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By anthem13 at 30,Nov,19 05:43
I rate it "I'd pretty much do anything you wanted me to do for a chance to suck and/or ride your cock"

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By anthem13 at 04,Nov,19 16:10
Totally agree about stroking someone & making them cum being a huge turn-on. If I don't cum, that's okay, as long as they cum

By anthem13 at 30,Sep,19 06:52
I wear boxer-briefs normally, although I do like wearing a jock. Only problem is I get turned on seeing my bulge

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By anthem13 at 23,Sep,19 03:52
Only ever had guys, and the first when I was 19. Met him in a park and he sucked my cock and had me cumming in his mouth after only a couple minutes.

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By anthem13 at 24,Aug,19 01:37
Curved is normal. Curved is good

And guys seem to like being fucked with it.

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By anthem13 at 08,Aug,19 11:32
Went one night with a friend to the bathhouse and after walking around a bit, checking out guys, he said he wanted me to fuck him. Started off doggie style, and worked our way thru 7 or 8 other positions over the next 50 minutes. I liked it best with him on his back, legs up so I could watch him stroke his cock as I fucked him. We didn't cum, and he needed a rest, but I was checking out the guy next door, rubbing my cock under my towel. He invited me in, and we started kissing and playing with each others cock. Next thing I knew, he had me on my back, legs spread, rimming me. He fingered my hole (best way to get me to bottom) and asked what position. Him on his back, me sitting on his cock facing him, with my cock thumping his stomach as I rode him. About 10 minutes of this and I couldn't hold off anymore. He stroked my cock, and I shot my load all over his stomach and chest, his cock pumping my ass. I can't remember if he came or not. But DAMN...

By anthem13 at 03,Aug,19 12:41
I would suck that cock.

By anthem13 at 03,Aug,19 12:28
I can't use a urinal if there are other guys around. I get hard before my pants are unzipped. I would proudly show off my cock otherwise.

By anthem13 at 03,Aug,19 12:19
I can go for a few hours when chatting. If I start chatting with someone and we click ( talking dirty, trading pics, etc)
it doesn't take long til I just wanna blow my load. I like edging with a friend, watching each other.

By anthem13 at 02,Oct,17 18:51
left curve

By anthem13 at 02,Sep,17 12:43