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By lawrenceo at 11,Jan,20 05:12
Never sucked cock but I have been sucked and it was good.

By lawrenceo at 11,Jan,20 05:11
I do but mine are up tight which tends to make my cock look shorter

By lawrenceo at 11,Jan,20 05:09
Prefer comparisons in reality

By lawrenceo at 11,Jan,20 05:08
At the swimming pool dressing room. Went to a bench to dry and get dressed and there was a guy about 19 sitting on the bench with a towel over his thighs (hiding his cock as he thought). He was looking around at the naked bodies and as I was next to him I could easily see under the towel as it wasn't up to his belly.
He has a nice 7 ins horn at the horizontal stage and I would have loved to have made an arrangement to see him later but circumstances didn't allow.

By lawrenceo at 11,Jan,20 05:04
First to arrive at the cricket hut so I had a quick wank behind the door.

Whilst walking down the street and wearing a long coat that had slit pockets to give access inside.

By lawrenceo at 11,Jan,20 05:02
Best to bring up another's spunk

By lawrenceo at 22,Dec,19 08:14
All welcome on xhamster

By lawrenceo at 22,Dec,19 08:13
Missionary position with a female; wanking a male who is lying down and enjoying the pleasure

By lawrenceo at 27,Nov,19 07:51
What I call a spunk cup; collecting it in my foreskin wwhen it is pulled right up

By lawrenceo at 27,Nov,19 07:48
I would sooner have one to handle.

By lawrenceo at 27,Nov,19 07:48
I doubt you could call 7 ins average, I would have thought for western cocks, 5-6 ins.

By lawrenceo at 27,Nov,19 07:46
Always find big headed cocks attractive; they seem to invite fondling

By lawrenceo at 27,Nov,19 07:45
Helmet definitely; very good ridge on the upper side

By lawrenceo at 27,Nov,19 07:44
If your glans is that sensitive, can you not reach orgasm by just rubbing the shaft?

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:22
An adult male when I was about 12

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:18
I like to see those too. I am uncut but my foreskin is short; so in some states it looks as if it might be cut

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:16
Always like a soft dick and lovely to find one in that state before starting to play with it

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:14
Used to, but I didn't like it. Prefer smooth

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:13
Standing behind another male whilst I wank him off

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:11

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:09
I like to see soft cocks too. here is mine.

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:08
A wank buddy who lived close

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:05
And I can see why. The shaft is pretty thick too.

By lawrenceo at 21,Nov,19 05:03
Yes, especially of the helmet shape

By lawrenceo at 03,Nov,19 09:49
I started to do at a young age and the idea is still good

By lawrenceo at 03,Nov,19 09:48
I think that he means becoming emotionally attached to a man as in the situation where some men kiss each other and maybe live together.

I like wanking another man's cock but like the poster, I wouldn't go further than that.

By lawrenceo at 03,Nov,19 09:45
Well, first of all not all of us have hairy bodies. Second, some of us have smaller cocks and if we are also uncut it helps to shave cock and balls so that the hair does not get trapped under the foreskin. Not something that may be the case for the cut guys in USA (or elsewhere).

By lawrenceo at 25,Oct,19 06:01
Thank you and so nice to see

By lawrenceo at 25,Oct,19 05:58
That should be easy to find these days.

By lawrenceo at 25,Oct,19 05:58
I seem to feel that there has been a tendency for small cocks to become more accepted and indeed looked for (in some cases preferentially).

After all they all work the same way and fulfil the same functions. In addition we still have the stats that show the average is about 5.75ins and some consider that to be small.

By lawrenceo at 25,Oct,19 05:54
I do, especially if one of them is mine

By lawrenceo at 25,Oct,19 05:53
Yes, spit does help as time passes

By lawrenceo at 25,Oct,19 05:52
Not with their dick exposed but I did have a work colleague many years ago who used to sit in the rest room reading and he was constantly adjusting the position of his dick. So in a sense I suppose he was at least playing.

By lawrenceo at 25,Oct,19 05:50
At my school we had a female gym teacher and she always stood at the entrance to the showers and got a good look at all of us.

I suspect that would not be allowed now; even if boys had a female gym teacher.

Any one care to bring me up to date with the current situation?

By lawrenceo at 25,Oct,19 05:47
But even so there are some men who make a production of it. Others who try to make their penis as large as possible without it actual being seen as a semi.

By lawrenceo at 25,Oct,19 05:45
Substantial grower

By lawrenceo at 25,Oct,19 05:44
Doesn't this depend upon the quantity of semen that is backed up prior to orgasm? Also, isn't that related somewhat to age?
Those of us who have had a vasectomy may also have less semen.

By lawrenceo at 16,Oct,19 04:55
Agreed; but I also like a long thin cock, especially if first seen soft and hanging

By lawrenceo at 16,Oct,19 04:50
It would be good if you were over here.

By lawrenceo at 16,Oct,19 04:50
I did the same from about age 13-16. We used to go camping and so had the time and freedom to check each other out and see what the other liked to do or have done.

By lawrenceo at 13,Oct,19 04:35
I like my length of foreskin because it rolls back easily and will stay back if I want to wank it that way. It always goes right back on penetration.

By lawrenceo at 13,Oct,19 04:32
See my gallery

By lawrenceo at 13,Oct,19 04:29

By lawrenceo at 13,Oct,19 04:25
The best place for a small penis is where they are designed to go!

By lawrenceo at 13,Oct,19 04:24
It must be nice for someone to find that when you are in the mood for some help

By lawrenceo at 13,Oct,19 04:16
I agree with all of that and, like you, it is fascinating to play with a guy who has premature ejaculations.

By lawrenceo at 13,Oct,19 04:14
I get more pleasure from playing with another cock than I do from playing with my own. Partly it is the novelty, partly the pleasure it gives and partly to see the difference in his cock to mine and in the way it reacts. Finally to actually bring another male to orgasm is a great pleasure.

By lawrenceo at 13,Oct,19 04:11
At my age and without any physical stimulation - never. Can get it up to a semi-hard level from soft when masturbating in about 2-4 mins depending what else is happening. On awakening in the morning I never have more than a semi at best. Usually only fully erect at orgasm.

By lawrenceo at 13,Oct,19 04:07
Some time ago!

By lawrenceo at 12,Oct,19 05:02
Before the south Pacific islands were colonised, there was a completely natural system of sexual activity and introduction to it. Obviously, social and environmental circumstances were very different then.

For anyone who is interested in this history see any of the following publications (books).

Michael Moran. Beyond the Coral Sea; Travels in the old Empires of the South-West Pacific. London, Harper Collins

Bronislaw Malinowski. Crime and Custom in Savage Society (Anthropology)

Bronislaw Malinowski. Human nature, culture and freedom (A revaluation of our civilization)

Bronislaw Malinowski. Sex and Repression in Savage Society (Routledge Classics)

Bronislaw Malinowski. Argonauts of the Western Pacific (Illustrated)