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By lawrenceo at 11,Aug,20 04:49
Yes as my gallery will show

By lawrenceo at 02,Aug,20 03:15
Well, as you are uncircumcised you can have it either way. Down for display; up and down for.............

By lawrenceo at 02,Aug,20 03:13
It is quite obvious that the amount of sperm that a man produces at orgasm is variable from person to person and often from time to time.

Men usually produce the most semen when they’re in their early thirties. The amount tends to decrease as a man gets older. Heredity, diet, smoking status, and overall health can also affect semen volume. Some men ejaculate more if they haven’t had sex for a few days.

By lawrenceo at 02,Aug,20 03:08
Well, if they are watching it, they must be interested or at least curious. I suspect most watch to trigger their own ercetion or desire.

By lawrenceo at 30,Jul,20 08:27
At my age and with the right person, no doubt about it. There is always time for a friendly wank together. Finding someone who wants you to wank their cock becomes a rarer event as you get older.

By lawrenceo at 30,Jul,20 08:24
Yes, I would notice and take it as an invitation to play with it.
I remember as a school boy, cycling to school and passing a man (about in his 50s) who was wearing a long raincoat that was not fastened. He had his flies well opened and a rather big cock hanging down for all to see.

I went back for a second look and he was still showing off as he walked down the road.

By lawrenceo at 30,Jul,20 08:20
Yes I like to watch my own cam when I am playing with my cock

By lawrenceo at 30,Jul,20 08:18
Mutual wanking in real time in privacy with a buddy and for as long as you need is far better than watching videos

By lawrenceo at 28,Jul,20 06:57
"3. The angle of the erection gets lower
The older than man is and the bigger the cock is the lower is the angle of the erection
It seems that is difficult to keep a big older cock in a high erection angle."

As you get older, the blood supply to the pubic area is not as good or strong. It is usually OK for it to get your dick to semi. If you have a big cock at that age, then the lower blood supply is enough to get it to semi but gravity allows it to fall below the horizontal

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:39
Yes. That may be why so many 'curious' men remain curious.

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:38
I get turned on by soft cocks too.

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:37
At my age it happens now all the time. A semi is as far as it gets with just thoughts or in early morning.

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:35
I was 11 and he was 35. It happened a few times later but I have not been with another male for sex since. It didn't cause me any concern and I just took it in my stride as a part of life's learning curve at that time.

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:32
It was a wet dream when I was about 12. It was the first and only one. I decided if that was what 'nature' wanted, I would decide the time in future!

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:30
11 - but it was unexpected

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:29
Being with another male who pretended to be asleep whilst I played with his cock.

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:28
The dismay at spunking in 30 secs.

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:28
About 12/13 when camping with a boy scout friend. I used to camp with just one other. Sometimes 'the other one' would not have done it before but wanted to.

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:25
If you are edging for quite a while it is possible to stop wanking at a point just before the orgasm sensation and some spunk will come out. As you haven't had the orgasmic thrill, that allows you to start wanking again until you cum with orgasm. You can train yourself to do this more than once in the same session.

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:22
It looks fine as it is and from what your photo shows it is not a very long foreskin. If it is anythig like mine you can have it both ways. Wank with it up or with it down. (I laways have to use lube if the latter.)

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:18
It may be that if you were to allow a friendship to strike up first, it may be easier. Better to have male/male sex with a friend who may become a buddy for mutual.

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:16
Only when we were boys and used to go camping in pairs.

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:16
Vasectomy when I was 50. But it has now reversed and my semen is ahowing sperm. Not a worry, I am not seeing females any more.

By lawrenceo at 11,Jul,20 02:36
Depends upon your own age of course. Younger males may like older ones for their experience and availablity. However, I have always gone for younger females and from the age of about 50, much younger- like 14-20 years younger.

By lawrenceo at 08,Jul,20 02:55
The idea may be exciting and the practice even more exciting but you have to stay safe and that is where the excitation may end.

By lawrenceo at 08,Jul,20 02:54
Most relationships begin with face and figure appreciation. Size and shape of bits in pubic area tend to be acceptable if you have got to the point of seeing them.

May be later you will have had enough experience to know what excites you most; and that varies from person to person.

By lawrenceo at 05,Jul,20 07:32
Make the best of it; it won't be as good as that forever.

By lawrenceo at 30,Jun,20 09:24
I was 11 and I was with someone older who asked if I wanted to see his cock. I agreed and it was a 'sight for sore eyes'. Not long but thick and he asked me to wank it for him. It was my first time to touch another erect cock and I couldn't get my hand around it all.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 04:10
In one of the homes that I had, there was avery big mirror behind the wash basin that was fitted into a worktop type surround. It was ideal for watching myself fuck my hand whilst it was resting on the surround.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 04:08
The only available mirror in my home for a frontal is in the bathroom. So I do sometimes stay in there and have a play.

I prefer to cum sitting, so I either use a hand mirror or my web cam.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 04:04
Only done with a female but the missionary position was by far the best. Dogging from behind was the next best especially for a quickie.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:58
I was 21 and my gf's parents had left us alone.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:56
I was 11 and was given my first by an older guy resulting in a dry orgasm. I thought my head would burst!!

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:53
Always, from 4 years to 18 years.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:52
Most certainly; brunettes were my passion for that reason.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:50
I have one or two plays a day which could be called edging but at my age I could wank all day and delay my orgasm as required.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:48
Nice to see them in photos but much better to feel them in action.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:47
I was camping with one of my boyhood friends. He was cut and he wanted to see my uncut cock and to feel the way that a foreskin was used in wanking. I let him practice on mine and he was excited by the result.

I then wanked his cut cock and gave him a good orgasm; which was the first time I had wanked a cut cock to completion.

Altogether a good camping experience for both of us.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:43
Father and brother (both bigger than I was).

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:43
My boy scout friends

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:42
Eating semen seems to me to be a fetish. As with many sexual activities, do it if you like it but there is no diminution of sexual pleasure if you don't. If it is a 'must' then you will need to choose your sexual partners specifically.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:39
There are many more available to see now on the internet and it is a pleasure to have access to those photos or videos.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:38
At 5.5 ins mine is considered to be about average by some authorities. However, it does get much smaller when completely soft (2 ins), so I do classify it as small.

That said, it works and has given me many years of pleasure so I do not have any feelings of regret about its size.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:35
I like to see a thick cock especially if it is around average length. This may be because the first adult erect cock I saw was About 5ins long but three inches across (that is diameter not circumference). I could not get my hand around it by a long way. It also produced a lot of spunk.

I have never seen one pictured like that in all the years I have beenlooking at cocks on the internet.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:30
I recognise that situation!

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:29
Well done and I hope that your sexual strength will continue.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:27
No, I am usually silent is acting solo.

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 03:26
I am uncut but have a short foreskin which only covers the glans when there is a full retraction (as in very cold ambient temperatures). Normally, some of the glans is exposed but this varies, again with temperature and of course feelings.

When it has been erect, the foreskin stays back after orgasm unless I pull it over. I like to wank with the foreskin pulled right back and use lube on the glans.

All of this cam be seen in my gallery.

By lawrenceo at 15,Jun,20 03:35
Masturbation doesn't need to end in orgasm. I do it several times a day and leave orgasms until special occasions when I can't resist the temptation to let my spunk flow.

By lawrenceo at 14,Jun,20 04:22
That is a difficult one to answer so I will show my favourite three: