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By bil47 at 15,Jul,19 07:18
I'm cut and like it. I like the look, both hard and soft, and I prefer a cut cock on a sex partner.

By bil47 at 06,Jul,19 09:50
Age 13 for me, with three similar-age neighborhood boys.

By bil47 at 28,Jun,19 22:36
Here's mine.

By bil47 at 26,Jun,19 07:05
That I was a faggot cocksucker. Probably sucked off (way) more than 100 guys in my middle-age years... ages 40 - 60. (Stopped hooking up a few years ago.)

By bil47 at 20,Jun,19 10:20
Never done a glory hole, but I've sucked off strangers at gay-sex orgies. Always swallowed their cum if that was the result of my blow job. (Some guys need a hand job or self-masturbation to finish.)

By bil47 at 18,Jun,19 18:03
When I was 13, I was invited by three similar-age neighborhood boys to join their Sex Club. There was even a clubhouse... a crude "fort" in the woods made of some plywood and a piece of carpet on the ground. I had been sexually naive at one moment, and was a horny little sex addict (sort of) the next moment. There were so many "firsts" in one hour of sex-play.

By bil47 at 18,Jun,19 07:17
I'd go for something like this.

By bil47 at 17,Jun,19 14:56

By bil47 at 16,Jun,19 16:45
They're about even, on average, in appeal for me. Of course it depends on my attraction to the penis I'm sucking and the skill of the cocksucker who's blowing me.

By bil47 at 16,Jun,19 13:32
I took 8 inches one time, but prefer smaller. Sore throat afterwards.

By bil47 at 13,Jun,19 07:40
I've only fantasized sucking at a glory hole, never for real, but I always picture myself kneeling.

By bil47 at 13,Jun,19 07:32

By bil47 at 12,Jun,19 22:18

By bil47 at 12,Jun,19 11:15
I'll bet that just about every bisexual guy fantasizes about it. I sure do, but it's never happened in real life.

By bil47 at 11,Jun,19 19:29
Nobody but my wife knows I'm bisexual, and she doesn't know (for certain) that I sometimes get with guys for hot gay sex.
--------------------------------------- added after 18 minutes

She has always known I sometimes jack to gay porn (and straight porn, and bi porn, etc.).

By bil47 at 07,Jun,19 06:44
Age 13, with a similar age boy in the neighborhood. Both giving and getting. He went first to show me how.

By bil47 at 06,Jun,19 10:21
Yeah, a few times when I was alone in the men's room, if I was particularly horny. Usually I would wait until the end of the day and stop by an adult bookstore on my way home and beat off in a video booth. Unlike at work, I wanted other people to know I was masturbating.

By bil47 at 06,Jun,19 09:47

By bil47 at 04,Jun,19 15:08
Mine -

By bil47 at 02,Jun,19 00:26
The small side of average... 4-5 inches... is my favorite to suck. And I love collecting pics of small-ish erect cocks. (I'm 4.5)

By bil47 at 01,Jun,19 06:45
I was really naive when I hit puberty. I was 13 years old and was at summer camp for the first time when I "discovered" my dick. I had gone from little-boy-size to a respectable 5-inch erection seemingly overnight, but I had no idea what to do with it. At camp, we had five kids and a counselor in each big army tent. The counselor was never
around when we had to be in bed, so there was a lot of talk among the boys.

One of the kids in the tent (I think his name was Larry, though my memory has faded a bit) said one night "Hey, do you guys ever jack your dick up?" I had no idea what he was talking about, but then he said "check this out" and shined a flashlight on his beautiful 7-inch cock. I was speechless, and I couldn't pull my eyes away. Larry talked about how we could get a boner like his if we rubbed it with our hand. I stroked myself a few times and, sure enough, my dick got stiff; nowhere near as big as Larry's though. Surprisingly, there was no talk of the ultimate result - cumming - or at least not that I was aware of.

Nearly every morning at camp I woke with a boner (Was I not aware of this before?), and I was not shy about other kids seeing it as I changed from pajamas to clothes. I remember one time calling to Larry and showing him how I could hang my underpants on the end of my hard dick. One day, Larry asked if I wanted to go canoeing. We were on a big lake
and you could take a canoe out if you'd passed the swim test. I said "sure" and we paddled to a deserted shore about a mile away and walked a bit into the woods. We sat around talking for a while, and then he said "I've got a boner; want to see it?" "Sure!" I replied, and he pulled down his pants and underpants so I could see that impressive rod of his, straining up so it almost touched his belly. "Want to feel me up?" he asked, and I again replied "sure!" Reaching out, I let my fingertips slide along the smooth skin of his erection. Then I held it in my palm, feeling the warmth and the subtle throbbing of this big circumcised cock. "Let me feel yours" he said, and I lowered my pants for him to feel me. I was already hard and felt a strange tingling sensation, but didn't know what to make of it. Like I said, I was really naive about sex, so I didn't know we could take things along farther. Larry didn't take things any farther either, and I've wondered why ever since. He could have been my first sex partner; I probably would have done anything he suggested. That had to wait until I got home and started playing around with three boys in my neighborhood who had formed a "Sex Club".

