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My wife's slutty adventures 27,Jul,17 10:36


By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Apr,18 11:15
I was at Lowe's this morning and I I went to the restroom, the guy next to me had a fucking monster cock! I walked out and went up to my wife and when he walked out I told her how big his dick was I fingered her right there in the store

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Apr,18 11:01
Oh dude it feels amazing especially if the guy she was with had a really big dick

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Apr,18 10:46
If they're big I like looking at it soft

By Wannasuck1sobad at 15,Feb,18 10:55
So so sad

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 12:22
For a thin guy you are small
- Carrie

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 12:19
Kung-fu penis
Yay for me!!!
- Carrie

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 12:07
Naughtyjay69 you have a very nice big cock

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 12:03
From a woman's prospective...
Keep them at least trimmed, I like them shaved, they look more appealing (also look bigger 😘
- Carrie

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 12:00
I agree 100%

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 11:59
My God that's big!!
- Carrie

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 11:57
From a woman's prospective...
I don't like or dislike the taste of cum, with that being said when I'm giving a guy head I usually want his cum, it's like my reward for doing a good job. Only once did I almost gag and that wasn't because of the taste. I hooked up with a guy at a club and we went out to the parking lot, he has a really big dick so I try to deepthroat it and once it's halfway down my throat he decides to cum. I was really up set one because it was all over my shirt and two he was big so I wanted to fuck him
- Carrie

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 11:48

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 11:42
Just posted a new adventure
- Carrie

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 11:38
Nice... That thing is worth showing off

By Wannasuck1sobad at 03,Aug,17 14:53
Thank you so much

By Wannasuck1sobad at 03,Aug,17 14:52
We can meet halfway

By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 23:06
I'm not much of a Nascar fan but the track in Virginia had an open urinal and this guy was pissing and his dick was freaking huge. He was drunk as hell and he was showing it off, if my **** in law wasn't outside waiting on me I would have probably sucked his dick

By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 22:59
I would probably straight up ask you if I could suck it

By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 22:18
You're only about 3 hours away

By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 22:14
I first realized when I joined the Marine corps, I was the smallest guy in the shower 😟

By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 22:08
Okay like me... I've always needed a bigger one to satisfy me. I've done keggle keggle exercises and all that but still I need something girthy. It's not that I'm a shallow gal or anything I just need thickness, I've faked many if times and tried to make a guy feel good that's average but it
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Just makes me feel horrible about myself. I guess I married the perfect guy because he gets turned on by my whatever you would call it. Not every woman that wants big is just shallow, I wish an average in would rock my world

By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 20:12
You have a very big dick
- Carrie

By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 20:10
Mmm nice big dick
- Carrie

By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 20:09
Oh my!!!! Very sexy

By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 20:07
Just posted a new adventure 😘

By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 20:07
Mmmm we can arrange something

By Wannasuck1sobad at 29,Apr,17 13:17
Tallon77 I would love to suck your big dick

By Wannasuck1sobad at 29,Apr,17 12:43
Same situation my wife and I have. I love her naughty side

By Wannasuck1sobad at 29,Apr,17 12:41
That's entirely up to you, only you know how you will take it.
You can message me if you want details in how I felt about my wife doing it ...(I love talking about it)

By Wannasuck1sobad at 29,Apr,17 12:21
If I had a dick as big as yours I'd want the world to know too

By Wannasuck1sobad at 29,Apr,17 12:18
I would

By Wannasuck1sobad at 26,Jan,17 18:07
I've seen my wife jack another guy off and it was amazing

By Wannasuck1sobad at 24,Jan,17 15:21
Yeah if you whipped that big thing out at a urinal next to me I'd immediately drop to my knees

By Wannasuck1sobad at 24,Jan,17 15:16
Btw nice dick Marc...
Maybe we could all 3 meet and we can share your big dick

By Wannasuck1sobad at 24,Jan,17 15:02
I'd be willing to meet if we can take turns

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Jan,17 11:05
So hot

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Jan,17 11:02
This is obviously something that women like because before I started letting my wife "play" I had found numerous guys that had jacked off for her on Facebook

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Jan,17 10:57
Early on in my marriage I had sucked a few cocks most of his he time I was drunk and didn't remember much about it. I did enjoy it a lot but it was the first time I sucked a really big dick was when I became addicted

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Jan,17 10:48
I love it

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Jan,17 10:45
It helps now that this site has a "Who lives near you" kinda thing. Plus people who post their location can help. Since I've been on this site it has landed me a couple of nice cocks. But in public and face to face I'm not sure

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Jan,17 10:36
I would love to suck your big dick

By Wannasuck1sobad at 11,Aug,16 10:12
More often than not this is a let down when you sneak a peek but occasionally...there's a nice big one

By Wannasuck1sobad at 11,Aug,16 10:03
This kinda opened the door for me and my wife's "hotwife" lifestyle. We were on vacation and the guys swimming trunks were completely see thru and his dick was huge! My wife stared at his cock, I asked her on the elevator on our way back to our room if she liked what she saw... To my surprise she said yes