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Playing with your pussy during work? 18,Jun,19 00:05


By 2xTheOral at 19,Jun,19 01:36
Fuck yes, that's so hot! ..checked out your pics as well- sexy

By 2xTheOral at 18,Jun,19 20:26
Every once in a while I manage to play with my pussy as I am driving, even more often parked..haha

By 2xTheOral at 18,Jun,19 20:21
So hot, where do you go to play with yourself? Or how do you play it off??

By 2xTheOral at 25,May,19 20:41
I love to talk dirty and be talked dirty to! Its fucking hott to me, gets me super wet too 💦😊 ...i do have a hard time finding good porn with dirty talking in it..

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By 2xTheOral at 11,Aug,16 02:40
You should definitely let her!! -at least let her lick,tickle, and finger your ass..coming from a will be soo fucking hott for the both of you and it feels great- if you found a girl who actually wants to and enjoys doing it..take advantage of the opportunity - my man and I both enjoy doing it to eachother and it feels awesome 😋

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...some asshole with a lil pussy...

By 2xTheOral at 05,Aug,16 03:37
For whatever reason, to most girls, pre cum doesn't count..either because it's sweeter or so much subtler that she doesn't even notice the pre cum at all....don't ask!! ..coming from a female..if you want her to keep sucking you off..don't even bring it up..especially if she scares so easily and makes demands like to never cum in her mouth already..

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...only been on this site for about 2 weeks, so far this is the most popular of our pics..

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By 2xTheOral at 24,Jul,16 00:35
I enjoy watching her make another guy cum.

By 2xTheOral at 24,Jul,16 00:34
I love it!

By 2xTheOral at 24,Jul,16 00:32
I enjoy watching my girl get fucked. I like watching her ride cowgirl on another guys hard dick. When she is reverse cowgirl I like to lick her clit. She can not get pregnant so she has asked other guys to cum in her pussy and then I would fuck and cum in her pussy too. I would sometimes eat cum out of her pussy.

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By 2xTheOral at 24,Jul,16 00:28
I couldn't say which I like better. I love the taste of my girls sweet pussy and I enjoy having a big hard cock in my mouth.

By 2xTheOral at 24,Jul,16 00:26
When my Girl and I have another guy join us and I'm sucking his cock... she really gets into it and starts talking nasty to both of us. She has recorded video of me giving head.

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By 2xTheOral at 06,Jul,16 23:47
I think is hot!