By bil47 at 30,May,19 09:20
A guy. We were both 13 at the time.

By bil47 at 29,May,19 20:17

By bil47 at 22,May,19 19:50
Nicely written and hot account. Thanks!

By bil47 at 22,May,19 18:33
Black men are stereotyped as being hyper-sexual and having huge cocks. It tickles a "kinky-forbidden-sex" angle for white women - and gay/bi white men - to fantasize about. I think the hyper-sexual stereotype is dubious. Libido and sexual skill are probably about the same for all races. But larger size (on average) of men with sub-Saharan African heritage is supported by medical statistics.

By bil47 at 22,May,19 10:30
Not me. I think a circumcised penis is more attractive.

By bil47 at 22,May,19 06:17

By bil47 at 20,May,19 12:10
Being a submissive slut for a talented dominant man.

By bil47 at 20,May,19 10:10
Surprisingly, none that I observed... and we had group showers after school athletics from 7th grade through 12th.

By bil47 at 20,May,19 07:28
Here's mine.

By bil47 at 18,May,19 09:49
Condom for fucking and being fucked. Bare for sucking and being sucked. (I'm a Bisexual.)

By bil47 at 16,May,19 11:59

BTW; why don't you want to suck Daddy's cock? If I were doing dad/son role-play with another man, I could think of all sorts of scenarios where dominant Daddy seduces his submissive boy.

By bil47 at 14,May,19 17:16
I wanted to live out some of my dom/sub fantasies. We met on CraigsList and got a motel room (I'm married and a closet Bi). He definitely had the dominance role down cold. Around 40, in good physical condition, and a cock that was 7 or 8 inches. He taught me how to deep-throat him in the context of dominance and submission...on my back with my head hanging over the side of the bed; him standing behind my head and thrusting. Slow and patient penetration at first, as I gagged several times. Fucking my throat more forcefully when I was able to take it.

Totally hot sex! Definite sore throat.

If he had come on more aggressively with face-fucking, I probably would not have enjoyed it.

By bil47 at 13,May,19 22:46

By bil47 at 13,May,19 14:42
Armpits have a sexual smell. It's why they have hair there... to better send out their scent. I like erotic pictures of women whose armpit hair is natural but not "heavy". My wife was natural, with wispy light-colored hair, when we met back in the hippy era. But she eventually shaved it, a long time ago, and she hasn't let it grow back since.

By bil47 at 13,May,19 07:06

By bil47 at 11,May,19 12:45
If a picture is attractive/sexy to your taste, then keep it. If not, delete it.

If I were you, I'd post some close-ups of your erect cock.

By bil47 at 05,May,19 15:45

By bil47 at 05,May,19 15:13
I like to be called a faggot and a cocksucker when I suck a man's cock. Also like to be teased about my smaller-than-average penis.

By bil47 at 04,May,19 08:42
Soft? Yesterday at the gym.
Hard? About 2 years ago. (I decided to stop doing hook-ups.) I stroked it, sucked it, and swallowed his cum.

By bil47 at 04,May,19 06:50
Here are mine.

By bil47 at 02,May,19 07:41
Sexually submissive to a dominant woman.... BDSM, pegging, etc.

By bil47 at 02,May,19 07:39
Anyone else want to take the survey?

By bil47 at 01,May,19 14:09

Mostly pro and amateur porn pics of various sorts posted by thousands of members, but some (like me) also post self-pics.

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By bil47 at 27,Apr,19 07:47

By bil47 at 27,Apr,19 07:46
I love this size too. Perfect for sucking! Mine is 4.5 inches.

By bil47 at 23,Apr,19 10:38
I'm fine with being cut, and I prefer to suck cut cocks.

By bil47 at 22,Apr,19 20:00
The firmly-erect cock is the sexiest thing in the universe.

By bil47 at 17,Apr,19 11:34
Not until I was 13. A slightly older neighbor took me to a secluded place in the woods and demonstrated how to beat off.

By bil47 at 14,Apr,19 20:23
I'm a closeted bisexual. The hetero side of my sexuality is taken care of exclusively with my wife (who isn't into anything remotely adventurous in bed). The gay side consists of much more exciting semi-anonymous encounters with men... mostly closeted bi guys like myself.
I don't get with men very often, but sometimes I have to scratch the itch. I DEFINITELY love a nice cock in my mouth... and getting reciprocation.