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Do you really sleep when you sleep with someone? 23,Mar,19 23:09


By countrynaturist at 24,May,19 23:03
Just as Dale said. Poppers are really for bottoms. I find the take the edge off, and lower my inhibitions. I enjoy being fucked a lot more when using poppers. And the softening cock thing can be a real advantage if you are hoping to stay naked with your guy for a long period of time. You are horny yet rather soft ... Multiply that by two and thats the recipe for an all nighter!

By countrynaturist at 24,May,19 22:57
You ask that as if being a slut us a bad thing. I love having sex with men. So what? Each guy I have sex with or sleep with is doing so on their own accord. I never force anyone. I have been sleeping with a beautiful guy for four years now and we have an open relationship. We both have sex with other guys. So far in May, I have had sex with eight other men, and my lover has had sex with half a dozen guys. So what? I am a man who loves having sex, and there is nothing that makes me happier than sucking some cock or having a guy fuck me. So yes I am a slut and I love it.

By countrynaturist at 12,May,19 14:41
About an hour ago. Sucked it dry. It was awesome.

By countrynaturist at 12,May,19 14:40
You ask that as if there's something wrong. What is wrong with wanting sex?? You are blessed with a high sex drive. Maybe your partner(s) do not satisfy you. Maybe you are a multi orgasm gal and just need to climax a few times. Maybe you just like having sex. Maybe public nudity gets you going not just being nude with your partner. Just enjoy.

By countrynaturist at 12,May,19 14:37
All . the . time. Except I drive nude so I do not need to deal with loose shorts. It makes the trip go by faster when I edge for a while then just let it rip.

By countrynaturist at 12,May,19 14:34
While I love cumming, I do not need to cum to feel satisfied. I love sucking cock and after working on my guy's cock for a long time and getting to swallow his load is reward enough. I have often fallen asleep with him completely happy after swallowing his load.

By countrynaturist at 08,May,19 23:08
Bareback is absolutely the best way to get fucked. Nothing like feeling each inch of that hard cock in your ass, and even better having your guy's cum in you. When I feel my guy cumming inside me, it can get me cumming as well. I can feel each spurt and it feels awesome. But find a clean guy and bareback away.

By countrynaturist at 01,May,19 22:32
Plenty of times. It's hard not to be watched when I am sucking a delicious cock at a bathhouse. Once I am on my knees slurping on a guys cock, another guy is waiting beside him stroking away waiting for me to get to him. I love getting my fill of cum.

Also, same thing happens at virtually any gay nude beach.

My bf and I regularly have a third or another couple join us for the night and again we love watching and being watched.

By countrynaturist at 26,Apr,19 10:16
No you are not in fantasy land. Like spermkiss I too am an out gay man and most of my threesomes have involved other guys. Once though, my partner and I invited a friend of his into our bed. She was known to my partner and we just wanted to try it out. It was nice. Although I prefer guys, it was nice to try something new out. She loved being fucked, and so do my husband and I. So we have three fuck lovers.

I have also been the regular third in a couple's bed. That was a wonderful few years. He was bi and she loved watching him and I suck and fuck. ALthough I concentrated on him, I did enjoy her presence as well.

Go get your guy and enjoy it. It adds a beautiful texture to your sex.

By countrynaturist at 26,Apr,19 10:09
Why not ... yes means yes. Go get naked and enjoy it.

By countrynaturist at 25,Apr,19 23:27
Driving nude is awesome. I love driving either with my clothes locked in the trunk or better yet left at home. I have driven seven hours nude and I am planning on driving cross country nude. If I could only figure out how to gas up while staying nude ...

Often my husband and I will travel nude together and find out new places to suck each other off or to fuck. We love the roadside picnic or rest stops.

By countrynaturist at 25,Apr,19 23:19
I was 15 and hung around with a boy down the street. He was a nudist and soon got me in my birthday suit. We were in the backyard (it was fenced) on the trampoline. Well you can imagine what effect jumping nude on a trampoline with an equally horny 15 year old had on my cock. As I grew hard, I initially tried to hide it. He told me I looked better with a hard on so I left it and watched his gorgeous cock grow just as hard. He told me he was gay and asked me if I wanted to go to his room and play. I was sooooo curious to have sex with a guy so before you knew it we were in his bedroom and half an hour later, he gently fucked me. That's when I started loving to bottom.

