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By Liketosee at 31,Aug,18 07:18
Personally I like panties bras and a nighty and probably only because as a teen a friend and I, pre girlfriend era of our lives, 14 or so, used to dress up and suck each other off. And when I tasted pussy at 16 I never went back.
Now and then I like to get the old gear on and edge while thinking how good that Precum tasted and re live the moment!

By Liketosee at 25,Feb,15 09:42
When I'm not holding my cock, I'm cocking my dan Wesson 44

By Liketosee at 21,Aug,14 06:07

By Liketosee at 21,Aug,14 06:07

By Liketosee at 21,Aug,14 06:06

By Liketosee at 20,Jul,14 20:50
Just got back

By Liketosee at 20,Jul,14 20:49

By Liketosee at 20,Jul,14 20:49

By Liketosee at 09,May,14 05:52
Thank you

By Liketosee at 09,May,14 05:51
I aims to please

By Liketosee at 09,Apr,14 06:38
Finally a woman's view!
The commercials mad adds make me feel inadequate and I'm just over six.
My theory is please the fuck out of your woman before you stick it in!
My goal has always been give here at least 3 orgasms with your tongue,teeth and fingers or a combination of the above, and when your finally inside her, let her tell you what she likes.

By Liketosee at 29,Mar,14 06:39
That's how it should be

By Liketosee at 29,Mar,14 06:37
And you'll still be hottt😍

By Liketosee at 28,Mar,14 17:29

By Liketosee at 24,Mar,14 05:54
Yummy mature pussy !!

By Liketosee at 24,Mar,14 05:52
You just got me hard man👍

By Liketosee at 24,Mar,14 05:51
Stop blaming society and go out and get some cocky or pussy or whatever you want!!!!
Your not a victim unless you make yourself one

By Liketosee at 24,Mar,14 05:48
I would love to eat that pussy

By Liketosee at 20,Mar,14 23:29

By Liketosee at 20,Mar,14 05:59

By Liketosee at 18,Mar,14 06:19
Never! I'd make passionate love to you😍

By Liketosee at 18,Mar,14 06:17
Hell, I'll suck you off and I'm straight! Well with a touch of bi 😛😛

By Liketosee at 14,Mar,14 17:50
I would make love to you!

By Liketosee at 14,Mar,14 17:47
I had a buddy back in middle school

By Liketosee at 10,Mar,14 05:50
👍 I'd rate it perfect but I'll have to give er' the ole taste test to be sure

By Liketosee at 10,Mar,14 05:48
And I love lookin'

By Liketosee at 08,Mar,14 12:41
Eating pussy

By Liketosee at 01,Mar,14 18:30
I make love I don't fuck

By Liketosee at 27,Feb,14 05:45

By Liketosee at 30,Jan,14 06:43

By Liketosee at 28,Jan,14 06:05
You have no idea how true that statement is!

By Liketosee at 21,Jan,14 06:17

By Liketosee at 21,Jan,14 06:14

By Liketosee at 06,Jan,14 05:19
For me it's the excitement of getting caught wearing my wife's panties.
She already found a pair down at our cabin that I took down when I went there alone. Of course I had thin with me so I could put then over my face while I wanked, it turned he on so much she fucked my brains out!!!

By Liketosee at 03,Jan,14 10:45

By Liketosee at 03,Jan,14 07:22

By Liketosee at 28,Dec,13 19:21
I'd rather eat pussy

By Liketosee at 28,Dec,13 19:20
Same to you my friend, cheers

By Liketosee at 21,Dec,13 07:09
First Time I tried my wife's rabbit I shot a fucking big load like I haven't done in 20 years! I rode that thing like I was sitting on a cock!

By Liketosee at 20,Dec,13 06:20
Usually I lie on my stomach grinding my robe like a dog. But when I have to jerk or I'm edging, left hand all the way

By Liketosee at 20,Dec,13 06:18
I would start of as a Jo buddy but my curiosity would get the better of me and I would end up touching it,
By the 3rd session I'd wind up on my knees squeezing my Jo buddies ass while his cock is tickling my throat!

By Liketosee at 20,Dec,13 06:14
Bla bla bla

By Liketosee at 16,Dec,13 06:19
I just noticed that!!!

By Liketosee at 13,Dec,13 05:55
I'd play with ya on my boat

By Liketosee at 13,Dec,13 05:52
I don't know about all that, I do know I want to suck a cock and see the eyes of a man as be blows his load in my ass while doing me missionary before I die!!!
Oh yea, and taste the sticky goodness of every pussy on SYD!!!

By Liketosee at 12,Dec,13 06:34

By Liketosee at 06,Dec,13 05:58

By Liketosee at 06,Dec,13 05:55
I would suck it all day long!!!

By Liketosee at 06,Dec,13 05:53
I just want a jerk buddy!

By Liketosee at 02,Dec,13 05:56