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By licksipsuckit at 04,Apr,20 04:01
the country town we're in is still at a 1.4 a litre, l did get it for 95 cents a couple of weeks ago down the coast, but that was out of the ordinary. they said it will rise again now that the arabs have lowered production *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 01,Apr,20 19:22
well that's the kind of response ld like to hear, you know that you have to ask in the world lol, and if you get lucky, you get what you asked for *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 01,Apr,20 19:21
Please tell me what you fear?? it couldn't be worse than what l would cop here by being a fat middle aged woman?? lve been called more names here, on this site, by a handful of arseholes, than l have in my entire lifetime. people aren't rude and horrible when they're out in real life. when have you ever heard anyone at the supermarket call out to someone and call them ugly or fat??? the net gives arseholes more room to be arseholes, because no one but you and them hears it here ... in real life people don't behave like they do here. think about when you have ever heard of a story, about someone being outed for being naked on a nudist site???? l have no problem with showing who l am here, l don't need to hide and pretend. and if any one fronted me in real life, ld probably just give them a big smile and say 'pleased to meet you!!!' *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 01,Apr,20 17:29
for the biggest cry baby here, you know who you are!!!
does anyone here think that one person should have SPECIAL banning rights ??? one person here has admin block his hater, so it doesn't affect his 'stats' on his page, shouldn't this loser just BLACKLIST the offender like we all do??? why should one of the biggest trolls and trouble makers here get a special block privilege when he started all the shit in the first place, so that his hater cant message him, but he can still visit that persons page and leave messages... do you think this if fair and do you think we all should have this feature of being able to block others but still be able to visit and see everything they do? would anyone else here like to be able to have special people blocked for them???? *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 01,Apr,20 17:24
does anyone here think that one person should have SPECIAL banning rights ??? one person here has admin block his hater, so it doesn't affect his 'stats', shouldn't this loser just block the offender like we all do??? why should one of the biggest trolls here get a special block, so that his hater cant message him, but he can still visit that persons page ... do you think this if fair and do you think we all should have this feature of being able to block other but still be able to visit and see everything they do???

By licksipsuckit at 30,Mar,20 17:33
this is real life, we are humans and some of us don't care if people know we are doing 'human' things, we fuck and we get naked, doesn't everyone??? and what are people going to do if they do recognise you??? say 'gee, we saw you on the same sex site we visit'. l really don't get people who think their life would disintegrate if someone knew they got naked, god we've been doing this for all of time, and now we just have a bigger medium to show it .. its the same as visiting a nudist beach, you don't cover your face there? you don't care who sees you there, so why take pics to share on a sex site without your face, of you laying on a nudist beach, where you have more chance of meeting someone you know, than on a world wide site, where you will never bump into anyone here, l know l wont, lve been doing this since l had an internet connection, and not one person has ever approached me to tell me they'd seen me naked on a sex site. l think you have less chance here of being recognised. and the people that would recognise you here, are just as cool as you are if they visit the same sites aren't they??? ... its not like lm killing someone and have to hide my identity, lm a horny woman, and l have nothing to hide, anyone who really knows me, knows l love sex, l love being naked and they don't treat me like a leper because of that. tell me how your life would be different if someone recognised you?? *lix*
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By licksipsuckit at 28,Mar,20 06:27
l thought that's what crawled out of it *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 27,Mar,20 19:54

