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By Fijibob4394 at 14,Oct,19 19:27
Love to take a big hard uncut cock in my mouth. The type with a large swollen head and a foreskin that stays over the tip even when hard, but with enough room to slip my tongue inside it and swirl it round the tip. Then when its wet enough slide my hard cock inside too, our tips rubbing together inside the warm grip of his foreskin. Playing like that until we both cum, filling his foreskin. Then back down with my tongue to slip inside his foreakin again and clean out that tasty mixed cum...
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Any volunteers...

By Fijibob4394 at 14,Jan,19 18:38
I love watching guys cum, especially if it's because they turned on looking at me wanking.

By Fijibob4394 at 14,Jan,19 18:35
I was giving an ex's pussy a good licking one time, she on her back and me kneeling at the edge of the bed. She asked me to lie down head just over the edge of the bed and she stood up, straddled my head. I remember her holding her lips apart for my tongue to tease deep inside. Then she put her hands on my chest and really started to grind her sweet wet pussy over my face. Best thing of all was she was a real squirter, absolutely covered me in her hot sweet juice. She really fucked my face hard! Amazing night!

By Fijibob4394 at 08,Jan,19 06:05
I'll give it a go then. Any prefs on colour? My wife has quite a few pairs i can squeeze into

By Fijibob4394 at 03,Dec,18 19:22
Would love to see you on there sometime!

By Fijibob4394 at 03,Dec,18 19:19
My wife squirts every time we fuck. I love it! She squirts all over my cock and if I'm licking her pussy she'll squirt all over my face. Tastes divine!!!

By Fijibob4394 at 30,Nov,18 17:29
I'd love to do this, just a bunch of guys and girls sitting round naked wanking. Each person playing with themselves until they cum.

By Fijibob4394 at 30,Nov,18 17:24
I vary between totally shaved and lightly trimmed, but always have my balls super smooth. That's how my wife likes them when she's licking them. Likewise I love super smooth lips as the feel amazing on my tongue, but don't mind if she's shaved, trimmed or bushy on her mound.

By Fijibob4394 at 30,Nov,18 17:11
Must admit I love wearing them. Not been brave enough to post a pic yet though. Should I?

By Fijibob4394 at 30,Nov,18 16:53
Love licking it off my fingers after a wank.

By Fijibob4394 at 29,Nov,18 17:33
Went on holiday to the Lake District in England one year. I'd plan a hike every day choosing fairly remote paths nowhere too busy. As soon as I was a few miles in I'd find a rocky outcrop or dry stone wall, lean back, drop my trousers, take off my top and have the most amazing wank. Saw people in the distance a few times and no idea if they could see me, but I got turned on thinking they could. Did that every day, even in the pouring rain. Rainwater running over my cock and balls and down my legs. Felt amazing being naked outdoors.

By Fijibob4394 at 24,Oct,16 07:50
I love being watched. Most I had was about 30-40 watching me on Chaturbate. Gave me an amazing orgasm knowing all these people were watching and hopefully getting turned on by watching me.

Anyone want to watch me?

By Fijibob4394 at 19,Sep,16 06:58
Another vote for Chaturbate.

By Fijibob4394 at 06,Sep,16 10:47
Lie down and Wank with your legs over your head so you can cum straight onto your face and into your mouth, feels and tastes great! I love it!

By Fijibob4394 at 06,Sep,16 10:26
I hope so! When I can I wait until it's dark, then turn the lights on in the bedroom so I'm all lit up, so it makes it perfectly clear what's happening. My dream would be to look over and see all my neighbours doing the same thing.
The other thing I like is being wanked off by my wife in the car while were driving. I've definitely been seen by a few truckers as she makes me cum.
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Sorry, that's replying to the wrong comment!

By Fijibob4394 at 06,Sep,16 06:32
We have floor to ceiling windows in our bedroom and I like to lie on the bed and wank myself off with the curtains open for the neighbours to see.

By Fijibob4394 at 05,Sep,16 06:55
I'm the same as a few others here. If I'm really horny and feel the need for a quickie handjob then I can cum in about 2.5 - 3 mins, but I can also stroke for ages if I want. Edging for hours is utterly amazing. 3-4 hours of intense edging with the biggest cum explosion and orgasm at the end.

By Fijibob4394 at 05,Sep,16 06:47
I shave my balls every day,and normally keep my pubes trimmed short, but went for the full shave again this morning. Love that totally smooth feeling.

By Fijibob4394 at 08,Aug,16 11:40
I like to stand back, undo the zip and button on my trousers, pull boxers down and lift shirt so anyone can get a really good view. Really wish someone would just reach out and stroke it while I piss, but so far no luck.

By Fijibob4394 at 07,Jan,16 08:41

By Fijibob4394 at 06,Jan,16 18:49
Love to hear what you think. Trying to tone up and lose a little weight so hopefully my ass will improve too...

By Fijibob4394 at 24,Dec,15 05:59
Trying to work out how to post a pic of mine here...

By Fijibob4394 at 22,Dec,15 05:36
Me too, it's something I'd love to try bit don't have the 'necessary equipment' to return the favour!

By Fijibob4394 at 08,Dec,15 04:14
Normally once a day, but the most I ever managed was 7 when I was younger. Not much cum on the last one, but my cock was so sensitive from all the rubbing that the last orgasm was the most intense

By Fijibob4394 at 26,Nov,15 03:42
I just posted a couple of soft pics on my page, think i might qualify as a grower!

By Fijibob4394 at 22,Oct,15 05:18
in my home office with the door open while the cleaner is here cleaning the house... Oh and i have SYD on the computer screen too...