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By rudy51 at 02,Apr,20 11:53
I love it when my cocks in the semi state

By rudy51 at 30,Mar,20 12:05
It is fun showing and better getting comments 63 here

By rudy51 at 27,Mar,20 09:55

By rudy51 at 14,Mar,20 13:08

By rudy51 at 14,Mar,20 13:05
Maybe a 4

By rudy51 at 21,Jan,20 13:27
I feel the same way

By rudy51 at 06,Jan,20 09:48
Soft comes in so many different stages when your a grower

By rudy51 at 22,Dec,19 10:07
I have been told that also

By rudy51 at 17,Dec,19 10:39
Soft cocks look so sexy

By rudy51 at 17,Dec,19 09:54
I was 12 also no pubs the 2 boys were older was amazed at their hairy cocks

By rudy51 at 17,Dec,19 09:49
Like to see my pics then click on it

By rudy51 at 20,Oct,19 08:21
Yes it is

By rudy51 at 09,Oct,19 08:29
Wow she said you were small? I saw your pics your a true 7 inches with great girth

By rudy51 at 28,Sep,19 13:56
Definitely the head and it needs to be bigger around then the shaft

By rudy51 at 27,Sep,19 10:25
was 15/16 10th grade

By rudy51 at 08,Sep,19 08:33
I enjoy seeing such variety of pussy and cocks and I do compare myself as all men are not created equal also enjoy chat and sometimes that leads to a cam

By rudy51 at 31,Aug,19 06:52
I feel the same way good answer only difference is I sucked a few when a teen

By rudy51 at 12,Aug,19 08:08
I agree why suck it if you don't get the reward
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By rudy51 at 06,Aug,19 07:31
We think alike

By rudy51 at 31,Jul,19 09:29
I am cut and when I serf the cock pics here I seldom look at uncut

By rudy51 at 23,Jul,19 12:37
How does mine compare?

By rudy51 at 23,Jul,19 12:35
NE of Cleveland

By rudy51 at 19,Jul,19 06:59
Had many lovers comment on my girth

By rudy51 at 03,Jul,19 08:16
I was a bit younger but did the same thing was guilty after I did it but did it again many times

By rudy51 at 08,May,19 08:43
That pic definitely shows the package

By rudy51 at 05,May,19 09:23
I do when I see one that I think is attractive I imagine that cock in a mmf with me and my wife always a cut cock

By rudy51 at 05,May,19 09:17
I don't blame you I do the same when I can nice cock by the way

By rudy51 at 05,May,19 09:11
Semi hard always looks nice

By rudy51 at 17,Mar,19 12:02
I fall into this catagory

By rudy51 at 01,Mar,19 10:55
I to tried to self suck in my teens almost could reach it but was so excited I came and some went in my mouth was guilty at first but have tasted many times since

By rudy51 at 01,Mar,19 10:49

By rudy51 at 10,Dec,18 07:59
I enjoy seeing how different they are some more attractive than others If you visit my profile look at my favorite members

By rudy51 at 09,Nov,18 13:09
No doubt you cant fake that I like to see if the guy doing the sucking is hard

By rudy51 at 08,Nov,18 10:17
To me it is that element of surprise when that first pre cum and then the first big jets of sperm

By rudy51 at 01,Nov,18 09:09
Yes you are

By rudy51 at 05,Oct,18 22:16
I feel the same way

By rudy51 at 07,Jun,18 07:41
soft cocks look sexy

By rudy51 at 12,Apr,18 06:54
I can do the same thing

By rudy51 at 30,Mar,18 07:33

By rudy51 at 22,Feb,18 10:29
I do the same thing it is a thrill

By rudy51 at 21,Feb,18 13:31
I enjoy the after taste

By rudy51 at 21,Feb,18 13:23
yes ray found myself doing it almost anytime I could do it

By rudy51 at 21,Feb,18 12:47
That's a good one

By rudy51 at 17,Feb,18 13:05
Yours is cute

By rudy51 at 31,Dec,17 07:37
I like seeing them all especially cut

By rudy51 at 28,Jul,17 07:19
You can get a fair read on someone by looking at their favorites for example I prefer cut cocks so I have almost all cut in my favorites

By rudy51 at 22,Jul,17 06:35
The ultimate fantsay

By rudy51 at 27,Jun,17 09:05

By rudy51 at 23,Jun,17 10:25
As I've gotten older and the wife turned off the switch I think about it more and more

By rudy51 at 23,Jun,17 10:21
I remember I was about 10th grade was hairless thru early teens got dressed fast in the locker rooms