By countrynaturist at 22,Apr,19 21:47
It actually did happen a few times with guys. I love to drive in the nude and a few times I will offer to pick a guy up (especially if he's cute). Sometimes he says no, sometimes he hops in and pretends not to notice that I am nude. Most times if he gets in, he strips, and a few times he strips and asks to find a secluded picnic area, especially when they find out I love to bottom. Some of the greatest fucks I have ever had have been at a picnic site.

By countrynaturist at 11,Apr,19 23:45
They can be awesome - all depends on your expectations heading into it and the nature of the group. Go along with the vibe of the room. Usually these things take on a life of it's own. You're going to be dealing with the sexual appetites of a bunch of horny guys. It may be in sync with yours, and it may not. Again it comes down to your expectations. Enjoy!!

By countrynaturist at 02,Apr,19 22:59
I too cannot fuck all night. As great as that would be, you sure pay the price the next day. Fine for a one night stand but is it sustainable in a longer relationship?

By countrynaturist at 02,Apr,19 22:56
I can understand that but I am talking about two horny and nude guys spending the night together. In my experience we fuck, pillow talk, fuck or suck again, and maybe fall asleep ... Until someone gets hard. Rince and repeat.

By countrynaturist at 30,Mar,19 21:34
I drive nude regularly. What an awesome feeling. My BF has started as well. It's great to be driving with all the clothes safely in the trunk. No shorts to reach for if you want to. We are planning on going to a gay nude resort down south and we will travel nude.

By countrynaturist at 30,Mar,19 21:27
I use creams regularly ... Hate the razor rash. How much does laser cost? It would be nice to be permanently smooth and not fuss about shaving or creaming again. Though I would miss having my boyfriend and I shaving together

By countrynaturist at 28,Mar,19 21:44
Always swallow. Not only do I love the taste of cum, I also love the feel in my mouth of a cock pumping cum out. It's the only way to finish up a good blowjob.

By countrynaturist at 23,Mar,19 23:17
I would love to show mine but my ex doesn't want his picture shown

By countrynaturist at 23,Mar,19 23:14
I would rather see them hard cocks free rather than imprisoned by briefs

By countrynaturist at 23,Mar,19 22:42
Easy ... Why not?

By countrynaturist at 23,Mar,19 22:39
I love the nude male. Anywhere and any place. Especially when he has a complete all over tan...

By countrynaturist at 02,Mar,19 22:18
Couple of times a day. Nice to get the work out.

By countrynaturist at 02,Mar,19 22:07
I do a lot of painting and drywalling. Best way to work is in the nude. I have also put in a few backyard gardens and do it nude. Clients all know I work nude and are fine with it. Once in a while a neighbor or friend drops in to see what is up. They sure get an eye full.

By countrynaturist at 02,Mar,19 22:01
Went to a girl's house to help move some things around. Her brother walks in and heads to his bedroom. I bring a box of stuff into his room and find him naked on his bed playing with his increasing hard cock. Next thing you know, I am just as naked and he is fucking me like there's no tomorrow. And the next thing you know is the girl opening the door to see where I went. Awkward.

By countrynaturist at 01,Mar,19 10:23
Sure do. Nice part of cleaning up! Why waste all that delicious jizz?

By countrynaturist at 01,Mar,19 10:21
Yep. Sure, I love all cocks, but there's something about a black cock ...

By countrynaturist at 01,Mar,19 10:20
Absolutely ... I love both both giving and receiving and fingering meself

By countrynaturist at 01,Mar,19 10:15
Not really all that hard to do. Hubby is excellent at it

By countrynaturist at 28,Feb,19 22:30
Putting the cock rings in different places will give you different feelings. One at the base of your cock shaft will feel different than one at your cock head. One around your balls will feel yet different. Try out for your own

By countrynaturist at 27,Feb,19 22:40
I found that once you are at the nude beach you feel weird being the only one clothed. You only feel normal once you are nude like everyone else. And then you realize how wonderful it is to be nude outdoors.

By countrynaturist at 26,Feb,19 23:36
Since I am retired and since I live on a farm that is very nude-friendly, I often go a week being nude. During the summer I may wear clothes twice a month ... just to get groceries

By countrynaturist at 26,Feb,19 23:29
Just use common sense. I sometimes answer the door nude. Many times when I was gardening outside or cutting the lawn (which I regularly do in the nude), someone will drive up the laneway and see me in my birthday suit. So what. If they stop being a friend just because they found out that I am a nudist then they aren't really friends. On the other hand, many people will want nothing to do with nudists so you need to decide what you are willing to sacrifice to stay nude.

