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By AussieMan187 at 18,Jul,19 04:55
That's sweet, HotPussy. Thank you
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By AussieMan187 at 17,Jul,19 16:37
Here is a dick. Enjoy

By AussieMan187 at 15,Jul,19 06:42
I couldn't help myself

By AussieMan187 at 15,Jul,19 03:00
She got orangutan titties

By AussieMan187 at 15,Jul,19 02:56
Do you sleep with them in your mouth like a baby? & give them a motorboat from time to time?

By AussieMan187 at 25,Jun,19 18:56
You don't have to be a virgin to enjoy a pair of tits, bud.

By AussieMan187 at 24,Jun,19 18:21
I love waking up to a nice pair of tits in my face, Leo!

By AussieMan187 at 16,Jun,19 00:13
I would too if I could. I think such strict gun laws only disarm law abiding citizens.

By AussieMan187 at 15,Jun,19 20:36
People will kill without guns. If you ban guns, then criminals will still get their hands on them. Australia has the worlds strictest gun laws & shootings are on the rise here. I think everyone should have a gun on them at all times...

By AussieMan187 at 10,Jun,19 00:18

By AussieMan187 at 01,Jun,19 23:50
Either way, the way I see it, someone is getting shot no matter what. I think these guys are trying to redirect the aggression into something fun that could possibly bring people together, but of course there's always that humourless guy, one wrong look away from going berserk & shooting up a neighbourhood that will get caught up in this idea. It is wreckless I agree, they could have tried to get young kids getting into trouble to take up paintball as a hobby or something

By AussieMan187 at 01,Jun,19 22:08
Detroiters Are Waging Paintball Wars As A Way To Stop Gang Violence:
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By AussieMan187 at 28,May,19 18:25

By AussieMan187 at 27,May,19 21:11
That chick in the purple had some booty, goddamn

By AussieMan187 at 27,May,19 21:07
I look up weird stuff

By AussieMan187 at 27,May,19 08:01
Pete The Meat Puppet
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By AussieMan187 at 25,May,19 07:36
Cheers Leo

By AussieMan187 at 25,May,19 01:03
Of all the delights of this world man cares most for sexual intercourse. He will go any length for it-risk fortune, character, reputation, life itself. and what do you think he has done? He has left it out of his heaven! Prayer takes its place.

- Mark Twain

By AussieMan187 at 16,May,19 18:43
I tolerate him because if he wants to be a dick then he can show that to everyone that reads the posts here. I'm not going to ban him from this thread because I don't block people just because I don't agree with them, I can handle criticism or even verbal abuse, i'm not so soft that words from someone i've never met hurt my fucking feelings. If that was the case I would have left here long ago. I won't tolerate vile comments here though. Whatever was said in the past, let us forget from here on in, if dgraff agrees then I am willing to call a truce, i know he is reading this. I don't have the time or patience for shit talk here, I come here for fun.

By AussieMan187 at 10,May,19 17:58
That was an entertaining little story to read first thing in the morning, thank you

By AussieMan187 at 10,May,19 04:23
Death by snoo snoo

By AussieMan187 at 09,May,19 07:14
I don't know who it is

By AussieMan187 at 09,May,19 06:00
I know you like a challenge

By AussieMan187 at 08,May,19 21:01
Can you handle all of that woman Leo? You're not a young man anymore & she looks HUNGRY. You wouldn't fuck her, she'd fuck YOU lol, probably hold you down so you couldn't escape

By AussieMan187 at 08,May,19 20:57
What about the war of the hot vs cold water in the shower?

By AussieMan187 at 07,May,19 18:17

By AussieMan187 at 07,May,19 18:14

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What did the leper say to the prostitute?
Keep the tip!

By AussieMan187 at 04,May,19 17:31
Dumb People Who Gave Natural Selection The Middle Finger
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By AussieMan187 at 04,May,19 17:15
Is that a kebab?

By AussieMan187 at 04,May,19 17:14
30 years ago?! How flattering lix

By AussieMan187 at 02,May,19 06:16

By AussieMan187 at 02,May,19 06:16
Fuck you pencil dick

By AussieMan187 at 01,May,19 22:13
I've been trying to be friendly & civil dgraff, but you just can't help but to make smart arse comments. You're a dick head mate

By AussieMan187 at 01,May,19 20:25
You're a shit cunt dgraff you impotent flog

By AussieMan187 at 28,Apr,19 23:14
I've got nothing against hillbillys mate, it's just a joke, calm your farm

By AussieMan187 at 28,Apr,19 18:32
lol, yeah mate. Nice guys finish last, that's just the way it is

By AussieMan187 at 28,Apr,19 18:31
How do you give a hillbilly a circumcision?..

