7 maybe
I didnt knew what was that but felt great then at 11 i jacked for the first time

By ktalmipn at 14,Oct,14 14:45
Hi check me out i love showing off my body

By ktalmipn at 06,Sep,14 08:37
The first one im pretty sure about that i was 11 it was awasome

By ktalmipn at 06,Sep,14 08:36
I just started sleping naked 2 years ago and its great at first i couldnt get naked without having a erection but now its normal for me

By ktalmipn at 06,Sep,14 08:33
At school several times when i was 11-13

By ktalmipn at 02,Jul,14 23:39
Residen Penis
The Penis from outerspace
Iron Penis
The Green Penis
The Fantastic 4 Penises
The Lovely Penis

By ktalmipn at 22,Jun,14 20:29
12 times it was great from the first time to the last even tough i ran out of cum

By ktalmipn at 17,Jun,14 14:27
i think i was around 10 i had much more frecuent erections and first apearance of pubic hair but pit hair came later around 14

By ktalmipn at 17,Jun,14 14:21
yeah i did it once well around 4 times with the same friend when we were 13 just wank nothing else didnt even touched each other cock it was ok

By ktalmipn at 16,Jun,14 19:08
well yeah i do like to show my cock outline even tough its not that big i notice the outline and people checking me out specially at the gym

By ktalmipn at 07,Jun,14 20:18
ugh it doesnt sounds nice isnt it? Justwill asked if this was another sociology experiment i wish it is because it sounds as gross as that "tampon in the ass guy"

By ktalmipn at 07,Jun,14 17:58
or now that semen is used like deodorant he might as well use his semen like styiling gel for his hair just like Cameron on that movie did

By ktalmipn at 07,Jun,14 17:56
ugh it doesnt sounds nice isnt it? Justwill asked if this was another sociology experiment i wish it is because it sounds as gross as that "tampon in the ass guy"

By ktalmipn at 21,May,14 21:03
i know right? Next thing ill read is he asked a moskito for some clean blo*d too

By ktalmipn at 18,May,14 22:06
im 6.2 so honestly i would add 2 extra inches so i could have a 8.2 incher a strong impresive cock thats what i think but one can only dream still im quite happy with my actual size ohh almost forgot definetly make it much more thick

By ktalmipn at 15,May,14 21:02
are you serious? Theres a masturbation month? Thats nice ill google it and celebrate it with a special wank tonite ill cum so hard...

By ktalmipn at 17,Mar,14 01:44
I dont think i have seen a real life friend on here mostly because theres not so many mexico profiles in here any ways i would prefer keeping this as a se cr et
I used to post pics on another site and i received a comment saying "I do know who you are, nice BOXERS " in spanish by the way
But nothing else i think t was just a silly comment

By ktalmipn at 12,Mar,14 00:19
That happened to me too of course I didnt gave them my data
I ate them with an H

By ktalmipn at 11,Mar,14 22:17
Yeah I think we wont know because he isnt here any more... or maybe that guy still lurcking around with a stuffed ass studing us and documenting the results

By ktalmipn at 09,Mar,14 01:11
an uncock cock

By ktalmipn at 09,Mar,14 01:02
yeah i tought he would end up deleteing his account the moment i saw his stupid answer

By ktalmipn at 09,Mar,14 01:01
maybe he stuffed his ass with cotton and now he is in the hospital or he is having a conference about how random guys react to the idea of Tampons in the ass

By ktalmipn at 08,Mar,14 22:21
I would give you a 9 it looks great but I need to know how it feels

By ktalmipn at 08,Mar,14 14:40
just wait for the rat!

By ktalmipn at 08,Mar,14 10:01

Im uncut but look cut when hard

By ktalmipn at 08,Mar,14 09:58
My record is 13 times not too many right? the last 4 times i only cummed a transparent small drop but it felt goood anyway

By ktalmipn at 08,Mar,14 09:55

By ktalmipn at 07,Mar,14 16:56
True I already knew this Its nice to know people actually read about sex themes instead of just watching porn and thinking thats the same as real sex
So to you spermkiss

By ktalmipn at 04,Mar,14 22:34
maybe if he built stairs all the way above the city, NY people could visit him more offen
I bet a floating house above New York is quite visible but they just cant reach him

By ktalmipn at 03,Mar,14 10:53
You might get hurt and I dont think cougars can read this only humans here

By ktalmipn at 01,Mar,14 01:00

By ktalmipn at 26,Feb,14 23:47
Jeje it might be out of the topic but what makes a penis an "ugly penis"

By ktalmipn at 26,Feb,14 07:55
Yep giving your password could be one of the worst (and dumbest) things to do

By ktalmipn at 25,Feb,14 00:19
Yes you are right but i think that most of the women who are creepy might not be "real" women just a guy with fake stolen women pictures trying to talk to straight guys

By ktalmipn at 25,Feb,14 00:17
And no not all guys in here are creepy at least not me well I hope no one thinks im creepy

By ktalmipn at 19,Feb,14 01:05
Well im not askig "would you fuck me?" and yep arexa answer was ok

By ktalmipn at 18,Feb,14 22:14
Showing a body pic would help a lot instead of just looking at a pussy

By ktalmipn at 17,Feb,14 09:57

By ktalmipn at 15,Feb,14 21:02

By ktalmipn at 15,Feb,14 11:39
It happens I dont know why he would want my semen he even told me how I could keep the "freshness" of it

By ktalmipn at 14,Feb,14 20:14
Ive never blocked no one but ive got weird private mesages something like asking me to send bottled semen

By ktalmipn at 14,Feb,14 17:00
well its difficult to aim but its not "hard" to do it

By ktalmipn at 14,Feb,14 00:54
i can....

By ktalmipn at 12,Feb,14 19:56
I do the same i have some fun at the urinals pissing in a way the guys besides me can take a clean look at my cock most of the times in the bars theres those big urinals (i dnt know their name ) with no separation at all so i can take a long pee while i guarantee some other guys are watching me

By ktalmipn at 10,Feb,14 21:46
im not like your ass

By ktalmipn at 10,Feb,14 21:44
i use my right hand mostly but i also use my left hand like a 70-30

By ktalmipn at 04,Feb,14 20:40
yep Nitric Oxide takes an important part in male erections men have higher concentrations of NO than women but you should be using it before work out like gym work out i use it sometimes and it really gives a big boost never tought using it before sex

By ktalmipn at 03,Feb,14 01:53
at 11 by my self wanking in the shower

By ktalmipn at 01,Feb,14 19:58
i wanna get one fleshlight too looks so hot i bet it feels great

By ktalmipn at 01,Feb,14 01:47
Same here