By licksipsuckit at 26,Mar,20 16:50
You say, 'hey dude, can l suck your cock', and the dude will drop his pants, too easy *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 25,Mar,20 00:33
yeah l like a bowl of fresh popped corn with salt and butter. *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Mar,20 07:05
yeah she is such a wonder old girl too .. *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Mar,20 01:44
you are a long time fan, that's before l was born. he was making people happy *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Mar,20 01:43
the country music hall of fame has another of its golden greats at the door *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Mar,20 01:42
yeah he had a few of those toe tapping songs, ones that really hit home for most.. (And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep) one of his great lyrics *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Mar,20 01:39
yeah, we can only hope we slip away in our sleep painlessly.. *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Mar,20 01:38
yeah, and doesn't know all the words to Coward of the County? its one of those iconic songs *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Mar,20 01:37
one of the legends, him and dolly made country music fashionable here in the 80s *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 17,Mar,20 00:40
yeah, its good to look over a city naked and know that even with all those people no one is watching lol, *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,20 17:49
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buy toile roll holders, this is one way to get those plungers flying off the shelf *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,20 17:48
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and l didn't forget you rice lovers *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,20 17:23
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now l haven't forgotten you pasta hoarders, theres something for everyone, heres some fun things to make with it. if you got a good variety of course. you make just about anything !!!
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By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,20 17:19
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now is you don't want to lose any down the dunny, this little twig hanger is just for you, stops them getting wet, can be used straight off the wall, and when is finished, you can use is as fire starters for the end of world. to get them fires of hell burning that little bit brighter *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,20 17:17
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heres some wall art, for the dunny wall, to make it handier and if they accidently fall into the toilet during an earth quake or volcano eruption, don't try to save them. *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,20 17:16
ok, since you all need some new ideas with what to do with all this shit house paper you have acquired, here are some things to do with it while your locked in your homes panicking about dying from the flu and becoming more and more like henny penny every day.... heres a nice ensemble with lots of air and if you go commando, you can wipe your arse quicker with it ... just don't wear in the rain
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By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,20 02:01
justice!! well theres another institution made by men, rich men, for rich men, and the richest man wins system.. there is no fair justice system in any way shape or form. Harvey had to take the fall for the team, and no amount of money in the world would get him out of this hole he dug for himself. same as Epstein, he just got justice in a different way, the way that didn't end well for him. but his minions made sure their secrets died with him. the world is just the way it is because of the people in it and now we have the net to play with people, to hide behind keyboards and be opinionated about all this stuff. the mass panic l think was created by the net and the media, its melting the world, crashing the stock market and the plebs with nothing better to do than buy toilet paper and hit the like button on life are dictating again how l get to do my business.. l cant believe the things that are going on, on the news lately its sickening to see the way the world is heading. *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,20 01:50
well Phart, all those things are natural things that happen in the world and this is a human trait that has been the same for all of time. yes, its a problem we must populate the earth and you guys leave it up to us to fill that, and gee whats wrong with some truth serum ??? if a customer wants to be mean, send in the PMT women, they'll sort em out!! l don't think its a reason to not pay people the same for the same work, l do get men and women are different, but when it comes to jobs that aren't all about how much you can lift, there should be some fairness, and all those 'menial' jobs that pay little, left to women, why are they not paid fairly??? no one else wanted to do them, so it should be worth more to do this shitty work, bring back a fair days pay for a fair days work. lve worked a mans job many times and even being treated like the secretary, when lm the boss!!! men don't want to acknowledge a woman in a male dominated area or as the head of a business.. but l did love seeing their faces when the workers directed them back to me, shame they didn't learn how to eat humble pie a bit more often, because you don't poke the bear when she's having a pmt moment and your job depends on it!!! *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 15,Mar,20 16:11
no it doesn't work like that, and lm sure youre an educated enough man to know that, shitty bottom of the line jobs like truck driving are usually an award wage, its the higher positions that women get less pay for the same thing, like out postal ceo years ago, a man, paid himself a huge bonus, because he 'saved' the service, all he did was halve the workforce, and double the price of stamps, didn't take rocket science to do that and l don't think it was worth the millions he paid himself and the next ceo just happened to be a women, so they changed the way they paid the ceos, totally because its a women, she got less than half the money of her predessor and l bet if a bloke takes the job next, miraclulously the male will get another huge pay packet and he want have to do anything special for it. its just the way men rule the world, with money and lucky for us women, we don't pay for sex. like men, we are much better with our money and don't waste it like men, because we have to work harder to get it... l seen it myself in a factory l worked in years ago, the moment l took on a male dominated job, they changed it. didn't get all the benefits the blokes did before, was expected to do the work of 3 people and when l asked for the mans pay, the restructured the whole factory pay rates, trying not to pay me, worked out better for me in the end, because l was actually qualified for the job and they had to pay me more than the dudes .. *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 13,Mar,20 16:23
my neighbour is the police sergeant, so l want be pulling my curtains. l used to walk a lot at night and seen many people fucking in their homes on my nightly rounds. the best was one lady entertaining 3 men, her house was at the top of a street, so l could see them for a while before l turned the corner. good to see the population still loves a good show and tell night *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 13,Mar,20 16:18
lm sure there were far more men, just like Harvey, that did the same thing, women have copped this type of treatment for all of time, it still hasn't done much for the pay gaps in Hollywood and lm sure they'll find another way to pay women less or just drop female roles in future. the pig probably couldn't get an erection anyway. now he'll get all the sex he wants, not like they don't fuck in prison. *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 13,Mar,20 16:05
l love the smell of sex too, makes you stay horny for hours *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 13,Mar,20 16:00
who lifted the rock at the bottom off the pond?

