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By akaMrK at 03,Dec,16 07:59
I once shaved mine as an arrow pointing at the base of my cock. I thought it was humorous but was told, "I can find my way without direction." I love going completely bare from time to time, but my wife prefers me to keep the strip, the width of the base of my cock, because she claims to enjoy the feeling of my pubes against her clit when I'm in deep and grinding. She gets what she wants.

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By akaMrK at 02,Dec,16 17:37
In my adolescence. anytime I found myself alone, anywhere became a favorite place to jerk-off. But my favorite places were clearings in the forest that I would find while just out exploring. A sudden clearing with the sun beating down would quickly incite me to pull my pants down and start stroking myself. Even in my adulthood, I've found those spots make me horny whether I'm with somebody or not.

By akaMrK at 02,Dec,16 17:26
I have to admit that I sometimes find myself doing the same. Makes me wonder if I'm more bi than I think I am.

By akaMrK at 02,Dec,16 17:06
this still remains my most viewed pic:

By akaMrK at 02,Dec,16 17:04
petite woman, or not; that's a FAT cock!

By akaMrK at 02,Dec,16 16:55
let's try another one:

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By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 17:47
true true

By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 09:05
I think that has been proven to be true.

By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 09:04
my feet are much wider than my penis

By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 08:59
depends how cold it is.

By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 08:58
Really? Men are jacking off to my pictures? Must be a hypothetical question.

By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 08:52
not shy about it at all. I've licked my own cum back off virtually every part of a woman's body. I have to admit though, it has weirded more than one woman out. Hey! If I expect her to swallow it, I should be willing to do the same!

By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 08:45
I just mentioned this in another thread. happens all the time. Frustrates the hell out of me. As with you, even when I cum during these pic sessions, (which is often), I rarely have the erection I get when having actual sex. Twas a time I had the opposite problem: standing straight up at the most inappropriate times. lol

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By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 08:40
with a partner, mine still easily rises above perpendicular, but when fluffing myself for pix on here, I rarely can achieve that. Frustrating!

By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 08:33
Like many men, I can't help asking any long term partner I've ever had, even though I always know the answer before hand. The most common answer: "I've had bigger but yours is perfect". it never believe the second part of that answer, but oddly, it motivates me to do the most with what I have. Maybe there's a method to some women's honesty.

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By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 08:14
After I got over my fear that my partner might laugh at the size of my dick, I've always felt comfortable stroking myself in front of a woman. It's been my experience that most women have gotten turned on watching for a few minutes, but not many are willing to watch the full show. More often, after a certain point, she wants to join in or just plain get fucked. I have been lucky enough, though, to have had a couple of partners who have been curious enough to ask me to show them how I like to get myself off. One of the most powerful orgasms I've had in my life involved a long session of me edging while my girl watched intently, eventually subtly doing herself. I believe she actually came several times before I did. the added bonus was that later she proved to me that she was paying attention, using the experience as a learning tool with her added twists. Still, that is a very rare occurrence. I'm aware of the great patience and discipline it must take to just watch (I can usually only handle watching my woman masturbate for a few minutes before I have to join the party). My new bride is more the norm. She gets turned on watching...right up until the first drop of precum appears, then more often than not, she jumps on, swallowing me in her wet pussy. And while I sometimes wish she could be content to just watch, it is an added turn on to know I've made her wet and horny just by the visual. that's an accomplishment in itself since, generally, women are less visual than men.

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well said!!!

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rather obvious that I'm beginning to enjoy having these shots taken.

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By akaMrK at 10,Aug,15 12:54
I know it's not as impressive as some on here, but I like it.

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Leave your hat on is a great choice!

By akaMrK at 23,Jul,15 20:26
For Bella: A close up:

By akaMrK at 23,Jul,15 18:28
I think I can find a few safe places.?.?

By akaMrK at 23,Jul,15 18:24
Well thank you Bella! More bulge pix to come, if only for you!

By akaMrK at 21,Jul,15 18:08
For some reason this blog just got the best of me. After quickly scrolling through the responses, I was surprised at some of the rather hot pics that were submitted. Before I chose one of my own, I had to realize that some of the least viewed were also some my most recent, so they don't really qualify....YET...with that parameter in mind this is what I came up with ( a pic that has been on here for quite some time):

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also noticed that some people's supposed least viewed pic had over 800 views. Compare that to number of views on the above pic1

By akaMrK at 16,Mar,15 20:09's definitely a penis line.

By akaMrK at 16,Mar,15 20:06
sorry to hear that that. I hope all is well with her.

By akaMrK at 16,Mar,15 20:00
A certain friend of mine, stacked the deck,just to make a point, but this pic will be 4ever my most viewed, thanks to her.

By akaMrK at 16,Mar,15 19:52
I miss Emm...she got mad at me awhile back, and as a result, I'm not even sure if she's still here. But she was a really cool sweet woman.

By akaMrK at 16,Mar,15 19:44
for a moment there, I thought you were attacking me. glad you weren't. Simply observations, but as you pointed out, my perspective may different than yours. btw..I am not offended, in fact, I do appreciate compliments from gay men.

By akaMrK at 16,Mar,15 19:29
just got my obligatory insult from him too. Love it!!!

By akaMrK at 16,Mar,15 19:19
hahahahahahaha yep! many an after-burn from the dreaded soap, in the early years!

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By akaMrK at 16,Mar,15 19:12
I'm guessing at about ten, with purpose,but it was about humping my pillow (I had a Life cycle Library set and knew that the feeling had something more important to experience. Trouble was my mom kept coming in at night and finding me "pajamaless". the pillow humping stopped the first time something new and odd accompanied the dry orgasm feeling.
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I still bear a couple of scars from the days of experimenting with the sensation without knowing exactly what I was doing.
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do NOT rub a pumis stone over the head of your cock, no matter how intense it might feel!

By akaMrK at 16,Mar,15 19:01
did you say "poking"or "peaking"?

By akaMrK at 16,Mar,15 18:57
I've had a bit of fun with jets myself.