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By cutroundhead at 26,Mar,20 08:19
Long and thin goes right in, but short and thick does the trick...

By cutroundhead at 26,Mar,20 08:12
It's a fine specimen...big and circumcised, large helmet, nice low danglers and plenty of must be proud to show it off

By cutroundhead at 26,Mar,20 08:10
I've always been embarrassed by my small cock- it seems to be the tiniest in the showers; but as I get older I have come to accept it and don't worry any more what anyone thinks. So it's a locker-room problem rather than bedroom problem. But I certainly don't crave any humiliation!

By cutroundhead at 11,Mar,20 04:18
circumcised, soft and commando....

By cutroundhead at 10,Mar,20 05:21
Poking out of my jockstrap...

By cutroundhead at 10,Mar,20 05:19
What I see when I unzip...

By cutroundhead at 10,Mar,20 05:15
I like standing up when I wank and despoting a big load on the top of a table or desk...then wipe it up with a paper towel; or sometimes I jizz into my thick bush and leave it there to dry in all the hair...messy, but fun.

By cutroundhead at 21,Feb,20 06:41
Cock in hand showing my scar area nicely

By cutroundhead at 21,Feb,20 03:24
My balls with limp cock

By cutroundhead at 21,Feb,20 03:21
Mine head piss-slit is more towards the underside of my helmet

By cutroundhead at 21,Feb,20 03:17
Long and thin goes right in, but short and thick does the trick...

By cutroundhead at 13,Feb,20 09:34
I've always done a lot of exercise, running, gym, etc and never had a problem with being hairy down there...I keep it clean and sweet smelling with a daily shower

By cutroundhead at 13,Feb,20 02:22
For me, the hairier the better...I think a guy looks more manly with a full bush. I notice a few younger guys I see in the showers manscape, but don't shave completely...

By cutroundhead at 12,Feb,20 06:30
I was circumcised when I was 65 because of recurrent balanitis problems, so no choice in the end: but I love the result. I think it looks better, maintenance is easier and sex and wanking are better without the foreskin in the way and my knob tingles whenever I feel horny, which it never did before

By cutroundhead at 12,Feb,20 06:27
This is my 5 incher...circumcised in 2009 because of recurring balanities problems, so no choice...but I love the result...much better all round...looks, sex, maintenance

By cutroundhead at 12,Feb,20 02:22
even better...

By cutroundhead at 11,Feb,20 06:05
My lubed cock in hand

By cutroundhead at 11,Feb,20 05:37
My hairy contrubution

By cutroundhead at 11,Feb,20 05:35
Hairy enough?

By cutroundhead at 11,Feb,20 05:33
OK, here you are!

By cutroundhead at 11,Feb,20 05:31
It's true that older guys aren't shy about being nude in the change room...that;'s how we were brought up; but the new 'snowflake' culture means that most younger guys are terrified of their tackle being seen in the chnage room. And, yes, newer facilities don't have communal showers. It's not a matter of 'showing off' but just doing what is'd strip off and walk nude into the shoiwer at home, so why not also when you're at the gym or sports club?

By cutroundhead at 11,Feb,20 05:27
Two cocks in the hand are worth more than one in the bush!

By cutroundhead at 11,Feb,20 05:25
Here's my 5 incher

By cutroundhead at 11,Feb,20 05:22
This is mine, 'head on'...

By cutroundhead at 11,Feb,20 05:19
You have a magnificent helmet and it;'s unusually large for an uncircumcised guy. My theory is that circumcised guys tend to have larger helmets because they can grow without being restricted by a tight foreskin. I hope you keep yours out on display for everyone to see. This is my knob...circumcised cock and much smaller helmet

By cutroundhead at 05,Feb,20 05:43
Shrinking, but it does get smaller

By cutroundhead at 05,Feb,20 05:43
Mine also shrinks when cold or after strenuous exercise...just a little helmet peeking out of a jungle of bush...and sometimes the shaft skin flops over part of my knob so that I look uncircumcised

By cutroundhead at 05,Feb,20 03:05
Yes, speedos have much less resistance when you're doing lengths in the pool. I wish my helmet was prominent enough to confirm my circumcised status when wearing speedos!

By cutroundhead at 03,Feb,20 08:54
That's good...keep it that way. Proper swimmers always wear speedos, even if they're the trunk type and in France one is not allowed into a public pool in swimming shorts...speedos only!

By cutroundhead at 03,Feb,20 06:31
Nude is best, but speedos if I have to wear anything; but they seem to be out of fashion these days, so I wear them less, and it would be great if my helmet were bigger so that the outline showed through!

By cutroundhead at 03,Feb,20 04:10
lucky guy!

By cutroundhead at 03,Feb,20 04:07
I personally think it would look better circumcised...your skinned back pic with your big helmet out on display looks more impressive and masculine to me than the one with the skin forwards or half covering the helmet

By cutroundhead at 15,Jan,20 06:58
that's the way it should be

By cutroundhead at 15,Jan,20 04:29
my erection...

By cutroundhead at 15,Jan,20 04:27
My messy and still hard cock

By cutroundhead at 15,Jan,20 04:22
You have no worries with a cock that's very average, so just strip off and let everyone see it

By cutroundhead at 14,Jan,20 03:03
pity we can't have a j/o together!

By cutroundhead at 08,Jan,20 02:43
A big turnoff for me...guys should wear male underwear or, preferably, nothing at all...

By cutroundhead at 07,Jan,20 06:26
As near as I can get...I bet I'm smaller than you!

By cutroundhead at 07,Jan,20 05:31
That's'll have to try 'harder' next time

By cutroundhead at 07,Jan,20 05:30
Good for you...I also like the freedom of going commando...and access is much easier for a pee or a jerk-off

By cutroundhead at 07,Jan,20 03:41
I love the feeling when my hand works its way up my shaft, over my circ scar and then hits the helmet rim...dry at first but some lube later on smoothes the way to a satisfying climax

By cutroundhead at 07,Jan,20 03:37
I can make just about 5 inches, but very thin...always the smallest in the showers

By cutroundhead at 07,Jan,20 03:34
Nice hairy balls...plumper than mine

By cutroundhead at 07,Jan,20 03:32
It looks quite a useful size when hard...

By cutroundhead at 07,Jan,20 03:32
My knob hiding in bush

By cutroundhead at 06,Jan,20 04:12
Yes, the risk of being disocvered makes my cock even harder than normal and the shoot off more intense.

By cutroundhead at 04,Jan,20 10:34
Lovely big helmet and full bush

By cutroundhead at 04,Jan,20 10:33
Apart from the tent that you'll be displaying, watch out for precum spots on your pants! Did you score with the lady? I'm sure she'd have liked to investigate your 'parts' too!

By cutroundhead at 03,Jan,20 03:07
Good for must be impressive when people can you your helmet outline...