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By togger78 at 20,Jan,18 16:29
in a used pair of dirty smelly knickers after you have give them a good sniff

By togger78 at 21,Feb,17 10:25
yes girls panties well better than mens underpants I love too wear the wifes most of the time

By togger78 at 21,Feb,17 07:44
I love too play with you can play with mine

By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 22:49
am going try amazon see what there panties are like

By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 05:42
is there somethinking wrong with us guys who like sniff & wank in there wifes /sisters or anybodes knickers

By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 05:29
am wearing a pair of the wifes pair of black &white silk ones they feel so good onbut my pants slide down a bit so keep on pullimg them in case the wifes sees what am wearing

By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 01:34
yes mee jerking off now

By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 01:32
I whould have taken them and jerked why I was sniffing them

By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 01:27
I do agree with you on that men underwear are boring so I started wearing the wifes afew years ago now I just love wearing them but I will after by my own sometime

By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 01:13
mine to I get her face down on the bed I get on top and start to bang away at that arse she loves doggy style

By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 01:08
I like too stand in front of the mirror with a pair of knickers down to my knees then shoot my load in to them

By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 01:00
twice aday me in the morning watching upskirts videos the afternoon wank again to men jerking off

By togger78 at 18,Feb,17 11:26
I get mine from m&s &tescos

By togger78 at 18,Feb,17 11:24
check my profile

By togger78 at 18,Feb,17 07:55
am 56 m I wank off twice a day morning time watching upskirts videos in the afternoon wank again watching men jerk off

By togger78 at 18,Feb,17 00:56
with me its got to be upskirts videos all them sexy panties

By togger78 at 18,Feb,17 00:50
I love sniffing dirty panties the smell gets me nice and hard then I start too bash the bishop why am siffing them

By togger78 at 18,Feb,17 00:39
am hoping too meet someone off here soon a wank and suck why am sniffing is wifes dirty panties

By togger78 at 18,Feb,17 00:21
god love wearing panties am wearing a pair now a pair of black and purple pair

By togger78 at 18,Feb,17 00:13
yes right I go to marks &spencers /tescos for mypanties and go self check out too

By togger78 at 12,Feb,17 12:15
mines ucut

By togger78 at 12,Feb,17 12:12
love the panties whos are they

By togger78 at 03,Feb,17 01:52
when was it the first time you wanked off and why

By togger78 at 03,Feb,17 01:51
it was my mate he was sniffing is sisters knickers room