By licksipsuckit at 13,Mar,20 03:55
nice choice, my bloke likes these rear views too, *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 13,Mar,20 03:47
l reckon we could eat out of the cupboard for a month without even shopping for extra. who eats that much rice or pasta??? lm sure ld have enough in the freezer too, l didn't shop for 3 weeks till today. strangely l still don't need toilet paper. the shop was only putting one packet on the shelf every 10 minutes or so, and people who really needed it, stayed for a pack, but those that are camped on a stock pile didn't bother l guess. *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 11,Mar,20 16:53
now these dick heads that bought a room full of shit house paper and hand sanitizer, are trying to take it back for refunds, seems they forgot to buy food with their money and now the major chains are turning them away, they will not refund money on excessive over buying of toilet paper, face tissues, serviettes, hand sanitizer, nappy wipes, rice, pasta, (which none of these dickheads even ate) bread mix and flour?? well l guess if they did get locked in their homes, they'd have all the ingredients to make a paper mache effigy of the viris, and few pasta necklaces to use while they sit around the toilet paper camp fire and sing Kum-by-ya while eating bowls of rice... what a pack of wankas .. lets lead these people to a great abyss and tell them all to jump !!! *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 09,Mar,20 22:08
to see people lined up in the aisles waiting for a block of paper, this is ridiculous, and even more ridiculous, is when they punch on over one pack, when they have a trolley full of them and cant share a pack with a person who actually NEEDS SOME.. lm actually glad that they charged the women brawling over it. to show them how stupid they are, and l bet the following day they are back to get more... l think the tissue makers should put a 3 month use by date on the packs, as these stupid people would be stupid enough to throw it away if they were told too. during this whole crisis l have been amazed at how stupid the human race has become, that they take every thing they read or see on the net as gospel and follow these trends so fast that it makes my head spin. l am still blown away by the stream of people who all marched out of the shops with paper under arm, and after putting it in the car, come back for more ????? maybe we should be taught again how to wipe our arses, without killing 3 trees to do so. maybe our grand parents had some great info, especially the one about too much wiping gives you piles. do it right the first time and you don't need half a roll to get the job done... *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 05,Mar,20 00:45
some television host probably brought it up and set them off. those turds need wrapping up to soften their fall down the sewerage. *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 04,Mar,20 16:00
ok, so what are people really doing with all this shitter paper??? lm not sure what the link is between shitter paper and corona virus ???? does this virus shit a lot??? do people shit more when they have it??? are they worried that authorities will lock us in our houses for 2 months and make us use the sheets to wipe our bums??? so while theyre scrambling to get more paper, does this mean these companies will be laying people off next month, because every australian household now has 5000 rolls of shitter paper to store... so they wont be buying any now for the next year. ??? all l can see is the waste that will happen, when all this food they've purchased, goes out of date and they throw it away... this is why humans deserve to die.. they are too stupid for their own good, they hear one word and panic and go on a binge buying spree.. lm sure if they just used what they've stock piled already in their cupboards, they'd have enough food to last till the next outbreak of something .. *Lix*only registered users can see external links

By licksipsuckit at 03,Mar,20 17:59
if everyone that gamed all day, got out and got a job, the world would be a much better place, l see so much wasted time used on games, lm sure they've broken a few homes, lve seen how my son acts while playing them, the broken controllers, the swearing and bullshit that goes with it. l don't begrudge anyone having some down time, but when the world revolves around them, and nothing gets done, like the lawn mowing and usual normal tasks, it makes me want to stomp the on console and chuck it out the window ... *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 03,Mar,20 02:04
what you fear most will kill you, so theyre all going to die in a avalanche of shitter paper and tin cans *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 28,Feb,20 15:12
did some one start a bonfire???? l can smell something burning *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 28,Feb,20 14:39
time to buy pharmaceutical shares Phart, not only do they make a fortune selling illegal drugs packaged as legal drugs, they also have millions of dollars thrown at them in donations every year for research !!! .. they sell most their products at extremely over inflated prices and just about everyone in the country takes something in a tablet ... *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 26,Feb,20 16:38
brainwashing is all it is *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 26,Feb,20 16:38
??? where did religion come into it??? that's a whole different load of bullshit. l say good on corona, the world needs less humans, theres a solution that nature has taken to wipe out a few. with less people the stockmarket doesn't need as much money. *Lix*

By licksipsuckit at 25,Feb,20 21:18

stick this in your faves and
this one has none *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 25,Feb,20 21:03
its called the 'blame game', and if we didn't do our jobs. lets blame it on china, corona, trump, bushfires, insurance companies or just the stock market wiping out a whole lot of bullshit money, that didn't exist in the first place, and blaming something unrelated to make you all think its a bad thing. well the stock markets are all bullshit and no substance, its a rich mans casino. and they use your money, your super and savings, to play their games. there is so much bullshit in these forums. not one person in history has or will ever have the answer or the solutions to solve ALL the worlds problems. and if the time wasted arguing was put to working, the problems probably would solve them selves in a minute ... *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 23,Feb,20 04:04
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By licksipsuckit at 23,Feb,20 04:00
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By licksipsuckit at 23,Feb,20 03:57
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By licksipsuckit at 23,Feb,20 03:49
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give it a beer from me *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 23,Feb,20 03:47
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