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embarrassed to show small cock 28,Nov,18 08:47
Have you come across girls that squirt when cumming? 29,Oct,18 08:20
Comparing size 01,Aug,18 11:04
Who likes small cocks? 18,Dec,17 05:32


By tinypeepee at 28,May,20 12:12
one pic for each inch of your cock plus a bit more

By tinypeepee at 01,Feb,20 06:17
Tell us more: did you cum? did he cum? does he have a big cock? is he your husband's brother or your sister's husband?

By tinypeepee at 21,Jan,20 16:47
I do wish I had a couple of inches - it would make going in from behind much easier without breaking my back

By tinypeepee at 20,Jan,20 04:42
My wife can only cum if she's on top so she can grind her clit on my pelvis without my cock slipping out of her cunt.

By tinypeepee at 01,Sep,19 13:43
OK but let me squeeze your cock between my bottom cheeks a few times before you insert it into my hole...

By tinypeepee at 01,Sep,19 08:42
I'd love you to insert your cock into it

By tinypeepee at 30,Aug,19 18:31

By tinypeepee at 09,Apr,19 09:07
about 2.5 inches here

By tinypeepee at 09,Apr,19 09:05
It's nearly all foreskin with not much inside it but it looks quite cute

By tinypeepee at 06,Mar,19 07:23
I'm very small so most guys' dicks look really big which fascinates and arouses me. I must admit I do feel a tiny bit envious but that's part of the fun!

By tinypeepee at 14,Feb,19 06:54
Mine is too small to fill my hand

By tinypeepee at 12,Feb,19 04:30
If I had a real cunt like you I wouldn't need to bother with the hassle of using my ass!

By tinypeepee at 12,Feb,19 02:41
I do love anal when it goes right but beside being painful sometimes it can be messy even when I've prepared myself. I've messed up a few guys' dicks and it is embarrassing. I try to get him to put on a condom.

By tinypeepee at 09,Jan,19 09:54
I'm only really attracted to cocks bigger than mine - which is most I admit. Although small cocks are easier for anal and don't choke or gag you so much they don't have the awesome homoerotic attraction a large penis.

By tinypeepee at 17,Dec,18 02:38
It's definitely bigger than mine!

By tinypeepee at 28,Nov,18 13:21
I'd stick it up my bum - or at least try

By tinypeepee at 28,Nov,18 08:50
I don't think it's gay to try it out but be gentle with that thing - you have a sexy but very thick penis - remember to use lots of lube

By tinypeepee at 28,Nov,18 08:38
I'd love to suck on that big fat meat stick but please don't push my head down and choke me and make me gag

By tinypeepee at 02,Nov,18 19:43
well you have quite a thick cock which supports my theory...

By tinypeepee at 02,Nov,18 19:42
Being small makes me feel very fem and sexy when I look at big hung men

By tinypeepee at 22,Oct,18 10:05
That really is dirty!

By tinypeepee at 21,Oct,18 11:00
We'd broken up already because she wouldn't let me fuck her. I think she was planning to let him fuck her but he wanted a threesome so it was kind of poetic justice - she was so pissed off me taking her place

By tinypeepee at 19,Oct,18 04:31
How about knitting a cock cosy to keep that big cock nice and warm

By tinypeepee at 15,Oct,18 10:37
Did she have jaw ache after sucking such a thick cock so much?

By tinypeepee at 24,Sep,18 03:58
Your cock looks very big to me - a jawbreaker!

By tinypeepee at 13,Sep,18 08:44
I prefer cut cocks - maybe it's just because mine isn't but they look neater and sexier to me. Here's mine for all you forskin lovers:

By tinypeepee at 10,Sep,18 04:35
Some guys make very weird noises when they cum. One made a long high pitched crooning sound; some grunt like pigs; the best was one who growled like a horny lion as he dumped his load in me

By tinypeepee at 10,Sep,18 04:31
My ex g/f watched me suck a huge cock - she was horrified and left! We carried on and he fucked me

By tinypeepee at 19,Aug,18 11:05
I'm not sure - maybe you can tell me

By tinypeepee at 19,Aug,18 11:02

By tinypeepee at 19,Aug,18 10:54
Having a small cock makes me feel very feminine when look at bigger guys than me and as a result makes me feel more submissive when I have sex with them

By tinypeepee at 23,Jun,18 06:02
8.5 - it was my first experience and I was truly shocked - I didn't know a cock could be so big and thick. It was quite painful too but I enjoyed sucking him off.

By tinypeepee at 23,Jun,18 05:58
I didn't experience another guy's cock until I was 21. He told me he was 8.5 inches - I didn't believe him until we were in bed - despite the warning I was really shocked - I didn't know a penis could be that big...and so thick! I realised straight away that I was the passive receiver - it hurt so much that I ended up sucking him off - I loved it!

By tinypeepee at 07,Dec,17 04:38

By tinypeepee at 07,Dec,17 04:36
I prefer holdups to pantyhose as I think they look sexier specially with a small penis

By tinypeepee at 13,Nov,17 02:44
'what an ugly little dick' I can see his point but it's also been called 'so cute' by others

By tinypeepee at 13,Nov,17 02:38
I love stockings with suspenders but they are so difficult to put on so I stick with holdups. I feel nylons go best with tiny dicks - more feminine I suppose.

By tinypeepee at 09,Nov,17 02:51
mmmm...deep penetration!

By tinypeepee at 09,Nov,17 02:49
It's wicked!

By tinypeepee at 08,Nov,17 02:49
maybe the smallest here!

By tinypeepee at 23,Oct,17 06:12
Sometimes sucking for ages on a cock can get boring if he doesn't cum and then jaw ache sets in and then I try for some anal stuff for a change. I remember the shortest time I sucked a guy off. I think I took him by surprise when he showed it off to me and he came in a few seconds in my mouth.

By tinypeepee at 23,Oct,17 06:01
Having such a tiny head I love cocks with big heads

By tinypeepee at 23,May,17 05:20
I have a lot of forskin but not much inside it