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Try silver for partners for all male with male pleasure. Lots of Tampa area members.

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No. I was learning from a guy 4 years older than me, his idea, and enjoying him sucking me and playing with each other. we were naked in a house and had been playing around naked when he asked if he could fuck my ass, I said ok and it felt pretty good. When I attempted to return the favor my cock was too big and he couldn't relax and let me in.

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Savor, then swallow and enjoy. Good to the last drip. Juicy pussy is also good to eat and enjoy the nectar that flows.

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Cock or pussy are equal. Clean is best, natural is good. taste is important.

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I believe that this confuses **** immigration with legal and orderly immigration.

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Age and health have diminished my ability to get fully hard and cum, so when I can I cum soft and enjoy intense sensations in the head of my cock. I dribble a couple of dropd and play with my now hypersensitive cock head.

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The first time that I remember was when I was 11. The next door neighbor boy was about 16 and he started playing with my cock and then blowing me. Eventually he convinced me it was good for me to suck him, which I found that I enjoyed. One of our meetings, after playing and sucking each other he bent me over a high bed and put his cock in my ass and gave me a long gentle fucking. I found that I quite liked it and wanted to try fucking him, but when we tried he said my cock was too big and it hurt him. I did eventually fuck a couple of guys, which was as much fun as being fucked. I was also fucked by a guy who could suck my cock while he fucked me from the front, wow, mind blowing.

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I was 12 and he was 17. He had been playing with my cock and I with his. He sucked my cock several times and kept asking me to suck his. He took pictures of me with a hard on and continued to suck my cock. Finally I tried sucking him and liked it. After that we would get together and suck each other off. I really got to like having his cock in my mouth, especially when he came. He also initiated me into being an anal bottom. Somehow my cock was too big for his butt, so I never got to fuck him.

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The problem is between your ears as several have already mentioned. Find a person who is a trained sexual therapist or surrogate and talk to her about your issues. I am sure that she will lead you out of the swamp of sexual confusion that you are in.

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Risky business

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Several times. On a picnic table outside an E.M. club on a US Navy Base. Modified missionary position on the front seat of a 1978 Honda Civic, under a street light which was across the main street in front of a busy bar when it was closing time. Twice with good male on female oral session before each time. Sometimes you just can't drive 2 blocks to get home to do it.

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Thanks Lix for putting the correct perspective on it. One should always choose how they groom their own body. If it is not what others like, tough sh*t. I personally like my full beard, back hair, chest hair, what little is left on my head. I accept how my partner grooms, but don't expect them to change for me if everything else is good.

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Yes, I enjoy guys doing it very much, most women are just okay.

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Like to be watched by a female when I masturbate. Lots of fun.

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**** at young age, then at 11 next door neighbor who was 3-4 years older introduced me to mutual masturbation a which progressed to oral and then he fucked me. Felt good and may have affected my orientation, Oddly he was older and bigger, but my cock was bigger and it hurt him too much for me to fuck him so we continued with mostly oral and occasionally I would feel the need to have him in my ass.

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Does either of their husbands have a CCW Permit or own a gun? That would be a good sign to stay away, at least the length of your hard cock away.

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This is a brief attempt to answer your query. People are born with many genetic make ups, some with errors that cause the body and mind to be different than the norm. The switches that cause various hormone producing origans to be built can effect the gender identity of the resulting human body. Gender, like hair color, eye color an height, is just one of the selections that genetics makes. It can also cause a body with multiple gender identity pieces to be created. For instance both female and male gonads. Either may be suppressed from development at puberty, which can cause a wide range of problems. People who feel that the body gender that they were born into is not consistent with their feelings(brain) often resort to surgery and artificial hormones to give them the "correct" physical gender. However, they will have to continue to take the hormones for the rest of their lives. If they stop taking the hormones their physical body, except for any surgery that they have had, will revert to the gender that their chromosomes had programmed them for. Members of either physical gender may develop physical characteristics that.make them superficially look like the other gender. As a society we need to become educated and sensitive to accept people who appear to be different so that people will not be driven by the perceptions of others. We have lost many talented individuals who were outside of the norm.

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Sucking fun

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It is a bit disturbing when you and your current squeeze are relegated to the couch because her room mate got home earlier and then she and her latest penis saunter back and forth thru the living room while you are trying to engage in a nice romp. If they stopped and watched that would be great, inspirational even, but all the door openings and closing were distracting, sometimes deflating. Sometimes it is nice to be watched, but often the comments can be distracting.

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Yes, many times. ED can't stop a climax from a good btw job.

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Haven't heard that expression in awhile. How about I am a Fairbanks-Morse diesel and need an air start?

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Apparently some females don't have your sensitive appreciation for the value of making a man so happy he would never leave you for his own fist.

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Now you are just showing off. very impressive.

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All of the above.

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Yes because it is a shower, not a grower and always look small when flaccid.

