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Actually she begs to suck me first

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Every day

By anyfun at 29,May,19 15:57
So true

By anyfun at 27,May,19 08:05
Nothing wrong with that

By anyfun at 27,May,19 05:11
If no one looks, perhaps

By anyfun at 27,May,19 04:55
Or just conveniently to be horny,drunk, unwilling or out of condoms to use them

By anyfun at 27,May,19 00:37
Shows she's enjoyed herself

By anyfun at 10,May,19 10:44
True indeed

By anyfun at 27,Apr,19 17:44
Currently I fuck 2 girls that squirt

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Doesn't bother me at all. I feel that if she's been with bigger and smaller and keeps fucking you she must like something.

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Same for me

By anyfun at 26,Jan,19 19:45
Big titties,small titties I want to touch them all.

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I've worn my wife's and her mother's panties. Been fucked in both also

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2 random guys

By anyfun at 15,Dec,18 19:16
I have an x wife and I'd love to fuck her if I could

By anyfun at 11,Oct,18 00:01
Hooked up with a guy from a site at a park restroom

By anyfun at 27,Sep,18 13:18
Very hot

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Very hot

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Usually in the hole I'm fucking

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By anyfun at 06,Sep,18 13:49
I thank you for agreeing with the fact that guns don't kill people, it's the person using it.
I see the point you are trying to make. That is remove ALL weapons from the planet. I don't that any government will agree to that. Weapons have been on this planet, being used by law bidding individuals and criminals alike since their conception. Regardless of whom is allowed to have them or not, criminals WILL get ahold of them and use them on everyone.
Now, let's say the majority of people say the want the 2nd amendment removed from the bill of rights. There's your only defense of having the rest of those rights removed also. You no longer are allowed to protest, speak up for yourself, wear what you want, do (as allowed by law) as you want. Food for thought.

By anyfun at 06,Sep,18 12:52
The point is if you place a gun by your front door with bullets next to it, will it kill anyone? The answer is NO. Guns do not kill nor make anyone. People do. If guns kill people, I own lazy guns as they have never killed anyone. People load the guns. People aim them. People pull the trigger.

By anyfun at 29,Aug,18 09:44
Whilst the premise behind the movement is worthy, I feel it has run it's course and outlived the usefulness it was intended.

Hollywood is a city of actors. Paid to be something that are not. Agreeing to the point it's boiled down to pettiness and finger pointing. In the end, childish.

Females have been wronged. Males have been wronged. In the end each person has to take it to the proper authorities starting with each other. Keep your private issues to yourself. If you agreed to be paid to keep quite, keep quite.

Personally, I feel if you were paid to do something, regardless of what it is, do it and be done. Move forward with your life. Don't go back years later saying you didn't agree to whatever it was

By anyfun at 29,Aug,18 07:16
To understand correctly, guns kill people, not people using guns kill people? If this is the mindset, shall we not ban pens and pencils as they misspell words. Perhaps you feel we should ban computers as they assist stalkers, ****philes and terrorists to research, communicate and so forth? While we're at it ban cars because they get drunk and cause accidents.
My point is banning this or that solves nothing. If you look at human history it's filled with self created ****. Without changing the way we act, all that's done with be in vain.

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By anyfun at 27,Aug,18 08:20
Just proving the fundamental point. It seems everyone sees it but fails in all aspects to acknowledge it. In all cases it's a person behind the act. Taking guns away will only encourage people to find another way to take lives. Example, heroine takes more lives each year than guns. Let's make heroine ****, oh my wait, it is ****. Yet, people get a hold of it and kills themselves.

This going back and forth on whose right or wrong is inevitably pointless as everyone has a point of view that opposes someone else and won't back down because each feels they are right. Again people will always find a way to kill another person regardless of means. Make guns **** and the killings will become more brutal and sinister.

By anyfun at 27,Aug,18 07:42
You'd be surprised

By anyfun at 27,Aug,18 07:41
Acknowledging the tangential implication of this comment, however, oral sex wasn't what was meant.

By anyfun at 24,Aug,18 17:10
7 times for me

By anyfun at 08,Aug,18 20:34
Depends on my mood. I enjoy both

By anyfun at 23,Jul,18 09:10
Some can take it, very few easily. Even when using lube, anal ease for example. I have to go slow even after warming then up first.

By anyfun at 23,Jul,18 09:07
How true indeed

By anyfun at 23,Jul,18 09:04
So true

By anyfun at 20,Jul,18 06:14
Was a lot of flakes and scammers. However did hook up with many guys on it

By anyfun at 20,Jul,18 05:27
So true along with other holes

By anyfun at 20,Jul,18 05:25
Yes. Fingers, dildo and of course the real thing

By anyfun at 19,Jul,18 13:56
Condom? What's that? Lol

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I cum in my own mouth often

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No such thing as too many

By anyfun at 26,Apr,18 22:27
Anonymous sex is a big turn on

By anyfun at 26,Apr,18 21:25
I enjoy it. Both fucking and being fucked.