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By Kwilla at 08,May,20 22:16
When i was 21 i slept with a lady who was 42 (gave the best blow jobs ever) and when i was 46 i went out with a 20 year old drop dead gorgeous gal

By Kwilla at 08,May,20 22:12
I never tasted my sperm except for kissing my gal after i nutted in her mouth. But my new gal loves for me to blow my load on her face and tits and i lick it off and with my tongue feed it back to her. Yum!

By Kwilla at 08,May,20 22:09
I am large large according to Your scale

By Kwilla at 11,Sep,19 15:29
My gal asked me if I have ever tasted my own cum. I told I had not unless it was a kiss after I came in her mouth (she had swallowed it by then). She wanted me to taste it since it routinely pull out of her pussy after I cum (bareback) and have her sick it clean. She knew my link: giving her a huge facial so she suggested that I could blast her face whenever i wanted to as long as I fed her the cum from her face with my tongue. So now I bust my nut on nur on her face and happily lick it up and feed her tongue full after tongue full. Best idea ever!

By Kwilla at 11,Sep,19 05:57
Yes she does love my fatty!

By Kwilla at 10,Sep,19 22:13

By Kwilla at 10,Sep,19 22:11
Heres mine

By Kwilla at 10,Sep,19 13:19

By Kwilla at 28,May,19 14:40
I had a chick who loved for me to cum in her coffee or oatmeal. Then I would save it all week and she would pour my weeks worth of cum into her glass of milk or whatever breakfast food she was having. If I jerked off into her food watching her drink/eat it for me so hot I would jerk off again

By Kwilla at 01,Mar,19 16:26
When I got caught screwing my roommates mother in the room we rented to her in our duplex. I was 19 and she was in her 40s. He played it a little but then admtthat his mom (divorced) had the hots for me. We took it to a hotel after that.

By Kwilla at 01,Mar,19 16:23
No I just change and get on with it. I donít turn away from guys coming out of the showers (how can you not notice?) but I respect privacy when guys are just changing in or out of gym clothes

By Kwilla at 01,Mar,19 09:59
Only by one gal- a light skinned gal who used a dildo to practice sucking my dick. It was heaven when she took every inch of me.

By Kwilla at 17,Dec,18 16:12
Into a girls champagne glass as I she and I snuck into the bathroom right before the New Years ball dropped. She drank it down at midnight:champagne cum and all. It was a exciting New Year with her...

By Kwilla at 26,Apr,18 23:41
I have anal once. The head of my dick is big and a lot of women simply tell me know. Itís the fear factor. Many girls wonít even let me try.

By Kwilla at 20,Apr,18 11:16
Circumcised when I was an infant. Absolutely no memories of the surgery

By Kwilla at 16,Apr,18 09:31
I can believe it! Very delectable! Gorgeous! Awesome body!

By Kwilla at 08,Apr,18 19:47
No. I like the comments and of course the compliments.

By Kwilla at 08,Apr,18 19:46
Like to compare in whatís out there. My gal likes to look over my shoulder as we go through the pics

By Kwilla at 02,Apr,18 18:48
Trade one inch of girth for length. Mine looks shorter than it is because itís so thick

By Kwilla at 02,Apr,18 17:10
I love girls interacial or not but two of my best lovers I had were black girls. They were like sexual dynamos. The only deepthroat I ever got was from a light skinned beauty.

By Kwilla at 02,Apr,18 17:06
I have a above average sized cock (especially girth) and I still have a high sex drive even at my age.?

By Kwilla at 15,Mar,18 17:49
I was just given a name that I have just adopted.: ThickDick before it was just my fatty. One gf of mine called it her Anaconda. I like my new one : ThickDick

By Kwilla at 14,Mar,18 11:09
I use to jerk off into a plastic container every day I didnít see my gal freeze it add some more then Re-freeze it until I had a fair amount. I would bring it to her and she would add it to her hot cereal coffee even gulp it Dow straight (once it warmed up). She would lick it clean and ask for a refill. Kinkiest time is when I blew my load on her face as she drank my cum from the container down.

By Kwilla at 11,Mar,18 22:50
Mine is just under 7Ē long the head 7 7/8Ē around and the shaft is 6 3/4Ē around. Mine is so thick it looks shorter.

By Kwilla at 11,Mar,18 16:45
That is really tempting! I love having someone gag on my fat dick. I would definitely choke you on my fatty. Then have to cum on your gave afterwards.

By Kwilla at 30,May,17 15:18
I use to freeze it for my gal. Jerk off all week then feed it to her on Sat or Sunday

By Kwilla at 30,May,17 13:54
I have tasted it when I kiss my girl after I have cum in her mouth but that's about it

By Kwilla at 25,May,17 10:41
Yes I was. I was fucking her in their bed when he pulled up. She got dressed and intercepted him in the living room. I got dressed myself crawled out the window across the lawn, and jumped behind a hedge. Made my way to my car and reclined the seat all the way and drove off. The two cum puddles on the sheets gave us away anyway and later on he recognized that that truck was mine. He never talked to me again (we were school mates

By Kwilla at 19,May,17 08:53
Showing mine off...

By Kwilla at 19,May,17 08:31
C. Both

By Kwilla at 17,Apr,17 13:54
I have sex with three black women. I found them be insatiable lovers. One I could get off with my fingers two or three times in a row. The contrast between their flesh and mine was awesome! They found me to be the biggest they had but not necessarily the longest. They commented I must have beeen a black dude in white skin. One loved facials and the color of my cum on her darker skin drove me nuts. Nothing sexier

By Kwilla at 12,Apr,17 16:30
Porn that includes women eating creampies, anal sex cum facial shots and deepthroats

By Kwilla at 07,Apr,17 17:56
Nine women. Same three three times in a week. Woke up with one-had sex before I left, at lunch a married woman (showered before at the gym) then a casino worker before she went on the swing shift. Then my steady whom I woke up with. They worked steady jobs set schedules. Easy to work all three in. Those were my days off. The other days I worked construction and had long days. Those were the best times

By Kwilla at 07,Apr,17 08:53
I never heard a thing about them. Really I hardly ever comment on others and don't post anything ****! Wow! Where are these reports at?

By Kwilla at 07,Apr,17 07:45
I had one kinky gal who loved drinking cum from my condoms (we are clean the condom was to prevent babies) from a cup I would jerk off into. Miss her.

By Kwilla at 07,Apr,17 07:42
Depends on my partner. Some love for me to talk dirty others don't really care. I myself love talking dirty.

By Kwilla at 04,Apr,17 08:45
Love those facial pics. Hot!

By Kwilla at 24,Mar,17 12:56
Oh I love this picture! Thank you

By Kwilla at 22,Mar,17 09:11
Love your page, love your pics!

By Kwilla at 20,Mar,17 20:51
Love your pages! Pictures are awesome

By Kwilla at 20,Mar,17 20:49
Not a problem.

By Kwilla at 20,Mar,17 20:33
Very long! Nice!

By Kwilla at 19,Mar,17 20:44
Here is mine