... Kick his sister in the jaw

By AussieMan187 at 28,Apr,19 18:30
Leo's never said anything unsavoury about me or my girlfriend, unlike others that have commented here, so why would I have any animosity towards him? As for inviting trouble to the thread, I can see that you're stirring up an argument here, so don't be a hypocrite dgraff...

By AussieMan187 at 28,Apr,19 05:58
I don't really like rap all that much, but here's a better one:
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You're bent over so I got an instant boner you're getting fucked til you're in a coma
I'll wake you up with your own clitorus aroma, the stench so foul you could wake up a corpse with the stinky odor
Your long shapey legs will be the things that will make a man **** your eggs and put his cock-head where you defecate dregs, fucking you til your twat bled and you feel hatred cause you're not dead
My dick is fatal from the cradle give you a sado-masochistic sensational facial, I got an empty wallet thanks to one of New York's little shop-o-holics
I ate out one of the spice girls her pussy tastes like garlic, that virgin Scarlet O'Whore, is in a flood of blood cause I left her gone with the skin, you got fungus on your cunt lips, You devour dicks in huge numbers, humungous cucumbers

Pussy is my weakness
It is my weakness
We'll kill for it
Rob for it
Skin for it
Motherfucker, I'm all for it
Pussy is my weakness
You fucking freak bitch
Bounce that ass up and down right on my cock
No funk you, skunkin just what you got

You major slut, you got my cock at attention your body's well proportioned become my next female soldier of foreskin
I got the cock in your mother we're clocking each other to get the puss all I needed was some crack rock and a rubber
You're masturbating as you get blunt dreaming about my hot jetsy spunk flying up into your wet cunt
My mood is lewd, lets get hormonal you're mad, don't give me the middle finger, shove that shit up into your own hole
So I can lick your bodacious titties for ages, hope you ain't contagious, cause the last water aspirated, I'm ripping you cunt I slide my cock in your ass like a clip in a gun you're drippin with cum, I'm irrational when I'm lickin your crack gashin hole, you're looking fashionable with your asshole full, you're gorgeous you love scum, you're young, you're dumb, so I make you cum cum cum and cum!

Suck this fucking cock
You motherfucking bitch
You stick loving slut
Work that pole bitch
Your fuckin hole
Spread your legs wide out
Let me fertilize your eggs
I know you love it when a bitch bent
You wanna swallow dickhead
Don't you front bitch
You know you want me, yeah
You scumbag bitch
I'll break your back, fuck your pussy 'til the walls hurt
I'll make my balls squirt on your small skirt

By AussieMan187 at 27,Apr,19 23:11
Thanks man

By AussieMan187 at 27,Apr,19 21:21
I'm a lucky man to have such a vivacious & cock hungry woman!

By AussieMan187 at 27,Apr,19 21:00
I like that bella is still checking out my hot arse I don't know why some people here, on a sex site, are so concerned with my sexual preferences. Maybe I am gay, so what? Maybe i'm not & I just love showing off my hot arse, maybe i'm bi-sexual... Maybe i'm A-sexual... If we're criticizing people here, even though I thought we were past all of this shit now, bella just can't help but to stick her nose in my business, then i'll say that bella thinks about my on the regular. Sorry bella, but I rarely think of you at all, you only pop up every now & then to remind me that you're a jealous drama queen can't stand the fact that someone here isn't playing your ridiculous game. I have a little giggle occasionally when I have been minding my own business for months & yet you come on here everyday & seethe when you see that lix & I are having a lot of sex & your vagina has been untouched for decades & has also formed dusty cobwebs. bella passed the ball to me the other day, I bet she laughed to herself evilly all day thinking that i'd be bewildered over it or something You're a sad person bella

By AussieMan187 at 24,Apr,19 22:32

By AussieMan187 at 24,Apr,19 19:40

By AussieMan187 at 24,Apr,19 19:39

By AussieMan187 at 24,Apr,19 19:38
I don't know about everyone else, but I think they call it a pussy because when you treat her good & stroke her right, then she'll purr like a fuckin' kitten in a basket of cotton balls

By AussieMan187 at 24,Apr,19 19:35
Yeah sweetness, you can assist me

By AussieMan187 at 24,Apr,19 07:06
You'd be my BAD 'good girl'

By AussieMan187 at 23,Apr,19 06:36
Then you'd be my 'good girl '

By AussieMan187 at 22,Apr,19 01:21
I must have imagined all of that sex we had the past 4 days