By countrynaturist at 26,Feb,19 23:17
Absolutely I go nude in the house. I also garden nude and do outdoor chores nude. Gotta admit that the vibration from the tractor can get me going :-)

I have a sign warning others that a nudist lives on the property.

By countrynaturist at 23,Feb,19 23:25
Nope. Openly into guys and secretly into guys.

By countrynaturist at 22,Feb,19 23:54
Most cities had gay bars that were great places to find a guy. There was also the YMCA. Back then swimming was done in the nude. And spermkiss is right ... You relied on gaydar. It just happened. Libraries also had anatomy section. We would just pull a book on the male anatomy and leave it open on the desk

By countrynaturist at 22,Feb,19 23:37
Of course there are advantages to both. I am not offended. But I also sleep with a wonderful guy so I really don't care that younger guys aren't into us grey haired men.

By countrynaturist at 17,Feb,19 22:54
I have been a nudist for over 40years ... Ever since I started sleeping nude as a ****. For years I have been nude in the house unless nude-phobic folks are visiting. I now live on a farm so now I garden, do outdoor chores, etc nude. There's often many days that go by when I never wear clothes.

By countrynaturist at 15,Feb,19 22:42
Everything ought to be smooth. Ya want it licked and kissed and sucked, then have it smooth

By countrynaturist at 15,Feb,19 22:37
I am either nude or if I have to wear clothes I go commando. I simply don't have any underwear. Hardly any clothes either but that's another story

By countrynaturist at 08,Feb,19 00:05
Sometimes sex is just sex. Were you both consenting? You may indeed have been helping him. I was in a stale dead relationship and it wasn't until I fooled around with a beautiful guy that I realized it. Unless you are planning on destroying his marriage then you are not a bad person. You are a caring and kind soul.

By countrynaturist at 07,Feb,19 23:51
The word cheating can have a emotional component to it and that instantly brings in a wide spectrum of views. I believe that it's better to masturbate rather than forcing things with my partner. So if I choose to masturbate on a cam, no big deal. If I masturbate on cam with another guy masturbating on his cam, still no big deal. If I blog about masturbating or whatever, I still see no big deal. Once I start dreaming about the other guy, then the cheating starts. If I am simply playing with myself then I see nothing wrong

By countrynaturist at 07,Feb,19 23:38
Some curious guys end up preferring straight sex and never return to gay sex. If you try it and like it then you need to see if you like having sex with a guy or if you are capable of loving a man. The answer to that will tell you what to say to her and when

By countrynaturist at 07,Feb,19 23:21
I too am a Christian and I am gay nudist. No big deal. Lots of people give me shit for being gay and a nudist and being a believer but I am not accountable for their hatred or narrow mindedness.

If a marriage is between two people and a marriage is about love, then who is to say that two men or two women cannot marry.

I can understand the idea of calling the legal union of two guys (or two women) a marriage, but that's just a wasteful game of semantics. Get past the words and accept the fact that two men / women can live a love filled relationship. And they can do so while living faith filled lives.

By countrynaturist at 07,Feb,19 23:08
I personally don't wear any underwear but if it turns you on then wear them.yolo.

By countrynaturist at 06,Feb,19 10:17
Absolutely. NSA sex can be the best sex out there. Get a guy through CL (when yu could) or grindr or squirt or at the gay beach is awesome. I find it's great finding out new things that I can use with my boyfriend at home

By countrynaturist at 06,Feb,19 10:15
Not into the wife thing, but I love watching my boyfriend get fucked by another guy. Nothing wrong with that. When you have a third over for the night, this usually happens. Just enjoy it.

By countrynaturist at 02,Feb,19 00:42
I am gay and I love having sex with men. Last time I looked, sex can be a wide range of activities. Yes fucking is awesome but by the time I get to the end of the list of things to do with a guy's cock, I will be very old (and very happy)

By countrynaturist at 29,Jan,19 23:42
It will follow the law of gravity. Depends on where your mouth is relative to his cock. His cum could go down your throat or it could pool in your mouth or on your tongue. Delicious either way.