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By oldacock at 10,Oct,19 21:04
I started this thread so as to try to ascertain the attitude of ordinary citizens of the US. Obviously a significant percentage have no idea as to the damage that poor decisions can do the world economy, not just your own. In order to see how dire your national debt is, may I suggest you check out the following official site.
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In just over 30 seconds I watched it increase by a $$MILLION.

By oldacock at 09,Sep,19 03:14
Went to see what was on offer, not keen on loosing 23 points to boost your ego.

By oldacock at 16,Feb,19 20:09
If you question included and This Member Has Not Uploaded Any Photos Yet maybe the prize would be yours.

By oldacock at 21,Sep,18 19:04
An even bigger and better erection?

By oldacock at 05,Jul,18 00:17
You cut guys were maybe a bit too slow. When I saw the surgeon coming at me with the knife I screamed blue murder. I still have my foreskin.

By oldacock at 30,Jun,18 21:47
They're called nogonads.

By oldacock at 06,Oct,17 01:52
3.52 pm in my model railway room and heavy rain outside (about time too!).

By oldacock at 25,Aug,17 00:10
Don't bother, no cum and not worth 15 points.

By oldacock at 03,Aug,17 20:38
Wot woz the question and which day woz it?

By oldacock at 15,Feb,17 18:59
Seeing as you have not put where you are it is not surprising you don't know where we are. To arrive in another country you have to know your starting point. Once this information is available someone from Oz could offer guidance.

By oldacock at 06,Dec,16 18:11
Another way to overcome this issue is to use a webcam. You can set it up and just watch yourself on screen. As soon as you have achieved a decent erection you can either take single shots or a video clip depending on the final result you want, for example, a cum video. Once you are feeling comfortable with your results you could then move onto Skypeing if you wish.

By oldacock at 02,Dec,16 17:57
Wish I could help, but I am even further away. Really surprised that no one is interested, or are all the locals really that mean-spirited?

By oldacock at 16,Nov,16 21:08
Good luck with that, hope you don't get killed in the rush!

By oldacock at 16,Nov,16 20:42
Fully understand what has been said. Problem occurs when you see a cock you like and contact the guy. All seems good and after arrangements have been made and excitement has built up, the guy is a no show. Phhhht!!!

By oldacock at 31,Oct,16 16:17
Could never forget Rubber Ball. Used to sing "I've got rubber balls they keep bouncing back to me." Odds are I was not alone.

By oldacock at 26,Oct,16 22:48
This question reminds me of an old cigarette ad. It went like this......... Daytime or nighttime it's always the right time to light up a .....I suppose if you rub out a beauty that would count as being lit up ??

By oldacock at 18,Sep,16 21:55
I prefer cocks in full technicolour.

By oldacock at 20,Aug,16 03:49
I would very much like to explain, but this would mean betraying a confidence. I do feel sorry for houghton, maybe I am misguided, but it is surprising that no-one has even tried to contact him.

By oldacock at 17,Aug,16 00:42
Have chatted with houghton. His problem is that he does not have a cam and his present situation means that is unlikely to change. He would desperately like someone to help him out. I live in Australia so it is impossible for me to. Why is it that there no local guys willing to help out? So far only one reply and that as usual is critical, where are the decent considerate guys willing to help?

By oldacock at 19,Jul,16 20:43
I sincerely hope you are not killed in the rush!

By oldacock at 11,Jul,16 21:14
I agree with you entirely. This site used to be really good with plenty of guys who were very easy to get along with. A while back I helped a 34 yo guy from UK overcome his shyness and with me directing he took a decent number of pictures and video clips that proved he really got into it. Luckily I saved the pictures because he deleted his profile then with a new profile banned me shortly afterwards. He is still a coward, won't show his cock even now sticks to just 4 pics showing absolutely nothing. A real wimp.

By oldacock at 11,Jul,16 21:06
Only if I was feeling suicidal.

By oldacock at 30,Apr,16 18:10
What sex is a fart?