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Mutual masturbation can be very erotic, especially when the old guy can't get hard. It feels great, allows for more creativity and the sharing of more pleasure than just climbing on and going for it.

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Either, they show your cock in a different light and from a different perspective.

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The purpose is to support the scrotum and testicles during exercise. Adding a cup also provides some impact protection. First cup was little league baseball, about 10 years old) and I was a bit bigger than the biggest one the league had thought to buy for catchers.

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Your time will come, old age is not for the feint of heart.

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There are many causes of ED which don't impact the sensitivity of the head or the ability to cum. The head (on your shoulders) is the biggest sex organ. Dry or almost dry climaxes are also possible if the prostrate has been irradiated or removed. It is the pump and also provides most of the non-sperm fluid in cum. An erection is only necessary for insertion.

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Provodong oral stimulation to a woman is one of the best possible things to do. Especially for us older than dirt guys who may not always be a hard partner. Yummy sex.

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Exactly, the longer that you want to enjoy the pleasure of getting there the longer it takes and the integral of pleasure over time yields much more total pleasure before going over the cliff in a final, intense finish. Wank on!!!!😃

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My unofficial and mostly annecdotal research indicates a strong correlation between whether the man comes first and the woman second or not at all and the baby being a boy. When the man comes after the woman climaxes it usually leads to a girl. This allegedly is caused by the effect of the change in the Ph of the vagina when a woman climaxes and the effect that the Ph change has on the life span and motility of male producing sperm.

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The pussy delight for the ages. Hours would be spent paying oral homage to this pussy and it still wouldn't be enough. Beautiful and yummy.

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Just amazing bet it gets wet and really tasty when treated right.

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I almost had a wet dream, but I fell asleep.

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Right on, a geek since 1956.

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How about "Prepare to be pleasured"

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How is it agest? Most men want to oogle young female bodies (18-24 years old) and nothing is said by the men. Perhaps some women will lament that is what old guys want is young stuff and nobody wants mature ladies. I guess that many of the factors that add extra appeal to young women for young men also apply to old guys after young guys.

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Years of heavy exercise change the metabolism and hormone quantities in a woman's body which causes changes in their menstrual cycle, it may even stop, as well as how fat is stored and distributed. Excess baggage will be ahead to make the body more efficient when doing the required exercise. Runners are especially susceptible to this problem. Obviously more calories burned than taken in will drop body weight and if it is the right kind of calories then body fat will be lost and muscle will be built.

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One package of tuna helper. 1 10 oz can of solid white tuna. Follow the directions on the tuna helper box. Next question please. LOL

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More of the label game. sexual choice is not a 1-0 situation. Just as with most elements of the human condition sexual choice is a wide rang of choices. If I have sex with a man 1 out of 10 times that I have sex am I straight, Bi or gay? If I only had sex with a man 3 times in my life am I still Bi? If If have sex with a man half of the time am I gay or Bi, certainly not straight. What does it matter? What about the emotional aspect of sex? If I have raging sex with a man, but can't find any romantic or emotional basis for a relationship am I still bi or gay? Intimacy between consenting adults should not be the basis for a label. We are all human, we all have likes and dislikes and that desire to label everything to emphasize the differences between people is an attempt to divide people, build a competition of sorts, and encourage prejudice and bullying. Yes I was.

By Avillager at 20,Jun,15 16:01
John, I think that u got photo bombed in this picture. Is that a walrus swimming behind you on his back?LMFAO

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Thank you for a different point of view John, now I won't be able to have sex in a theater anymore. I'll have to add that to places that I can't go into anymore, LOL

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Everyone has the freedom to be as open as they feel comfortable with on this site, within legal bounds. I fail to understand why some people are primarily derogatory of others in their comments. The motivation for the original comment or question is a personal thing. Different strokes for different folks. If we were all meant to be the same, with the same likes and dislikes it would be a dull world. The beauty is that while we are all humans, we each have unique contributions to make, which makes the world fun and interesting. If I like to pull my balls out when I urinate I may do it because it is hot and they need a cool down. I may do it because I am proud of their size and how they hang, or maybe it just feels good to me. Whatever, differences create interesting people and they should not be castigated for putting their differences out for public comment. You who are critical, also have the right to your opinion, but they can be expressed without using a derogatory tone that almost sounds like bullying. Keep it kind and friendly and people will enjoy their time spent here, don't make it ugly.

By Avillager at 10,Jun,15 02:23
Thanks for being a caring and considerate daughter. Parents all need help from time to time and what you are doing is much appreciated. You are a truly sweet person.

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So from the standpoint of a physical vagina it only has sensation on the first 2 or so inches of its depth. It also isn't that deep and 7"-9" penetration could certainly cause bruising internally. Girth, on the other hand, can be beneficial sensually as long as we are not talking about virgins. Most of the size issue is psychological not sensual. Havong said all of that, since the biggest sex organ is your brain what is psychologically stimulating is what counts, if the physical reality doesn't cause pain and or damage.