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By supablack at 03,Aug,14 07:56

By supablack at 05,Jun,14 07:58
Yes i sure would

By supablack at 10,Apr,14 04:55
I say average

By supablack at 03,Apr,14 08:07

By supablack at 03,Apr,14 07:58

By supablack at 02,Apr,14 23:26

By supablack at 02,Apr,14 12:27
I jerk with panties over my face often even have a pair of charlotts

By supablack at 14,Nov,13 11:02
Iwould love one from you

By supablack at 12,Nov,13 04:57
That is pretty hot

By supablack at 08,Nov,13 04:19
Steffi would love to smell your panties

By supablack at 03,Oct,13 04:22
Chicago here

By supablack at 03,Oct,13 04:16
I like to sniff ditty panties and get off its a turn on

By supablack at 13,Jul,13 21:48
Shaved is nice because you don't get hair in your throat but I prefer natural hairy it turns me on more

By supablack at 06,Jul,13 21:53
Cjeck out my pics

By supablack at 26,Jun,13 22:08

By supablack at 11,Apr,12 11:44
Reading this us turning me on, I would let each and one of you suck my cock if I had the opportunity

By supablack at 11,Apr,12 09:34
No never!!!

By supablack at 03,Apr,12 15:03
I wanna try

By supablack at 03,Apr,12 14:38
In high school this happened to me I was wearing boxers and my gym shorts and we were sitting on the floor, put my knees up and my cock fell out of my shorts I didnt know it was exposed till a girl sitting across from me pointed it out and smiled. I have never seen any guys fall out but I have seen women wearing skirts getting out of the car without panties and you get a hot shot

By supablack at 03,Apr,12 09:36
I enjoy fingering my ass while masturbating or getting oral

By supablack at 18,Mar,12 22:30
Wish him well

By supablack at 10,Mar,12 16:58
I'm thick just don't know how to post pic here

By supablack at 09,Mar,12 12:51
I made an impression too. Been here for a bit also

By supablack at 29,Feb,12 17:45
Im letting mine grow back too

By supablack at 28,Feb,12 13:19
Route your spreads always look so good

By supablack at 28,Feb,12 12:46
Haven't figured out how to add pics on here or I will show my grower

By supablack at 28,Feb,12 12:38
I received lots of those

By supablack at 28,Feb,12 09:31
I use to streak alot especially in my teens would go completely naked and leave all my clothes at home very excoting

By supablack at 27,Feb,12 23:32
I use to drive a taxi and I would wank on there all the tile the exciting part was anyone could walk up anytime or after a good wank I wonder of they could smell my aroma

By supablack at 26,Oct,11 15:32
Hell yes

By supablack at 13,Oct,11 11:18
Fan here and we've talked before and I enjoy them being around

By supablack at 13,Oct,11 11:14
You take the cock your given and use it, there are bug and small guys in any race

By supablack at 01,Oct,11 22:46

By supablack at 01,Oct,11 22:46
That sounds like a bunch of fun

By supablack at 01,Oct,11 22:45
When I am commando I am always careful. But like you said do it once it won't happen again

By supablack at 01,Oct,11 09:06
Believe me after seeing something about marry I think of it all the time, I mean leaving your fly open, but any time I'm putting my dick back in or zipping back up I make sure its tucked away.

By supablack at 30,Sep,11 20:10
Nice, did she watch you cum or help

By supablack at 30,Sep,11 15:53
Exactly, my wife loves the easy access sometimes she will just reach in my pants and I love watching her reaction when she feels that I'm not wearing anything.

By supablack at 30,Sep,11 12:58
Its just something about it though feeling the breeze sometimes it slightly grows a little, or going to take a piss and reaching in your pants and not having to mess around with underwear

By supablack at 30,Sep,11 11:40
I'll be the taste tester

By supablack at 30,Sep,11 10:48
Yeah a snowball is good my wife has done that

By supablack at 30,Sep,11 10:47
I have tasted too just not a whole load YET

By supablack at 30,Sep,11 08:59
That is true they are very kinky when you let them know. I love hamper diving, its making my cock hard right now thinking about getting a pair of fresh used panties!!! I sniffed my sister in laws, cousins friends, my friend steff she knows I like to sniff hers, or raid her panty drawer I even know when she purchased new ones

By supablack at 30,Sep,11 08:52
I'm pleased with my cock I wouldn't want it any bigger or smaller, and smaller or bigger guys make their cocks work for them as they should!!!

By supablack at 30,Sep,11 08:22
I do

By supablack at 29,Sep,11 08:04
I always lose the urge here too after I cum, but I have came on a cracker before and ate it, but never straight tasted a full load of my cum. My wife swallows and enjoys

By supablack at 29,Sep,11 07:51
Grower here myself, my cock isn't impressive at all when soft, some of those guys in the lockeroom make me look bad. Then I just think to myself just let me get hard and I'll show you

By supablack at 28,Sep,11 15:45
Well thank you, and you are for sure one of the true ladies on this site.

By supablack at 28,Sep,11 13:44
That's hot, no shame there and she wants to suck it. You lucky devil you

By supablack at 27,Sep,11 23:10
Very well put, my wife and I we cum together