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By cutroundhead at 24,May,19 04:31
I'm sure women do like low hanging balls...something to grab on to while they're sucking a big cock. I wish mine hung lower than they do

By cutroundhead at 23,May,19 03:19
Yes, it's a pity that newer change facilities in the UK seem to have dispensed with open showers...a sign of our uptight times.

By cutroundhead at 20,May,19 05:21
It looks good hodded with just the tip of your helmet showing

By cutroundhead at 20,May,19 03:46
My balls

By cutroundhead at 17,May,19 06:23
handling my soft cock

By cutroundhead at 15,May,19 04:46
I used to use my right hand exclusively but have trained my left hand so I can work the mouse with my right at the same time. Different hands give different sensations on my knob..

By cutroundhead at 15,May,19 03:01
Nice hairy balls...and a big thick cock too!

By cutroundhead at 15,May,19 03:00
Hold tight...I'm about to shoot..

By cutroundhead at 14,May,19 10:20
There's certainly no doubt as to your circ stayus in this pic..looks good and hope you get comments on it!

By cutroundhead at 14,May,19 05:51
I have a small cock (5 inches) but thin too...always seems to be the smallest in the showers and locker room, but gets hard and has worked well sexually

By cutroundhead at 14,May,19 05:48
Down is better, especially if you're circumcised with a big helmet and the outline shows clearly

By cutroundhead at 14,May,19 05:45
Holding it up...

By cutroundhead at 14,May,19 05:42
Yes, absolutely right...shaved pubes look like plucked chickens!

By cutroundhead at 14,May,19 05:39
I see cocks all the time in the gym change room and showers and at sports club...but sneaky looks only and nothing more than that...

By cutroundhead at 14,May,19 05:31
My balls

By cutroundhead at 01,May,19 03:53
Here's some hair for you...

By cutroundhead at 01,May,19 03:46
Pity that isn't the case any longer!

By cutroundhead at 29,Apr,19 03:43
It's an impressive cock and I like the hooded hard-on with just the tip of your knob showing

By cutroundhead at 28,Apr,19 10:12 you are

By cutroundhead at 28,Apr,19 10:05
Mine is just on 5 inches..

By cutroundhead at 23,Apr,19 12:10
I#m very happy to be circumcised after suffering from balanitis for years...circumcision was the only the problem is gone, I think my cock looks w=better with a bare helment than a shrivelled foreskin, sex and wanking feel better without a foreskin in the way and it's so much easier to maintain. But I guess it's a very personal matter...

By cutroundhead at 22,Apr,19 11:14
You have the advantage of a hairy belly and chest too...

By cutroundhead at 22,Apr,19 07:38
Here I am..

By cutroundhead at 21,Apr,19 04:49
Your cock size looks fine and it's thick too which should keep your girl satisfied...

By cutroundhead at 17,Apr,19 03:36
preferably nothing

By cutroundhead at 14,Apr,19 05:36
I think the hairier the better! This is mine..

By cutroundhead at 14,Apr,19 05:34
Although I had no choice in the end because of recurring balanitis, I'm very happy with my circumcision done 10 years ago at age is much better without a foreskin getting in the way and the sensations I get on my helmet are amazing. I also think a cock looks better with a bare helmet out in the open and maintenance is much matter how clean I kept my cock, there was always a slight odour from it when I had the foreskin. So, if you want it, go for it...

By cutroundhead at 14,Apr,19 05:30
I was circumcised ten years ago for balanitis problems and my helmet is now more sensitive sexually than it was before. I tingles whenever iIfeel a bit horny (ie most of the time) and the sensations I get from sex and wanking are amazing...the feeling on the top of the helmet when fucking is mind-blowing!I think it varies enormously from one guy to another.

By cutroundhead at 13,Apr,19 12:51
My circumcision is reasonably loose and when soft shaft skin bunches up and hides my circ scar whicvh is up near the helmet rim; but when I'm hard I can pull the skin only just on to the rim of my helmet. I was circumcised when I was 65 for balanitis problems, so had to be guide by the surgeon as to what style he used...I would have preferred it a bit tighter.

By cutroundhead at 08,Apr,19 05:33
1 unzip
2 get cock out (easier if going commando)
3 give it a few strokes up and down to get a good hard-on (if not already hard)
4 run fist up shaft with thumb rubbing, over the circ scar and on to helmet, while finger works frenum area- dry at first to get some friction, though precum may help lube
5 as about to shoot apply some lube to top of helmet and under pee hole
6 whack hard, concentrating on top of helmet and frenulum area
7 shoot big load- on to desk or into bush; grip shaft hard to keep sensation going
8 wipe and, put cock back into jeans
6 relax

By cutroundhead at 05,Apr,19 03:12
soft and hairy

By cutroundhead at 04,Apr,19 10:32
Peeking out of my jockstrap

By cutroundhead at 04,Apr,19 09:55
I'm always delighted by any compliments on my cock as I've always had a complex about its small size...

By cutroundhead at 04,Apr,19 03:27
I think bush is best...the wilder the better

By cutroundhead at 02,Apr,19 06:46
I lube up shaft and helmet, run my fist up shaft so my thumb goes over my circ scar (very sensitive...) then hits my helmet rim and runs over the top (lovely...) while a finger works the frenum area underneath the hlemt...and as I work up to shooting I concentrate oin the frenum and whack it had so when I do cum the jizz flies everywhere.

By cutroundhead at 01,Apr,19 04:30
My hairy balls

By cutroundhead at 01,Apr,19 03:55
My jockstrap bulge

By cutroundhead at 30,Mar,19 07:36
My cock when soft

By cutroundhead at 30,Mar,19 07:26
try going commando!

By cutroundhead at 27,Mar,19 03:31
Nice thick cock with a big helmet and lots of bush...does your foreskin stay retracted even when you're soft?

By cutroundhead at 24,Mar,19 07:41
Building up to a full hard-on

By cutroundhead at 23,Mar,19 06:59
I always use lube otherwise I get friction burns on my knob! (Swiss Navy is qood, silicone, non oily and doesn't dry up)...
if nothing else available, saliva will always do

By cutroundhead at 22,Mar,19 05:14
I can wank dry up to the stage of almost shooting, even rubbing my knob too but then need lube to finish off

By cutroundhead at 15,Mar,19 11:16
yes, whatever size cock one has!

By cutroundhead at 14,Mar,19 13:28
I'm happy to be circumcised and show off my cock

By cutroundhead at 07,Mar,19 07:08
Sorry...wrong pic
This is the right one

By cutroundhead at 07,Mar,19 07:07
This is what I find when I look in my jockstrap

By cutroundhead at 07,Mar,19 06:59
Looking down at mine

By cutroundhead at 07,Mar,19 04:52
Mine's also 5 inches long, but very thin...and it's girth that counts when you're fucking your girl

By cutroundhead at 04,Mar,19 06:33
how does my little fella rate?